Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dreamworld - Part II

Round 6 - Fall 2036 - LBU
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Taesha Foster and Gordon Nott are 20 (Donna Foster is 52, DeJuan is 49, Kinsley Knowles is 30)

I would be you, you would be me
We would be one, we would be just fine
The ice caps wouldn't be melting
And neither would I
That's my dreamworld, that's my dreamworld
It's more than a dream
Dreamworld, that's my dreamworld
And I wanna live in my dream, dream

What's going on Taesha?" Kinsley asked.
"Why does something have to be going on? Can't I just miss my step-sister? Can't I just want to see you, you know, to catch up on stuff?" Taesha said.
"Yea, you could, but that's not why I'm here."
"What do you mean?"
"Because you look like a deer caught in headlights. Come on, Tae, what's wrong?" Kinsley asked.

"I'm pregnant."
"Pregnant?! Oh, Tae, no!" Kinsley said.
"Trust me, I wouldn't joke around about this. What the hell am I suppose to do? I don't know anything about having a baby! I'm still in college! And I haven't even told Gordon about it."
"Just calm down and let me think for a second! You know what, it's ok. It's going to be ok," Kinsley said.

"It's going to be ok? How? How can it be ok? I had my whole life mapped out and now it's all messed up!" Taesha yelled.
"Did you ever want to have kids? Was that a part of your plan?"
"Of course it was. But it was going to be later, after we got married. We haven't even discussed our future together. How can I tell him this?"
"Sometimes life doesn't care about our plans. Things happen, Tae. You're going to be ok. I think Gordon is a nice guy and even if he turns out to be a jerk, you know you have family that is going to take care of you and the baby. Heck, my mom would probably take him or her in if necessary. She has always wanted another child," Kinsley said.
"My dad's going to flip. He's probably going to kill Gordon. That's if Brian doesn't get to him first," Taesha said.

"Oh honey, it's going to be ok. DeJuan is going to be mad but he'll get over it. He loves you and he's going to adore his grandchild. Look how he is with Ryan and Ricki. Sometimes life has a tendency to shake up the little dream world we create for ourselves. We just have to adjust to the changes and keep going," Kinsley said.
"I don't know how this is going to be ok, but thank you so much for being here for me, Kinsley."
"You're my sister, where else would I be?"

Taesha knew she would have to tell Gordon. He would need to know. She just didn't know how to start.....
"So, we've been woohooing alot lately," she said.
"Ummmmm, yea I guess. Is that okay? I mean I don't want to make you uncomfortable or have you doing things you don't want to do. Because my mom didn't raise me to be that way. I know how to respect women and....."
"Gordon! Stop babbling. That's not what this is about. I don't even know how to say this to you......"

"Are you trying to break up with me? Because I mean, I know you're gorgeous and could have any guy you want and I've always wondered why in the world you would even look twice at a guy like me and...."
"Dammit Gordon, I'm pregnant," Taesha exclaimed.

"What do you mean you're pregnant? Weren't you suppose to be taking care of that? I mean I thought we were being careful and I thought you were on the pill or something!"
"So you're saying this is my fault?"
"No! I'm just saying that I thought you were taking extra precautions. I mean I was doing what I could and I thought you were too," he said.

Her face lost all emotion when she heard him say that.
"I can't believe you would say that to me! You think I want this? You think I planned this? I'm the one who has to go through this pregnancy, the one who had to give birth, the one who had to try to figure out how the hell I'm going to fit in a career with a baby strapped to my arms! You're upset? How do you think I feel? You selfish, self centered bastard!" Taesha said in a voice barely above a whisper.

"I'm sorry Tae, I really am. You're right, I'm being selfish. This just caught me by surprise, you know? I'm scared that's all. You know that I lost my parents when I was young. I don't really have any family left. Now I'll have a son or a daughter, another person connected to me. Please don't be mad at me," Gordon said.
"I'm scared too! This is just not how I planned all this. And my father is going to kill you."
"Your dad isn't going to kill me. We're going to work through this together and things are going to be fine. I'm here and I'm not going anywhere," Gordon said.

He smiled and pulled her close, praying that she wouldn't notice how his smile didn't quite reach his eyes.........

The next weekend they drove to Talum Heights to talk to DeJuan and Donna and tell them the news.
"I'm going to cut straight to the chase. Dad, Donna.......I'm pregnant," Taesha said.
There was about five minutes of silence before all hell broke loose.

"Just what the hell do you mean you're pregnant?" DeJuan yelled.
"DeJuan calm down! Shouting isn't going to solve this," Donna said.
"Oh I'm calm! Or I will be after I beat this little bastard to a pulp!"
"Stop it! You're not going to beat him up. We need to talk about this rationally," Donna tried again.
"What's there to be rational about? I can't believe you would do this after you saw what happened between me and your mother! Why would you want to repeat that?" DeJuan asked.

"I'm sure they didn't do this on purpose! Let's just listen to what they have to say before we overreact," Donna said.
"We really didn't mean for this to happen, Mr. Foster. It was an accident," Gordon said.
"What? Did you slip and fall and land in my daughter?"
"Daddy! This is not all Gordon't fault. I was there too. We didn't plan for this," Taesha said.
"I'm sure you didn't, baby. Have you decided what you're going to do?" Donna asked.
"I'm keeping my baby. I don't know how we'll make this work, but I'm going to keep it. Gordon lost all his family and it would be unfair of me to take away his second chance at one."

"So you're doing this for Gordon, huh? I want to see you outside boy, right now!" DeJuan said.

"Daddy no! You can't do this! You'll go to jail if you hit him!" Taesha said.
"Who said anything about hitting him? I simply want to have a man to man conversation with him."
"It's okay, Taesha. I'll go talk to him," Gordon said.
"This isn't a good idea," Donna said.
"He'll be fine. Let's go," DeJuan said.

"Are you okay?" Donna asked Taesha after Gordon and DeJuan left.
"No! I'm nauseous all the time and now daddy is going to kill Gordon!"
"He's not going to kill him. He's just a little upset right now. He loves you more than anything and he just wants what's best for you," Donna said.
"He thinks I'm like my mom."
"No he doesn't. He knows that he raised you to be better than that. You just have to give him some time to adjust to this. Everything is going to be fine."
"Why do you and your daughter keep saying that!"
"Because it will be. Because we're going to make sure of it," Donna said.

"I could beat the living hell out of you right now, you know that?" DeJuan said.
"What good would that do, Mr. Foster? She would still be pregnant."
"Yes she would. But I would feel SO much better about it."
I know you're angry with me....."
"You're damn right I'm angry! That's my little girl, my baby. She was suppose to do better than me, go further than me! You've ruined that for her now. You've taken away her future, and to me that makes you a thief. I don't like thieves Gordon."

"What do you want me to say? You think my future isn't affected by this too? I'm not going to just run off and leave Taesha. I'm going to be there for her and our baby. My mother would roll over in her grave if I didn't. I'm in school, just like her. I'm not saying that you shouldn't be mad, you should be. But what can I do to fix it? Nothing! I love Taesha and I'm prepared to do whatever it takes to provide for her and that child. So if you want to hit me, do it. But it won't change anything," Gordon said.

They stood there in silence, staring at each other. Gordon was praying that DeJuan didn't in fact hit him. He had never fought anybody in his life, and DeJuan Foster was double his size. DeJuan was praying for the strength not to knock Gordon out. The boy was right, the situation wouldn't be helped by violence.

"I'm not going to hit you. But make no mistake, if you screw my daughter over, in any way, as long as you live, I will kill you. I will wrap my hands around your neck and squeeze until every bit of your worthless life has been choked out of you. I've always wanted the best for Taesha, always wanted to show her mother that we didn't need her. I feel like a failure today, like I proved her right. Tread lightly, Gordon Nott. Tread lightly," DeJuan said.

At least he had survived today. Now he just had to figure out what to do with the rest of their lives. He didn't know anything about being a dad. And he did love Taesha......this just wasn't how he planned for it to be at all.........

* I don't know if I've mentioned the back story on DeJuan and Taesha. I created them in CAS so they don't have family ties with anyone else. This is all in my head lol. Taesha's mom left her with DeJuan after she decided she just didn't want to be a mother. It cramped her style. DeJuan and Taesha are originally from Englewood, my urban slum area of LaQuest Beach. DeJuan raised Taesha all on his own until he met Donna and they moved in with her. I like to think Taesha's mom moved on to some other slummy area and is living some ghetto fabulous life, free of any responsibility. Again, this is all in my head lol. I may add her mom back into the mix one day when I need a little drama :)

* Gordon of course is a townie and therefore doesn't have any family. So his parents were killed in a car wreck when he was a teen and he has been on his own every since. I like to give all my sims a little background story :)

* I don't know how this is all going to pan out. Right now I feel like Gordon is sticking around out of a feeling of obligation......that and the fact that he's terrifed that DeJuan is going to kill him lol. I think DeJuan will come around after the baby is born and he'll be a wonderful granddad.

* As it stands right now, I plan for Taesha and Gordon to move into a rental on campus and finish their degrees and then move in with Donna and DeJuan after graduation. I've never played a baby at Uni so this should be alot of fun :) or a pain in the ass, who knows lol


  1. Wow, I do think he overreacted, but then again, I think all daddies would overreact about their little girls.

  2. Wow, DeJuan is scary! He overreacted, I'm sure, but he just loves his daughter. I can see that he wants the best for her.

    I have my fingers crossed for Gordon and Taesha. Breaking up will be just that little bit harder with a child in the picture.

  3. Wow! I give Gordon props for standing up and taking it like a man. Doing so should help prove to DeJuan that he's not a low life. I know DeJuan was a bit harsh, but I like him. :)

  4. "What? Did you slip and fall and land in my daughter?"

    I seriously cracked up, that's hilarious.

    Great work with all the dialogue on this one, their personalities really shine through this. Poor Taesha getting so nauseous and all the extra stress her Dad put her under with Gordon.

    I hope it all works out! Have fun with the baby at uni, I haven't done that in real life years, wouldn't mind doing it again though. (Probably just jinxed one of my sims lol)

  5. Like Maisie, I cracked up at that line. LOL!

    DeJuan did overreact, but Taesha is his little girl and I can understand him being upset about how much harder she'll have to work now to make a good life for herself. It's good that Gordon stood up for himself though and didn't let DeJuan scare him off. And they have Donna to help keep things calm. :)

  6. Apple Valley - Yes, no dad likes to see his little girl as an adult....he may have overreacted just a bit :)

    Carla - I'm not really sure what's going to happen with these two. I hope Gordon's sense of responsiblity doesn't stand in the way in the end......

    Galloway - Gordon gets definite props for standing there against DeJuan, I would have wet my pants lol. He's very intimidating but Gordon did well

    Maisie - I think I've heard that line in a movie before and it seemed very fitting :). It will be interesting to juggle their classes and a new born.....good times to be had by all lol

    Shana - Donna is definitely good at keeping the peace! I think she had helped to mellow DeJuan out quite a bit and she'll keep him under control through this ordeal :)


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