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Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) - 2036

Round 5 - Spring 2036 - LBU
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Kenny Coners, Brian Johnson, Slade Willis, Kayla Knowles, Tippy Dean, Casey Addler, and Mindi Mason are 21, Taesha Foster and Gordon Nott are 19

Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road
Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to do
So make the best of this test, and don't ask why
It's not a question, but a lesson learned in time
It's something unpredictable, but in the end is right
I hope you had the time of your life....

"Dude, why are you still wearing that? Aren't you hot?" Brian asked.
"We're about to graduate, do you realize that? I may not take this thing off until after graduation!"
"You look like the Grim Reaper! Go take that off! Not cool, man. Not cool."
"Aren't you even a little bit excited about graduation? I mean we're moving to our own place in a new city, we have a permanent paying gig, and we're both in relationships with beautiful women," Kenny said.
"Of course I'm excited! But that's no reason to still be walking around in that robe! How will you graduate if you have a heat stroke first?"
"I'm going to take it off, calm down! I'm just happy to be done with school. It's been a crazy four years," Kenny said.
"Yea it you think Slade is right? Will I be missing out on woohooing with beautiful women? I mean I've been with Mindi for like 4 years now. I've never even slept with anyone else," Brian said.
"So what? I've only slept with Kayla and you don't see me complaining about it! You can't listen to Slade. He brings home a different girl every night."
"And that's bad because........?" Brian asked.
"You don't think that can be a little lonely? Never really getting to know these girls? Always on the prowl for the next one?"
"I mean I don't neccessarily want to be with as many girls as him. It would be nice to explore my options a little, that's all."
"That's a recipe for disaster, man. Especially since Mindi will be living in the same apartment complex as us. You can't go sneaking around on her," Kenny said.
"Yea, yea I know."
Slade was indeed bringing home a different girl every night. He wanted to get as much out of his college experience as he could while he was still there. Brian and Kenny couldn't believe he actually got Tara Templeton to come home with him! She was the most prim and proper girl at LBU........
But Tara didn't come over so Slade could sleep with her. She actually thought he was interested in getting to know her.......getting to know her? Slade could barely keep up with the names of his numerous conquests! Tara told him in no uncertain terms that she was not that kind of girl. He was not pleased......

And so he called his old stand by, Kimberly Jackson. Poor Kim was sure that she would be the girl to get Slade to settle really was very sad to watch.......

They decided to hit up a club to celebrate their upcoming freedom. Slade was so glad that he talked Brian out of letting Mindi move in with them. It was obvious that the guy wanted to sow some oats, and Slade thought it was an excellent idea. Now if he could just get Kenny to see the light. Kayla wasn't moving in with them, but Slade knew it was only a matter of time before poor Kenny was on his knee making the biggest mistake of his life......

It was the beginning of a new chapter in their lives, and Slade was prepared for a completely excellent ride!
Kayla still really wanted to live with Kenny, but she couldn't leave her friend out in the cold. She knew Tippy wanted to stay with Casey, but there was no way her and Adam could get along! How could she turn her back on a friend as loyal as Tippy? She simply couldn't do it!
Tippy was SO happy that Kayla decided to move in with her. She really couldn't afford to get an apartment on her own and she really didn't know Mindi all that well. At least now Tippy had Kayla there if Mindi turned out to be some kind of nut! She was in love with Brian, after all! How sane could she be?
Tippy had been trying her hand at baking, but she forgot one important aspect of cooking - you have to take it OUT before it burns! Kenny was embarrassed later at his less than masculine reaction to the blaze, but thankfully the fire department came and put it out before their house burned down. Kayla decided that Tippy was no longer allowed to cook!
Tippy still couldn't believe that she liked Casey so much. He wasn't the kind of guy she usually went for, but there was just something about him. She didn't dare use the L word yet when referring to him, but she knew that she was in some serious LIKE where he was concerned.
Kayla was concerned about their new living situation.......
"So I know you guys are going to woohoo like rabbits now! But could you maybe keep it down? I could seriously live without all the hooping and hollering," Kayla said laughing.
"Hey, I'll keep it down if you and lover boy agree to keep it down as well! He use to be such a nice boy before he got involved with you......"
"Hey! I did not corrupt Kenny. That whole quiet, shy thing is just an act. It was all just bubbling under the surface," Kayla said laughing.
"Whatever helps you sleep at night kid!"
Graduation day came and the guys had a reception at their house and invited all their friends and family. Brian finally introduced Mindi to his mom, much to her joy. Donna thought Brian would never find a nice girl that he liked. She hoped that it lasted! Kenny hadn't seen Mrs. Foster in a while and was happy to see her. She was like his second mom when he and Brian were growing up.

Brian's step-dad DeJuan cornered Kayla once he learned that she was in to art. He had always had a secret passion for art but never told anyone. It didn't really go well with his tough guy image!
                        It was a tough four years, but they finally did it! Congratulations class of 2036!
* This was THE most fun I have ever had playing a group of college students! I didn't show much of Taesha and Gordon, but they still have two more years and those posts will be all about them!
* Tippy, Mindi, and Kayla are moving to Camden Park in an apartment that is in the same complex as Brian, Slade, and Kenny. Casey and Adam Broaden have a small apartment in the warehouse district of LaQuest Beach. More on them in the next birthday update :) I'll also be announcing the winners of the poll soon. I haven't had time to load my game up to take the pics
* I decided that Kayla wouldn't want to leave Tippy with no where to really stay, so she and Kenny have put off living together for a little while. I think it will be fun to have them all in the same complex though! Should be quite interesting lol
Graduation Photos
                                                              Tippy Dean and Kayla Knowles
                                                       Brian Johnson, Kenny Coners, Slade Willis
                                      Kayla Knowles and her parents, Tanner and Keisha Knowles
                          Kenny Coners and his father and step-mother, Terrence and Tabitha Coners


  1. Oh, wow, all your new grads in the same apartment complex? Yeah, that's going to be so much fun!

    I love Kenny and his reluctance to remove his gown. I didn't want to take mine off either, though I was really more fond of the cap.

  2. lol on the heat-stroke gown! I love these two and their conversations.

    I wonder if Slade will settle down with someone, ever, and if it will be Kimberley, she's pretty cute. I think it's going to be a lot of fun to see what kind of trouble Tippy and Kayla get into, roommate time is such a short lived period, that I'm glad that they aren't skipping it entirely.

    lol on Kenny's reaction to the fire.

  3. Carla - I think it will be lots of fun! I was ready to take my cap and gown off......I live in the south and we were all burning up as we marched in for graduation!

    Maisie - I'm looking forward to more of their conversations together :)........Kenny's such a wuss!


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