Monday, February 14, 2011

Here It Goes Again

Round 6 - Spring 2038
Alana and Christian Brown are 41, Aidan and Hayden are 4, Christa is 12 (Satitu Oros is 27)

Just when think in you're control
Just when you think you've got a hold
Just when you get on a roll

Oh here it goes, here it goes, here it goes again
Oh here it goes again
I should have known, should have know,
Should have known again
Oh here it goes again

Things were fairly normal around the house. Christa couldn't remember the last time it was this peaceful at home. She had long been feeling the tension between her parents and was waiting to hear that they were going to split. But things had turned around, seemingly. Still, Christa couldn't help waiting on the other shoe to drop nontheless...........

Her brothers were still basically babies and really didn't understand what was going on. She didn't really understand herself, but she knew her dad was a jerk. She knew he cared more about the stupid city than he cared about her and her brothers and her mom. Everything had to be picture perfect.........

She still loved her dad, she just didn't like him very much. And she felt bad for her mom. She could see the sadness she tried to hide behind her little half smiles. Christa had decided long ago that if things ended with her parents, she was definitely staying with her mom. Fish & Chips was doing well and Alana could afford to take care of all of them now.

But Alana had no plans of leaving her husband. He had gotton so much better since the birth of the boys. He still had his moments, but they weren't as frequent now. He was acting a little weird these days and was overprotective of all of them. He almost flipped because Christa asked for a telescope! Then he walked off mumbling about how there was nothing good up there in the sky.........

His overreacting had gotten so bad that Alana was hesitant to mention the strange man that had begun coming by her restaurant daily. He was a beautiful man, pale skin with rosy hints on his cheeks.........and beautiful markings on his face. He made her a bit uncomfortable, but he was always polite when he came in. It was one of the reasons she hadn't mentioned it to Christian. The poor guy didn't deserve to be harrassed.

He had kept his mouth shut. Aliens existed and were walking around his city and he had kept his mouth shut. Christian did not scare easily, but King Rolared Titisen terrified him. Aliens! And they were slowy populating Earth. Christian really didn't know what he could do. He would be the laughing stock of the town if he told people that he had been zapped to another planet to speak with their leader. No one would believe him and he really didn't have any proof other than Celeste and her family's strange appearance. And the green kid. No, he was just going to keep his mouth shut this time..........

But his silence came at a price..........
"I won't blow the whistle on you, but I do have a few stipulations," Christian said to Satitu when he invited him over.
"Any concerns you may have should have been addressed to King Rolared."
"Well seeing as I don't have ready access to him, I'm bringing them to you."
"Celeste is really who you should be talking to........."
"They're simple requests, I assure you. You can run them by her over dinner. You do eat don't you?" Christian asked.
"Our intelligence and abilities really are the only things that set us apart from your kind, Mayor Brown. What is it that you want?"
"My family to be left alone. Always. They are never to be included in this mess. And I want a heads up when strange shit is going to happen in my town. You need me, whether you like it or not. People are going to start to get curious. You need me," he said.

"Those are fair requests. I will run them by Celeste. Although, to assure you that your family will never encounter my kind may be an impossible. Your sons are already attending the school with Connor. They have free will, do they not? They may want to befriend him," Satitu said.
"That won't happen. I won't allow it. Thank you for your time, Mr. Oros. I look forward to hearing from Celeste."
"Good day, Mayor know, we're fairly harmless. We simply want what you humans want as well. A chance at life."
"That's fine. I just wish it didn't affect MY life," Christian said.

As he watched Aidan and Hayden play around outside, he knew his sons would want nothing to do with that green kid. He couldn't and wouldn't tolerate his sons being associated with didn't matter that no one else knew the kid was an alien, he knew and he was not about to have it!

"A strange looking man you say? Hanging around the restaurant? Are you sure you're not overreacting?" Christian said when Alana told him about her frequent patron.
"Am I sure that I'm not overreacting? I thought you would overreact! Why are you so calm about this when you refused to even allow Christa to have a telescope?"
"Because this is nothing to be concerned about. I would think you would be glad that someone likes your little restaurant so much."
It was then that Alana realized two things: Christian hadn't changed and there was something fishy going on.........

* Christian is such a douche! I mean really, he's terrible to play sometimes. All those nice wants he was rolling that made me think he had turned over a new leaf? Gone! He's back to the old Christian now, status and power. I'm thinking his pact with King Rolared won't last long lol

* I think I'm going to like playing Christa. She's already so complicated with all these emotions she has that she keeps closed up and she's only 12! I think her brothers will be more outgoing than she is.


  1. Laurel Crossing's Deputy Mayor Summer Frazier would be happy to learn that she found a kindred spirit in Christian. She too does not care for alien or alien hybrids in the LC's school system. They outta be pen pals!

    Christian's going to find himself alienated (pardon the pun) from his family if he doesn't watch out!

  2. Aw, that's a shame about Christian! I was hoping he'd made a change for the better, but it doesn't look like it.

    Christa is such an adorable Sim. It was nice to read her perspective on her parents and I look forward to reading more about her.

  3. So he's turned back over...hmm, I wouldn't mind seeing what the King has in store for him should he try to betray them or cause trouble :P

  4. I think if he opened up and at least shared with his wife things wouldn't be so bad. I mean, she is getting daily visits now.

  5. Oh Christian. It's alright for him to be afraid but the way he patronizes Alana is sad. She needs to stop letting his little comments slide, maybe that will make his leaf stick to the right side. LOL

  6. LC - Haha loved the pun, and yes he is on a very slippery slope!

    Carla - Yes, Christian had us all fooled! I think Christa is going to develop into a very interesting character.

    Apple Valley - You might just get a chance to see that :)

    Riverdale - Christian thinks that he can handle things on his own. His arrogance is probably going to be his downfall.......

    Hcove - I think Alana is very near her breaking point when it comes to her husband......


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