Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy Birthday to Ya!

Round 5 - Winter 2035

Tessa was out laying on the beach when her water broke. It had been an unseasonably warm winter and she was enjoying it.......but baby de Muse was ready to enter the world....

Elvin of course fell apart. Since they decided to have a home birth, it was imperative that he not freak out. Pull yourself together Elvin! What kind of dark elf are you?!

It wasn't long before he was bowing before his baby girl, his little princess. He could sense that while she definitely held some of the essence of his kind, she was not the child that would restore Vasadori. He was a bit disappointed, but he was also happy to be a father.....

They named her Vanya Elwyn de Muse. Vanya means beautiful in Elvin's native language and he thought it described his daughter precisely. She has his brown eyes and Tessa's dark hair.

* Like I said before, this child not being the one, doesn't mean that it won't happen. I'm determining the new leader of Vasadori by the baby born with elf ears. I aged Vanya up all the way to adult and she doesn't have the ears. She is going to be a simply gorgeous woman though. Elvin better watch out!

* Lorelai might have a shot at this too. The prophecy could have been translated wrong. Maybe the heir to the Vasadori throne simply has to be half human..........who knows :)

* Elvin leaned down to search for seashells right when Tessa had the baby, which looked like he was bowing to me so I ran with it :). I'm going to let these two decide if they want to have another baby, although I really want them to! Vanya really is going to be just gorgeous and I would like to see how else their genetics mesh. But I'll let them decide.......even if it kills me :/

* Just a small rant: I simply cannot have a child be born with Tessa's eye color! I guess brown is pretty over powering because neither she nor Tabitha passed on their sea green eyes to their kids.....it's another reason I want them to have another baby lol


  1. Aw, congrats on the baby girl! I can't wait to see what she looks like when she's older.

    Elvin does look like he's bowing to the baby, lol! I'm glad he's happy about her birth anyway, even if she isn't the one.

  2. She's adorable, I can't wait to see what she ages up like with her two beautiful parents for genetics, there's no way she wouldn't be stunning. I hope they have more too! How crazy if Lorelai has the heir to Vasadori.

    Maybe the eye color will pop up in the next generation. My sim Randy's eye color didn't show up until his granddaughter, Alice.

  3. Yay, welcome Vanya!

    LOL, I was going to ask how you knew Vanya didn't have elf ears! I was pretty sure they didn't show up until toddler.

    As for Tessa's eyes, eye genetics in TS2 are tricky. It's not as simple as blue is recessive and brown is dominant. Two blue-eyed parents should really produce only blue-eyed children but I have Jace and Magdalena, who have three brown-eyed daughters. And several times, I've had grey eyes come out of seemingly nowhere only for me to check Grandma and find that's where they came from. So come generation 3, you might see Tessa's eyes popping back up again, even if they are recessive.

  4. Shana - I'm glad someone else sees the bowing too lol. It seemed fitting that he would do something like that :)

    Maisie - Maybe they will show up in the next generation. Lorelai would probably be more fitting to have the heir than Elvin since she is more level headed than him, but I guess time will tell

    Carla - LOL I just couldn't wait to find out :). I saved the game right after she was born and aged her up through all the stages with the sim blender! I'm hoping the eye color will show up in future generations because all the sims that I have given that color to have had kids with the other parent's eye color!


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