Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Birthday to Ya!

Round 7 - August 2038

Derick Pace had no idea what he had been thinking when he decided it was a good idea for him to become a husband and father! As he heard Charity's screams he knew that DeJuan had been right: he was definitely not ready for this........

But once the horrible part was over, he realized he had been overreacting and was so happy he was a father! He thought his daughter, Jordyn Pace, was the most beautiful baby he had ever seen. She had her mother's hazel eyes and his brown hair.

Kiara Ellison is now 1 year old and is looking quite a bit like her mother. Her blue eyes are quite arresting!

Caleb Henderson is now a young adult and is excited to begin his studies at LaQuest Beach University. He has decided to major in political science and hopes to work his way up to becoming mayor one day.

Ricky Cormier is joining Caleb at LBU and is majoring in art. He enjoyed painting in his high school art class with his teacher Kayla Knowles and decided he wanted to learn more about it. Ricky has decided that he is done chasing Meadow Thayer and plans to get as many college women as he is humanly capable of getting!

Meadow Thayer is also at LBU and is majoring in economics. She doesn't know what kind of business she wants to build yet, but she knows that is is going to be awesome. How can it not be when she's the owner?

Ginger Newson is also 18 and will be majoring in cosmetology at Brown Technical University. After living with 5 other people for most of her life, she is very grateful for the small townhome that she has while she attends school. She can't wait to graduate and begin working at Jessica Picaso's salon.

* Jordyn is going to be a handful! She only has one nice point (Derick had none). So instead of another bad boy, I guess I'll have a bad girl :)

* I've already played the uni update and I have to say these kids are going to be very entertaining to play! They remind me alot of Kenny, Brian, and Slade :)


  1. I've been following your blog for a while now and have never made a comment but when I saw that you named Derick and Charity's baby Jordyn I was like "Oh wow", thats the same name I chose last night for my sims couples baby and both are spelled exactly the same way. What a coincidence. How did you come with that name if you don't mind my asking? I used a name generator and there it was.

  2. Viranthinc - Thanks for reading! I wanted a uni-sex name for Derick and Charity's baby because I figured no matter what the sex was, the baby would not be a very nice sim lol. It worked out since Jordyn only has 1 nice point. I decided on "Jordan" but wanted it to be different so I changed the A to an Y. Jordyn seems more bad ass than Jordan and I'm pretty sure a child of Derick's is going to be a handful! That's so cool that you used the same name :). And thanks again for reading!

  3. Oh, wow, Jordyn is going to be trouble! I bet she'll be beautiful though.

    I can't wait for your uni updates! They're always so much fun.


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