Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Happy Birthday to Ya!

Round 8 - July 2041

Not an average post!!!!

He called Celeste over as soon as the pains began. He knew that child birth was painful, he wasn't an idiot or insensitive to what women went through. But he truly had no idea it felt like this. And all because some damn aliens used him as an oven for their damn kid. He thought he was going to die..........

But it was over in the blink of an eye. Celeste stepped in and did.......well Terrence didn't know what she did. All he knew was that he had been in pain and then all of a sudden he felt fine and was holding a green baby with eyes much like Celeste's.

"Well........" Tabitha said.
"Yea........I didn't expect......I guess I should have's just......well you're not green," Terrence said.
"We have different races, just as you do on Earth," Celeste said.
"She's even more green than Connor Gray," Terrence said.
"I know. Have you decided what you're going to do with her? If you need some more time to think it over........." Celeste began.
"No. I made my decision already........"

"So what have you decided? What is to be her fate?" Celeste asked.
"I'm sure it makes me a selfish bastard, but I can't keep her. We can't keep her. She isn't my responsibility, isn't something I had any say in. I have to think about my family, about what this would mean for all of us. Not to mention what my ex-wife would do with this knowledge, the trouble she would make not only for us, but you as well," Terrence said.
"If she is your only concern, I can have a talk with her, get the king involved......." Celeste began again.
"No. Our daughters are teens, I have a grandson. Even if I wanted to started over again with a new baby, it wouldn't be with a half alien who I know nothing about. I'm sorry Mrs. Oros, but we cannot and will not keep this child," Terrence said.
"I understand. It's a lot to ask of anyone. My husband and I would be happy to make her a part of our family. Feel free to come and visit her anytime you want. We can discuss your involvement in her life later," Celeste said.
"No need. I don't want any. I'm going to forget this ever happened and try to move on with my life," Terrence said walking away.
"My daughter and I would like to visit her. We don't agree with Terrence's decision......but it was his to make," Tabitha said.
"I understand. Please, feel free to visit whenever you want. Me and my husband will figure out the best way to explain her heritage to her when she gets older," Celeste said.

"Hi there little one. You've had a rough start haven't you? No worries, it's all going to be alright. As long as I live, you will be loved darling. And I have a feeling you're going to take this world by storm," Celeste said smiling down at her.

* There you have it. Though it broke my heart, I just couldn't see Terrence keeping this baby. There's just too much at stake, too much to consider in raising her. So Celeste will have to take on the job.......

* It shouldn't be too bad, sure she's green, but at least she has the same eyes as Celeste and her family. I forgot that particular PT Tech had the same eyes:

She will of course have brown hair like her dad. So here she is, Ms. Jasmine Rene Oros. I didn't let Celeste adopt her, I just added her to their house because I want her to keep her original family ties. I've changed her last name in SimPE though. We won't see much more from either family for the rest of this round unless I squeeze in a cameo during the Gray household.


  1. Wow, his desicion makes sense, they're too "old" to start over now with a new green baby. Maybe if the baby wasn't green they might have kept it.

  2. I think Terrence made the right decision for him, as sad as it is. I couldn't see him keeping it either. He was so disturbed by the pregnancy and I couldn't imagine him coming to terms with it in time. But Jasmine will have a great life with Celeste and Satitu anyway.

  3. I definitely don't blame Terrence for giving Jasmine up. Starting over again, especially at their age, would of been alot of work! That and the baby is a little different then their human ones...

    AAAHHHHHHH! Alien baby! She is BEYOND adorable! I love her! I really can't wait to see how she grows up! :)

  4. I think this was the best decision for Terrence and his family by far. I am a little concerned though on his delivery... did that just like blow his junk off! HAHA Pretty sure babies can't come that way even if an alien knocked you up. Silly EA.

    I'm glad that little Jasmine has a home though, and hope that things work out for the best, and I am actually happy with Terrence not keeping the baby. It just did not make sense at all for him to do it. Now on to Terrence again with normal updates for his family.


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