Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happy Birthday to Ya!

Round 6 - Summer 2038

* Not an average birthday post FYI

Lyria Nott is now 1 year old and is being spoiled rotten by her grandparents now that she lives with them!

The big day arrived and Tessa was terrified of what was going to happen to her baby. She was also in horrible pain!

Elvin was overcome with rage as he watched Tessa in pain, giving birth to the child of his enemy. It was a pain he never thought he could feel, knew that this is what Gurth hoped to accomplish with his deception.

Soon Tessa was holding Arwen Marie Vasan. She had the terrifyingly red eyes of her father and Tessa's hair. She knew Gurth would soon sense Arwen's presence and come make his claim on her. She had no idea what she was going to do.....

A few days later, Gurth did indeed pop in.
"Here to collect your brat? She's upstairs with Tessa. I'll go get her so you can leave," Elvin said.
"My aren't we gracious? I expected more of a fight from you. I'm a bit disappointed," Gurth said laughing.
"Do not for one moment think that things are over between us. They most definitely are not."
"If you say so........where is Tessa and my lovely daughter?" Gurth asked.
"Tessa is packing up Arwen's things. I told her it was unnecessary but she's in mother mode."
"It is quite unnecessary. But not for the reasons you think," Gurth said.
"What the hell does that mean?"

"Here she is," Tessa said.
"She's quite beautiful. She has the Vasan eyes I see. Well done, Tessa," Gurth said.
"Now take her and get the hell out!" Elvin exclaimed.
"Not so fast. I think we should all sit down for a chat. I have a proposition to run by you," Gurth said.
"We're not interested. Now leave!"
"It concerns Arwen's welfare."
"The least we could do is hear him out," Tessa said to Elvin.
"Are you insane?"
"Let's all have a seat in the living room," Tessa said.

"I'll just put Arwen back into her crib," Tessa said looking down fondly at her new daughter.
"She truly is beautiful. I never thanked you for birthing her," Gurth said.
"It's not like you left me much of a choice, now is it?" Tessa said walking off.

"What the hell is this about, Gurth?" Elvin asked.
"It has come to my attention that a young baby is in need of a mother. I'm afraid that is a role I cannot fill," Gurth said.
"So what? You want us to set you up on a blind date? Feeling lonely? Because if you're about to suggest Tessa staying with you to take care of that kid, you can forget it!" Elvin said.
"Now, Elvin, I'm hurt. I would never suggest such a thing. My suggestion is that young Arwen stay here with you all for a while."
"What?" Elvin exclaimed.
"For how long?" Tessa asked.

"Have you lost your mind? We're not keeping his child!"
"He can't care for her Elvin. She's an innocent victim in all of this. And I would think you would love a chance to help mold her into a fit queen for Vasadori," Tessa said.
"If you think he is doing this because he actually cares about that kid, you're insane. He does nothing unless there is some benefit in it for him. In this case I imagine it is just making my life a living hell!" Elvin exclaimed.
"I do care! She is my daughter. And you would not keep her forever of course. Only until her 12th birthday. At that time she would need to move to Vasadori and begin her training to become queen," Gurth said.
"We could keep her for 12 years? And what would be your involvement?" Tessa said.
"She would have to know that I am in fact her father. And I would like to visit her occassionally, checking on her progress," Gurth said.
"And that's all?"
"Yes. No strings, no hidden agendas."
"Bullshit! We're not keeping this kid Tessa. I forbid it!" Elvin said.

"You forbid it? I am your wife, not your child! She is my daughter, Elvin. If I can have any effect at all over her and help her become the woman she needs to be to rule over an entire realm, then I am going to do it! I can take BOTH of my daughters and leave. It is up to you," Tessa said.
"You would take away my daughter just so you can keep his? Have you forgotten what he did to you? You don't even know your own sister! He erased all memory you had of your parents! And so easily you can forgive him?" Elvin asked.
"This is not about him. It is about her. I will not turn my back on her. I can't," Tessa said.
"If you do this, know that I will have NOTHING to do with that child. I will not feed her, I will not clothe her, I will do NOTHING. You want a new pet, be my guess. But she will not infect my daughter with her evil. Of that I can promise you."

"I hope you are happy. You have once again managed to ruin my world. But hear this: you will pay for every single second of this, Gurth Vasan. Do not be surprised if you never get a chance to see your child take the throne," Elvin said.
"Is that a threat? We both know you are in no position to threaten me," Gurth said.
"It is a promise."

"If you will excuse me, I need to go see about MY daughter. Good luck raising your bastard child," Elvin said as he rose and left the room.

"This is the person that your husband really is," Gurth said.
"He's just upset. He has every right to be," Tessa said with tears in her eyes.
"No, this is just the person he is. I apologize for getting you involved, but please do not hestitate to contact me if he gets out of control. You will always have a place in my home," Gurth said.
"Not if we were the last people on Earth and Vasadori! I will never be with you!" Tessa said.
"Never say never................."

"Daddy's here darling. I promise nothing is going to happen to my little angel. Even if that means we have to leave you mother behind..........."

* Oh the drama! I was going to make this into two posts, one for the birthdays and one for the rest, but since the only other birthday was Lyria aging up I thought why not?

* I aged Arwen up in game and she grows up looking pretty evil! She has a slight frown all the time! She doesn't have the elf ears but I don't care! She's the heir!

* I'm still working out all the details, but Arwen will definitely move to Vasadori at 12. I've downloaded a wonderful lot that will serve as a sort of elven boarding school where she will learn the ropes along with a few other elves her age.

* What's going to happen with Elvin and Tessa? There are definitely some struggles ahead and there is no guarantee that these two will stay together.......oh the drama to come :). For those who think Elvin is being passive and not standing up to Gurth, be patient. That's what Elvin is doing. Since Gurth is much more powerful than Elvin, there is only one way for Elvin to beat him: out smart him. And planning takes time :)

* And that my friends, is the end of Round 6 :). What a way to go right lol. Next up will be the summary for this round and then we can begin Round 7.


  1. What a drama filled birthday! Thankfully my sims tend to have easier births than elves fighting over rights to a child and memory losses :) Well done, can't wait to see what happend with Elvin and Tessa.

  2. Wow, what a birthday! Elvin seems very sure of himself; he must have some kind of plan and I can't wait to find out what he does.

  3. Apple Valley - Haha most of my sims have regular birthdays too......but any kid of Tessa's is bound to have some issues :). I'm very glad that old heir situation is taken care of, now things can be relatively normal.....for a little while anyway :)

    Carla - Crazy right? Elvin is a pretty smart guy who knows that he can't just lose his temper and go at Gurth because he would lose. But things are definitely not over between them.....


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