Friday, March 25, 2011

Round 6 Summary

FINALLY! The end of Round 6 is here!!!

Births: Kiara Ellison, Lyria Nott, Kyle Henderson, Lauren Carr, Layla Carr, Arwen Vasan

Graduation: Taesha Foster, Gordon Nott

New Residents: Gordon Nott

A lot of babies this round! My schools are going to be packed with the next generation! Gordon is now a playable and will get his own profile! Also I'm making a few changes starting in Round 7:

* From seasons to months: I have enough play sessions now to switch over to months. Now I can use my holiday stuff pack a little more :)

* The schools will now be played twice per round instead of only once. There are technically 2 school years in each round and I want my kids to have more interactions with each other. Uni will still be played 4 times a round, with each time being a full semester. I find that playing it one semester at a time keeps me from getting too bored with my uni kids.

* This is really more for my benefit than anything else but I've decided to create backgrounds for my founding sims. I've hinted at it with the Blasts from the Past for a few of them but I want to go a bit deeper with all of the characters I've created. I suppose I'll create a separate tag on the sidebar to make them more accessible. They will be alot like the character bios from Sessions. I won't do it for the ingame born sims since the blog has been following their lives. But characters like Slade Willis and Charity Jones will also get backgrounds.

I have switched everything over to Evernote and I must say I love it! I just took the forms I created and copied and pasted them into Evernote. I left one of each type of form blank so that say when I need a new profile for someone, I copy the blank one, create a new entry, paste the blank form and fill it in with my sim's info. And since I have the app on my tablet, as I'm playing I can update things without either minimizing the game or playing in window mode.

Caleb, Ginger, Ricky, and Meadow are all starting uni this next round and I'm excited to see how they each develop :). It should be pretty interesting! Ginger will be the first sim to go to Brown Technical University (my in hood uni).

Round 7 ROS:

* Take a vacation
* Civic Safety Grant: $15000 to be spent on public safety
*Weekly night out

Nothing earth shattering. The take a vacation one works well with some plans I have already made and the person who rolled the weekly night out really needs it! I'm still working on what I'm going to do with the grant money. Is it wrong for me to want very badly to roll my get abducted ROS?


  1. I'm still using LSB and Flashnote for most of my Sullivan stuff but I wanted to thank you for the Evernote recommendation. It's handy at work if I get an idea to jot it into Evernote and then it's already there on my computer when I get home! Love it!

    I'm excited to see some of your Sims' back stories! I keep thinking I'm going to dribble in little tidbits about my non in-game born Sims but I haven't done it yet.

    Civic safety grant? So that would go to your hood council then? Sounds interesting.

  2. Carla - I do most of my updating at work so it's perfect for me too. I'm excited to do the back stories, I think it's going to be alot of fun :). The grant would go to the council. I may put it towards actually building a police department building.

  3. It's kind of nice to see some non-earth shattering ROS rolls... too often these things end up with disasters!


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