Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to Ya!

Round 5 - Fall 2035

Tessa was still finding it hard to believe that she was pregnant! She only had a few months to go before she gave birth and she was getting a little nervous........

But Elvin was there every step of the way, doing everything he could to make things better for her. Their relationship was still a bit rocky, but things were slowy getting better. They still didn't know if the baby was who Elvin thought he or she were. They wouldn't find out until he or she was born.

Jessica Picaso gave birth to a beautiful baby boy whom she named Hunter James Picaso. Unfortunately, Matt was at work when Jessica went into labor. Hunter has his father's brown hair and brown eyes.

The White twins have also made their debut! Shamella and Marshal welcomed two bouncing baby boys into the world. Marshal is holding Ethan Lane White. He has brown eyes and black hair like his dad and skin coloring like his mom.

Shamella is holding Evan Marquis White. He has brown eyes, black hair, and skin coloring like his dad. It's safe to say that the White name will carry on!

And last but not least, Javion Carr is now 4 years old. He looks alot like his older brother Kayden. I think they both take after Ariel quite a bit.

* I have no idea why I didn't take pics of them giving birth, but I didn't! I guess I'm getting old :)

* The way I am determining whether Tessa and Elvin's baby is the special child that will help build up Vasadori is whether or not they inherit the elf ears. If this child doesn't, it won't mean that Tessa isn't the chosen woman, it'll just mean that it won't be the first born. I don't know how genetics are effected by me restarting LaQuest. Elvin was created by the game with the elf ears and I just packaged him up. So I don't know if that will effect how recessive his ears are.

* Tessa and Elvin cuddled on the beach all on their own, I just took the pic! They're all lovey dovey with each other right now lol

* Poor Jessica went into labor while Matt was at work. This isn't neccessarily his fault as he has to work, but he still is a sucky husband lol


  1. I was going to ask if Tessa and Elvin were cuddling or if that was a pose. I've never had a pregnant Sim do that - I like how his hand is on her belly.

    Aww, three boys! You need to send some of your boy vibes over to Sullivan - you don't seem to be in any shortage, at least right now.

    Javion looks a lot like Kayden but I was expecting that. And they definitely look like Ariel!

  2. Awww, cuties! Lol, you might be the only hood with more boys than girls now, you go girl! All of the boys look adorable, and I can't wait to see Tessa and Elvin's babies!

    Also, I love your new banner, it's pretty :P

  3. Twin boys! Super sweet, I can't wait to see what they look like as toddlers when they get more features. And I can.not.wait to see Tessa and Elvin's baby, and I was going to ask how you were deciding. Elf ears makes total sense! Javion is cute, definitely looks like big brother.

  4. Carla - I would be glad to send some boy vibes if you'll send me some girls! I think Ricki was the last girl child to be born and before that it was the Coners twins! It was pure luck that Tessa and Elvin cuddled like that, I just caught them doing it. I've never had sims to do it before. Javion does look alot like Kayden but they'll have more distinctive looks as they get older.

    Tessa - I think I probably am! It would be nice to have a few girls too lol. But I"ve put the Newsons into my game and there's two little girls there so it may not be so bad. Thanks for the compliment on the banner! I'll probably let this one stay up for a while.

    Maisie - I was just as excited as you about Tessa and Elvin's baby and she's already had it in game. Beautiful baby :). I thought about rolling to see if their child would be the heir, but then I was like why not just use the ears as a determining factor?

  5. Welcome to the new little babies! You got lucky with Jessica and Matthew having just one baby. ;) Figures he would leave poor Jessica to give birth all alone though, lol!

    I can't wait to see Tessa and Elvin's baby! And Javion does look like his big brother. :)


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