Monday, January 23, 2012

Schoolyard Antics

Round 8 - February 2042 - LBE

Taesha couldn't believe her little girl was in Pre-K! It seemed like only yesterday that she and Gordon were at LBU trying to figure out how they were going to manage being parents and finishing school. Now Gordon had his master's, she was teaching, and Lyria was making new friends at school. The time passed by so quickly......

Connor Gray had become quite the accomplished violinist. He was only 9 years old and could play better than most of the classic artists that Taesha had heard. She barely noticed his eyes anymore, which was surprising as they were all she could see when she looked at the young boy before. She didn't buy his parent's skin disease story, but was afraid of what the alternative could mean.........

Javion Carr and Gabriella Newson were now the two oldest students at the school and both were very excited about it. Javion loved being older than all the other students. He wasn't looking forward to going to high school though. Every since his older brother Kayden had gone to high school, he had become girl crazy. Javion just didn't understand it.........

Gabby didn't understand it either. All Gallagher talked about was Imara Coners. Would that happen to Javion too? Because she didn't want to lose her friend.......maybe she could do something to stop it. She'd be sure to ask Gretchen about it when she got home.........

Lily had the third graders working on their assignments, much to their displeasure. Bits of spring were blooming up all around and the kids were all ready to enjoy being outside and running and playing again.

Hayden Brown just couldn't understand how he was suppose to sit by and listen to birds chirp and see bees buzz by the window without wanting to be outside playing tag. It really was unfair!

Ryder and Rainie were hoping to get special treatment since their mom was the teacher, but they had no such luck. They had to do all the same assignments that the other kids had to do. Ryder couldn't wait until spring break......then his mom would just be his mom again!

Aidan didn't know what their problem was. He would love it if his mom were his teacher! He'd bet if she were his teacher, he could play with Oreo as much as he wanted to. He really felt sorry for the little guy, locked away in his cage watching them do stupid boring was that?

Lyria liked school so far, it was nice having other kids to play with. It got a little lonely sometimes at home. She had been asking for a little brother or sister, but her parents just wouldn't buy her one!

She felt like the only kid at school who didn't have a brother or sister. Sure, it was fun playing with the other kids at school, but that would all end when she went home. Hayden went home with his brother Aidan, Ricki had Ryan, and Ryder had Rainie. She wanted someone too!

The Newsons were so lucky, there were lots of them around! Lyria bet they never had a boring time at home. She would just continue to ask and maybe one day her parents would listen........maybe she should ask Santa for a sister this year!

It was raining cats and dogs by the time the bell rang for the kids to go home. Yes, it was definitely spring time in LaQuest Beach. And the kids couldn't wait for the summer that was sure to follow!

* Yay, a post! I bet you guys thought I'd never be back lol. I'm still working hard on Arwen's story while the juices are still flowing!

* Lyria really is the only kid at the elementary school that doesn't have a sibling. The grass always looks greener on the other side, doesn't it? I'm sure the Newsons wish for a little more privacy!

* Javion and Gabriella will be my next two kids to go off to high school, but I'll have Arwen Vasan, the Carr twins, and Jordyn Pace joining the elementary school. These teachers just cannot catch a break lol

* I've actually played a few houses, so now it's really more about writing the updates. Hopefully I'll have another posted soon, maybe even this week :)


  1. I'm really keen to see Javion in high school. The ways of teenagers are so mysterious to him and I can't wait to see if he is similarly mystified once he actually is one!

    Poor Lyria. Gordon and Taesha will have to get started on giving her a sibling, lol! Lyria is so adorable too - she reminds me a bit of what my Annabel looked like when she was younger (no surprise, seeing they have the same dad!)

  2. LOL! Why won't they just buy her a little sister already :P

  3. Carla - I think Javion is definitely in for a rude awakening once he becomes a teenager lol. Lyria does look a lot like Annabel, Gordon has some strong genes!

    Apple Vally - Buying a sister seemed like something a precocious 4 year old would say. Neither of them have a want, but I'm with Lyria on this one lol. Maybe they'll have one the next time I play their house :)

    Thanks for reading!

  4. I loved the buying a sister thing, too! Wonder if she'll have any better luck with Santa? :)

  5. Cant wait for Javion to start high school and Lyria totally needs a sibling, her parents need to get that started. The Newsons have a crazy household, some might be willing to swap places with Lyria for a few days.

  6. Geez. Its Maisie, I put it in but the word confirm bjorked and apparently made me anon.


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