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I was here

Round 8 - March 2042
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Corbin and Amanda Gray are 45, Connor is 9, Alexander is 8 (Ryan Knowles is 9, Celeste Oros is 32)

I was here; I lived, I loved
I was here; I did, I've done
Everything that I wanted and it was more than I thought it would be
I will leave my mark so everyone will know
I was here

Conner managed to continually surprise Amanda. She knew that he would be more advanced than the average child. He was of course NOT the average child. But his abilities and mental capacities were astounding. He had mastered the violin and was only 9 years old! She didn't know what they were going to do with him.........

Things were going much better for him in school and he had made a best friend in Ryan Knowles. Amanda still worried about how people perceived Connor. Ryan's dad was a doctor and surely had to know that Connor didn't have a skin condition. But there had been no problems concerning Connor's appearance. She couldn't imagine what Celeste would have to deal with once her adopted daughter started school.......

But things were great considering that their world had been torn apart 9 years ago when Corbin was abducted. Their family had fallen into a nice routine and they were finally able to afford a vacation to Corbin's birthplace, Takezimu Village. He was excited to show the boys his home. Connor would make a trip to Peragama in a few years and Corbin wanted him to know all of who he was, not just the alien side.

Though Alex wasn't as focused as his brother academically, he was proving to be a pretty talented athlete. He had taken an interest in almost every sport he came across! Corbin wasn't very athletic, but he had a good enough arm to toss the pig skin around with his son in the front yard. He was glad that Alex had picked up a hobby. He had been concerned that the attention Connor received because of his musical talents would make Alex a bit jealous......

But Alex didn't care. Sure, the grown ups liked it when Connor played that boring music. But he could still throw a ball harder and further than his brother!

Corbin liked to take the boys down to the beach to play whenever he got the chance. It also gave him an opportunity to practice his tai chi. Since he and Amanda both split their time between teaching at the university and working at the lab, they had more time to spend with the boys. And this spring break would give them all a chance to get away to Takezimu village.

Connor loved the water. Ms. Celeste told him that the aliens that were like him were very good in water. What was the word she used? "Aquatic." He was so excited about visiting Peragama, it would be nice to see kids like him for a change. He was excited about the trip with his dad too, though. As he got older, he could see the resemblance he had to his dad. If his skin wasn't green, he would be his twin!

In fact, he and his brother both looked like their dad. He asked them if they would ever get a little sister that looked like their mom, but his parents just laughed and told him that their family was perfect the way it was. But he didn't mind, he just figured his mom would like another girl around to do girl stuff with.......

"Are you excited about our trip?" Corbin asked.
"Sure! Are there beaches at Takezimu Village, Dad?"
"No, there aren't. Do you know that the first time I went to a beach is when I moved here with your mom?"
"Really? Ms. Celeste says there aren't any beaches on Peragama either. I'll be the only one to have been to one!" Connor said.
"That's great, kiddo. How you doing, you know, with the whole alien thing?"
"Well.......before I knew the truth, I knew something was wrong, I just didn't know what. And it was scary, being different. But now that I know that I'm not the only one like me, it's not so bad. I can't wait to go up there!" Connor said excitedly.
"I know you're anxious about visiting Peragama, but don't forget that I am just as much a part of you as your alien half. This trip to Takezimu Village is just as important," Corbin said.
"I know, Dad. I'm gonna go finish making sand castles with Alex," he said as he got up.

Corbin would make sure that Connor understood BOTH sides of his heritage. It was important for him to know all that there was to know about the two cultures that he was composed of..........just as it was important for Alex to know as well........

Later that night, Celeste brought over their new daughter Jasmine. She was an adorable little girl, but it was a bit off putting that she was green. She would have an even tougher time in school than Connor did. Amanda still didn't understand how the king of Peragama thought that this was a good idea...........

But it did do Connor some good to know that he wouldn't be the only green person in LaQuest Beach. Amanda had always wanted a daughter, but after Connor was born and then Alex shortly after that, their lives had been so hectic that there was just never a good time to add to their family.........

"So how have things been going? I know how hard it is to have a baby and a toddler," Amanda said.
"It's pretty hectic around our house, but Starema really loves being a grandmother. She helps out a lot. Satitu does too."
"That's great. She's"
"Yea, I'm sure that's a part of the reason the Coners wouldn't keep her. It's a lot to ask of anyone," Celeste said.
"It is. No one knows that better than me! But I wouldn't trade Connor for anything. So are you and Satitu going to try for a boy?"
"I don't know about that, our plate is pretty full right now," Celeste said laughing.

"Well, don't wait too long. I always wanted to have a little girl, but the timing was never right," Amanda said.
"It isn't too late for you, you know. You guys are in a much better place now, you should try to have that girl."
"I think we're a little too old to start all over again. Besides, I'm happy with my boys," Amanda said with a smile.

After an 8 hour flight, the Grays arrived in Takezimu Village. Connor and Alex noticed immediately that it smelled nicer there. Their dad told them that it was because of all the cherry blossoms on the trees.

After checking in and getting settled, the first place Corbin took them to was the Immortal Zen Garden to show them the proper way to meditate. Connor thought the whole thing looked a bit weird. Kinda like something the llama would do on that movie "The Emperor's New Smustle ."

Both boys did enjoy the herbal tea they had at Lucky Shrine Park. Corbin told them that when he was a boy, his family sat down for tea daily. It was something he would like to start doing with their family.

Being back at Takezimu Village reminded Amanda of when she first met Corbin all those years ago. It was hard to believe that it had been over ten years since that fateful trip that lead her to meet her soul mate........

That night, Connor and Alex stayed up into the wee hours of the morning talking about how exciting it was to be in another country. They hoped to see a real live ninja so that they could go back to school and tell their friends about it.

Amanda was up most of the night paying homage to the porcelain gods. The tea she had earlier must not have agreed with her.............

The next day Corbin and Amanda dressed in traditional Takezimu kimonos and took the boys back to the park so that they could learn to play mahjong.

"How are you feeling?" Corbin asked.
"Much better, I guess the tea just didn't agree with me."
"Tea agrees with everyone. I want you to take it easy, ok? This is suppose to be like the honeymoon we never got to take, how much fun would it be if you were sick?" he asked laughing.
"I'm fine, just one of those freak things. Let's go have some fun!"

The boys really enjoyed mahjong, although Connor caught on much quicker than his brother.

Connor also got a chance to do tai chi in its birthplace and he had to admit that it felt different. He was able to concentrate better among the soothing smell of cherry blossoms.......

Taking Corbin's advice, Amanda had a relaxing massage at the hot springs. She really was feeling much better......

The family ended their trip with a nice relaxing soak in the hot springs. Corbin was happy that he finally got a chance to show his boys where they come from. He knew that Connor still felt a bit left out of their family because of the way he looked and he hoped that this trip showed him that he is definitely an important part to their family. He was a Gray.

They all headed back home to LaQuest Beach much more relaxed and ready to take on life's challenges as a family.......

* So if I wasn't glaringly obvious enough, Amanda here is pregnant......that's right, pregnant at 45! Her and Corbin just haven't been able to get this baby thing right lol. The good thing is that they both were promoted to Top Secret Researcher and got nice bonuses. So they are in a better financial place this time around. Baby Gray will be here December 2042. Fingers crossed that they get a girl!

* Connor really loves music and plays his violin all the time. I'm thinking of maybe letting him do a recital next round. Alex's hobby is sports and he is much more laid back than his older brother.

* I still plan to send Connor to Peragama to stay with Totia for a little while when he's a teen. It will be a lot like Celeste's trip, I'll let him stay a while and do a few updates with him there.

*And I had to do a family portrait while they were there:

I hate that they don't have kimonos for kids and I couldn't find any custom ones :/. This will be their last picture together before the new baby comes!


  1. Wow, pregnant at 45! Did they try for a baby themselves via ACR? It would be great if Connor and Alex got a sister this time.

    I'm glad Alex doesn't seem jealous of the special attention Connor receives. It would be really easy for that to happen but I guess Corbin and Amanda are doing a good job with the boys. ;) I do wonder how Alex will feel when Connor goes to Peragama though. Will he want to go himself or will he not want his brother to go or will he just take it in his stride? Can't wait to find out! I can't believe Connor is 9 already - not really that long to go, when you look at it that way.

    1. Yes ACR got me lol. And I have no idea why she wasn't on BC but what can I do now? LOL. I hadn't even thought about how Connor's trip would affect Alex! That is something that needs to be looked at though. You're right, it isn't that far away (only one more round).

  2. LOL! The tea didn't agree with her, LOL, what an excuse, I guess they'll believe anything but the obvious.

    1. LOL I'll probably be that way if I ever get pregnant. I'm sure I'll blame any and every thing :)

  3. I cant believe theyre having another baby! Wow, new baby will arrive and shortly Connor will be leaving Earth, that is a lot of adjustments. It seems Alex is okay with it all now, but I wonder if being average will give him resentment as a teen I hope not though. -Maisie (incase. It goes anon again)

    1. I couldn't believe it either lol. I think it will become trickier as they get older, it's hard to live in the shadow of an alien after all lol


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