Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy Birthday to Ya!

Round 6 - Fall 2036

Lots of birthdays this time!

Mindi Mason, Kayla Knowles, and Tippy Dean are all 22 this fall and are now residing in Camden Park. Mindi isn't exactly sure what she wants to do and is just delivering pizzas right now. It's a crappy job but it pays the bills! Kayla Knowles is working at LaQuest Beach Preparatory School as an art teacher and is still working on her art collection. She plans to open a gallery with her trust fund once she turns 25. Tippy Dean hopes to work in the entertainment industry but is settling for paying the bills with a few modeling gigs until she gets her big break.

Brian Johnson, Kenny Coners, and Slade Willis are also 22 this fall and living in Camden Park. They are all working at The Hub, owned by Jacob Ellison, and hope to maybe one day tour with their band Mellow Metal.

Ryan Knowles is 4 this fall and will be starting Pre-K at LaQuest Beach Elementary. He's excited about making new friends and going off onto his own, although he will miss spending his days with his sister Ricki.

Connor Gray is also 4 this fall. He is very excited about going to school and playing with other kids. His parents seem a bit nervous about it and he knows it's because  he looks different from everyone else. He just hopes the other kids like him......

His parents bought him new contacts to make his eyes look like everyone else. He wishes he could get new skin too! But he's glad that he has them and they make him feel a bit more normal.

The White twins are 1 year old this fall and are just as cute as can be. Marshal is holding little Evan here. He favors his mother a bit more than he does his father.

His brother Ethan favors his dad more. They are both well on their way to becoming heartbreakers when they get older!

Hunter Picaso is also one and seems to favor his mother a bit more right now. He's a cute little tyke who always has a smile on his face!

* Connor is going to be such a cutie when he gets older. The human girls aren't going to know what to do with themselves! And how adorable are the White twins? I was awwwwwing at my laptop screen when they aged up! Definite heartbreakers! I think Brian looks better with his new dreads. They aren't as thick as his old ones. And how bad ass does Slade look now? The women of Camden Park might want to watch out lol

* Just in case anyone was wondering about these two:

Casey Addler got an apartment with his friend Adam Broaden and the two are living in the warehouse district of LaQuest Beach. Casey is still seeing Tippy and Adam is trying to make peace with Kayla. He doesn't neccesarily want her back, but he would like to be friends again. He knows that Tippy is going to be a BIG obstacle to his goal lol.


  1. Aww, so cute! I can't wait to see more of these sims. Also, was browsing though your mag SSQuarterly, you should link it from the blog as well.

  2. Apple Valley - I'm excited about playing with all of them! And thanks for the reminding about SSQuarterly! I'd completely forgotten about it but I've created a link to it and also made a post on it so check it out!

  3. Lol, that's so Tippy "She wants to work in entertainment, but she's settling with doing some modeling work for now" ;) I love that girl! And lol, I love Slade's new look! That's so "rocker"

    Ryan is super adorable!!!!! I love him!!!! And Connor is going to be one good looking teen I'll bet! Evan looks a lot like his cousins, but he, Ethan, and Hunter all look adorable!

  4. Yes, Slade looks awesome, as does everyone!

    My gosh, the twins are so cute and Connor continues to be the most adorable little half-alien ever.

  5. I LOVE Brian's hair, happen to know WICF?

    The twins are way too cute, I was like Evan is the cutest, then scrolled down and thought the same of Ethan. Adorable little tykes. And Connor too! I'm excited to finally see him older, what a sweetheart.

    Hunter definitely favors his mother.

  6. Tessa - I'm really looking forward to playing with Tippy more, she's such a character! And I love how Slade's makeover turned out too :). Evan does look quite a bit like Kayden and Javion doesn't he?

    Carla - I have a feeling Connor is going to be quite the handful as he ages lol

    Maisie - I'll have to look at my downloads folder and get back to you on the hair. Hunter definitely looks more like Jessica than Matthew!


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