Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dum, Dum, Dum..........

So I realized today that it has been almost a month since my last post. Between all the holiday craziness and a new project, my poor sims have been neglected. So I guess I'm taking a small hiatus. The new project that I'm working on actually is kinda sim related. I began working on Arwen's story for the spinoff and realized that I really love writing this story! So much so that I've decided to finish it in it's entirety (however long that may be). It's a bit of a stretch to call it a book, maybe a novella? Anyway, I'm really excited about writing it while the wheels are turning. I have a tendency to get writer's block after too long. I'm sure I'll come up for air soon, especially since classes start back next week. I don't know if I want to post it here as I am definitely going to still do a sim story with it.......I'll still post, but it will be pretty sporadic. I've had Christian Brown's bio written for a while, I just need to make his photo collage so that should be up soon. So I'm not gone and maybe it's not technically a hiatus, the posts will just be pretty spread out for a while. Thank you so much to all my readers, love you guys!


  1. Oh, wow, how exciting! I look forward to reading whatever you come up with, whenever that may be!

  2. Exciting... good luck! Glad you're feeling so inspired by the story, it'll be good to see what you come up with.

  3. That's exciting news. Good luck. I can't wait to hear and see more of your new project.


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