Friday, January 6, 2012

Prologue to Tales of Vasadori

I decided to share this prologue as it doesn't contain any spoilers :). Let me know what you think!

Let’s address the elephant in the room. Elves exist. It may be hard to believe, especially for sheltered humans, but they do. I do. Although, technically I’m considered a half breed by most. We’ve been around for centuries, existing on a plane called Vasadori, not within human reach. We’ve had our wars, our tragedies, just as any other group of beings. My grandfather was king of Vasadori for a time. His name was Alberi Vasan. Now elves have their own races, just as the humans do. The light elves were considered to be far above the dark elves. Their powers were more pure, based on the goodness that lied within them. The dark elves thrived from anger and malice. So much so that any true love they felt for another elf would drastically diminish their powers. My grandfather was a dark elf. He was one in a long line of dark elf kings. His first in command and best friend was Veryan de Muse. Together they ensured that dark elves were not condemned by the light, that they were allowed to use their powers freely. King Alberi also allowed the dark elves to enter the human realm and wreak havoc. Soon the light elves rose up against him and a civil war began. With the help of Veryan, Alberi was able to regain control of his kingdom. During the course of the war, Veryan fell in love with a light elf named Faelwen Ghillon. It was illegal for a light and dark elf to marry at the time, a fact in which Veryan was well aware. So he waited. King Alberi also fell in love with a dark elf named Falathiel Loreyn. They were soon wed and quickly Falathiel became pregnant and gave birth to a son, Gurth Vasan. King Alberi would reign another five years before Veryan and his army he had gathered in secret attacked the castle. Because of the love that King Alberi felt for Falathiel and Gurth, Veryan was able to overpower and kill him. Falathiel was the most powerful female in Vasadori and Veryan knew that she would not take Alberi’s death lightly. So he had his army kill her as well. Young Gurth was five years old at the time and rushed in to save his mother, getting slashed across his right eye in the process. Veryan decided not to kill the boy and instead banished him and all of those who remained loyal to Alberi. Veryan assumed the throne and quickly married Faelwen. He changed all the laws and gave light elves more rights. He also formed a council of elder elves who enforced the rules. As a peace settled over Vasadori, Faelwen gave birth to she and Veryan’s first and only child, Elvin de Muse. Elvin grew up being the prince of Vasadori and had a wonderful childhood. When he was sixteen years old, Gurth and his army attacked the castle to seek revenge for Alberi’s death. Because Veryan loved Faelwen and Elvin so much, his powers were substantially weaker and he was killed by the hands of Gurth. Gurth also killed Faelwen and would have killed Elvin had the elders not stepped in. They were able to weaken him with the love of his parents, although they were not able to kill him. Instead his powers were stripped and he was banished to an isolated corner of Vasadori. The war almost destroyed Vasadori, leaving it in ruins. Most of the remaining elves decided to join the human realm. Others formed small villages and remained in Vasadori along with the council of elders. Later a scroll was found that told the story of the civil war that would lead to the destruction of Vasadori. It also spoke of a half elf, half human child who would take the throne and restore Vasadori to its former glory. I am that child. I am Arwen Vasan, Queen of Vasadori.


  1. Sounds great! It definitely hooks me in and makes me want to read more of Arwen's story, which is what you want in a prologue. ;)

  2. I like it!! I'm excited that you're writing this and can not wait to read more!! I really like the history you've put together, it's so detailed.


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