Monday, March 14, 2011

He Won't Go

Round 6 - Spring 2038
Jessica Picaso is 36, Matthew is 37, Hunter is 2 (Ginger Newson is 17, Gavin is 22)

I won't go, I can't do it on my own
If this ain't love then what is?
I'm willing to take the risk
I won't go, I can't do it on my own
If this ain't love then what is?
I'm willing to take the risk

Matthew was getting use to being a father. It was weird. One minute he and Jessica were just living their lives and the next there was this little person who required so much attention from them. And truth be told, Matt wasn't use to giving up his attention freely. He hadn't been the greatest husband to Jessica and he knew it. He loved her, but he married her before he was ready to be a husband. And now he was a father.......

But he was figuring it out, little by little. And Jessica hadn't left him yet so that was good he supposed. He loved Hunter and hoped that he was able to help him become a better man than his dad.......

He had been mentoring Gavin Newson since he joined the military 4 years ago. He was a good kid who had had some terrible luck. He was struggling to take care of his 5 foster sisters and brothers. Matt felt sorry for the guy. But Gavin always had a smile on his face and an up beat attitude.
"Marriage can't be all that bad. I love Gretchen and I want to spend my life with her. Any woman who isn't run off by a guy who's taking care of 5 kids at 22 is a special woman!" Gavin said.
"True. I'm just saying make sure you're ready for the responsibilities of being a husband. It's a lot of work man."
"Sir, I've been taking care of kids since I was a teenager. Responsibility I can handle," Gavin said.

"You say that now, but husband responsibilities and daddy responsibilities are different. Wives need alot of attention and are always wanting to go out with you. Sometimes a guy just doesn't feel like being bothered, you know?" Matt said.
"I've had my alone time. Well what alone time I could afford given my situation. I love her, she loves me, we love each other. I love spending time with her. Isn't that the reason you get married, sir? Because you've met the woman you LIKE being around?"
"Yea, I guess.......look let's play some pool," Matt said.

As he lined up his shot, Matt tried to remember why it was that he had wanted to marry Jessica. He loved her, but there had to be another reason........ah, he wanted to have a proper family to help him earn rank faster. It was selfish, but she got the cushy life of a military wife out of it. And they were good together.......things were fine......

Things were terrible. The only thing that kept Jessica going was Hunter. She loved her son with every fiber of her being. She also loved her husband. She just didn't know if he loved her. But she wasn't throwing in the towel. They just needed to work more on their marriage. Jessica had been working extra hard at her salon to save up enough money for her and Matt to take a nice vacation somewhere. She didn't want to hear any excuses, like they didn't have the money for it. Whether he liked it or not, they were going to make their marriage work.........

Picaso Cuts had become pretty popular among the residents of LaQuest Beach. Jessica loved getting off base and being around civilians for a change. It was nice. She had hired Shamella White on to help her keep things tidy. Shamella was working as a paramedic but quit so that she could spend more time with her twin boys. They were actually around Hunter's age and Jessica wanted to plan a play date for the kids soon.

Jessica was going to miss her cashier Ginger when she started school at Brown Technical University in the fall. Ginger wanted to be a cosmeotologist and would be studying to get her license. Jessica planned to replace her while she worked on her degree and would save a job and a chair for her once she graduated. Ginger was a talented girl and Jessica had no doubts that she would be a wonderful asset to Picaso Cuts.

The highlight of her job was taking people from what they knew about themselves, to the beauty she was able to bring out of them. She just wished she could touch other aspects of her life the same way.......but she wasn't giving up.

Matthew may have messed up other areas of his life, but he knew that he would never view Hunter as one of those mistakes. He loved his son, and for him, he would do anything.........

* I hope this shows a different side of Matthew Picaso. He's always a jerk in everyone's hood and sure he's a jerk in mine too, but he's been a pretty good dad to Hunter so far. And he's been a little less slimy. I played Derick Pace's house and he didn't even show up at the club dancing on the stripper......that's progress right?

* Again I have to say I love the little base area I built for LB. It gives the military aspect of their lives more authenticity. At least it does for me when I play either them or the Newsons.

* Ginger will definitely be joining Jessica's salon once she graduates. She, Caleb, Heather, and Ricky all start their college careers in the fall. I'm excited to play everyone :)

And really, how cute is little Hunter? He's much more shy than his dad which I'm hoping means he won't be so much of a jerk lol

I love this face :)


  1. It was nice seeing him not as jerky, though a bit confusing. I kept remembering his storyline from other hoods when I first started reading.

  2. LOL, Matthew can be a bit of a jerk, in seemingly everyone's hoods! It's nice to see a different side of him though. He seems to recognise that he hasn't been the best husband. That's one step towards being a better one, at least.

    Hunter is cute! That face is too funny!


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