Thursday, June 9, 2011

Make You Feel My Love

Round 7 - January 2040
Matthew and Jessica Picaso are 38, Hunter is 4

I could make you happy, make your dreams come true
Nothing that I wouldn't do
Go to the ends of the Earth for you
To make you feel my love

He felt different. He didn't know why, didn't know what brought about this change, but he felt it. He was.......lucky. He had a beautiful wife, a great son, and a job he loved. Maybe it was the fact that he actually took the time out to realize and appreciate what he had. His life had been so much about progression, about reaching the goals he had set out for he could just.......enjoy his life. It was a very freeing feeling...........

Jessica had noticed the changes in her husband, but she wasn't convinced that it would last. She didn't want to get her hopes up, didn't want to waste time planning a future that wasn't secure. She really enjoyed teaching classes at Brown Tech, it gave her something to occupy her time when she wasn't at the salon..........

Ginger Newson was an excellent student and Jessica was happy that she was still interested in coming to work for her once she graduated. Picaso Cuts was getting new business everyday and she would really need to hire another stylist soon. She had even considered allowing Ginger to work while she was finishing up her degree.

Matt stopped giving Gavin Newson crap about moving too fast with his live in girlfriend Gretchen Chin. Who was he to give the younger man advice on how to handle women? He had been screwing up his marriage from the very beginning! But he planned on changing that........

While Hunter loved school, he wasn't too keen on getting up early most mornings. But it was quite fun, playing with the other children.......he wished his parents would have another baby so he would have a brother or sister, it was lonely being an only child!

Jessica had been thinking about having another baby as well. She loved being a mother to Hunter and wouldn't mind having another child.......but she didn't think Matt would be too keen on the idea. She had brought it up once, only to have it shot down by his insistence that they were both too busy to have another child. With her 40th birthday right around the corner, she knew she didn't have much more time to have another child. And he was a general for goodness sakes! He would never "not" be busy. So she had come to the conclusion that she was done as far as child birth was concerned.....there was always adoption later.

She loved her job, loved that she could show people how beautiful they really were......she knew how easy it was to be hard on oneself. She was the queen of beating yourself up........

And while she had some clients who were in no short supply of self esteem like Ariel Carr, there were many more who could use the uplifting joy that one of her makeovers were capable of giving a person. And it helped knowing that while her own life was a mess, she could help others begin to get theirs together.

She came home and found Matthew in the basement, or the "man cave" as she had silently began calling it.
"Oh how I love a man in uniform," Jessica said laughing.
"Do you now? Well come here, get a better look at the uniform," he said smiling.

"You know I love you, right?" he asked kissing her on the forehead.
"Sometimes. Sometimes it seems like I'm in your way, and loving me is just another duty of yours."
"I know I haven't been the best husband......and I'm sorry I've made you feel unimportant to me. You and Hunter are the reason I try so hard to succeed. And I want to start treating you better, I'm GOING to start treating you about we go upstairs and make that new baby you've been wanting," he said with a smile.
"Really? You mean it?"
"More than anything in world. I can't wait to see you carrying my child again."

She didn't know what had caused this change in him, but she was glad to have him back......

* Every house I play this round ends up with someone pregnant! Jessica had the want for another baby, Matt didn't, but they were like rabbits this round and kept trying for a baby. They were successful and Baby Picaso will be here in October 2040.

* Matt was just nicer this idea why but it was nice to see. I guess he couldn't be a dick forever........They have an extra bedroom so this kid was right on time.

* I loved that Ariel came into the salon and I can't wait to play the made over version of her. Always a diva :).


  1. Hmm, I'm wondering what's behind the change as well. I'll be waiting and seeing I guess.

  2. I hope this is a permanent change for Matt and that Jessica finally gets the husband she deserves. I'm a bit worried he might have ulterior motives.

    So excited to meet another Baby Picaso - I bet Hunter is too!


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