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Round 9 - February 2043
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Elvin de Muse is 50, Tessa is 46, Vanya is 7, Arwen Vasan is 4 (Tabitha Coners is 52, Imara and Imani are 15)

Like any hot-blooded woman
I have simply wanted an object to crave
But you, you're not allowed
You're uninvited,
An unfortunate slight
Alanis Morissette

He spends his mornings down by the beach. There weren't any beaches in Vasadori, it was one of the things he loved most about the human realm. The crashing waves had a calming effect on him. Maybe it was because it seemed that his life was crashing down all around him. He and Tessa were doing much better, but Gurth Vasan was never far away, using Arwen as an excuse to see Tessa. Elvin wasn't stupid, he knew that Gurth wanted to take Tessa from him. He wasn't going to allow it to happen............

"Dance with me," he said after Tessa was up and moving around.
"Dance with you? There's no music playing," she said laughing.
"I know. I still want to dance with you."
"Tabitha and the kids will be here soon, Elvin. We need to start getting everything ready."
"Please?" he asked.
"Oh, all right!"

"You're still just as beautiful as you were the day that I met you," he said.
"I wish I could remember that. It's been almost 5 years now and I still don't remember anything before Arwen," Tessa said sadly.
"You won't, my love. Gurth is very powerful, his magic is very potent. Those can never get those back. I'm sorry."
"What are you sorry for? You didn't do it. Look, I know you and Tabitha don't get along, but she promised to be civil today. I really need for this day to go well.........."

"Is this a good idea? I don't want to fight with your sister today," he said.
"Elvin, I barely see her. And it's been much worse since the whole abduct thing. I never thought in a million years that aliens actually exist. But then, I'm married to an elf so......." she trailed off with a smile.
"Are we ok? Sometimes, you just seem so distant," he said.
"We're fine, Elvin. I'm just taking everything one day at a time. It's the best I can do."
"I know, I know. I love you, you know."
"And I you........"

It wasn't long before Tabitha and the twins showed up.
"Where is my brother-in-law?" Tessa asked.
"He couldn't make it. They are beginning work on the new fairgrounds in Camden and he's been pretty busy working on that."
"Well I'm glad you're here."

"How are you doing?" Tabitha asked.
"I'm fine. How are YOU doing?"
"Everything is okay. Terrence doesn't want to talk about what happened at all. Imara is eager to know how her sister is doing and Imani........well she seems to be taking it harder than even Terrence. But it could be worse, at least we're all still together. Kenny has been really good for his father, Terrence is more willing to talk to him than me."
"We're quite a pair aren't we?" Tessa said smiling.
"Yea......but at least you're not half as crazy as you were before that elf wiped your memory," Tabitha said with a slight frown.
"Don't. I don't want to dwell on that today, ok? I just want to have a good time with my sister and my gorgeous nieces who obviously got their looks from their aunt," Tessa said with a smile.
"Okay, Tess, I'll try," Tabitha said with a returning smile.

Vanya adored her big cousin Imara. She was so pretty and so smart and so funny. It was a novel experience for Imara, most people preferred Imani to her. It was nice to be looked up to for once. If Imani didn't get out of this funk she had been in, EVERYONE might start to prefer Imara.........

They were a family of freaks. Imani didn't understand how everyone in her family continued on with their lives like everything was normal. They weren't even CLOSE to normal. And if anyone ever found out about how freaky their family actually was, they would be run out of town! She didn't get how everyone could be so cool about elves and aliens! Imani couldn't wait to go to college and get away from all this for a while.........

Elvin hoped that this little barbeque would finally allow he and Tabitha to have a pleasant conversation. She had hated him every since he used magic to get Tessa to marry him. Sometimes he wished someone would erase HER memory so she could just let it go..............

It wasn't long before the peaceful little mini family reunion received an unexpected visitor..........

"Are you serious?! What the hell are you doing here, Gurth?" Tessa yelled.
"What is your problem? I'm here because my DAUGHTER asked me to come. She said you were having the family over for a get together," he said.
"Yes. Family. You are not my family, Gurth," Tessa said between clenched teeth.
"We have a daughter together, Tessa. Why must we go through this every single time I am here? Arwen is my daughter and the future queen of Vasadori. I WILL be in her life," he said.

"Why don't you just take her then? Take her with you to Vasadori and you won't have any reason to be here at all!" Elvin said as he moved Tessa out of his way.
"Elvin!" Tessa exclaimed.
"No Tessa! I'm tired of this. If she is his excuse to show up to my home whenever he feels like it, then he needs to take her away from here!"

"I will not deprive her of her parents. You are so much like your father, willing to eliminate anything that stands in the way of what you want," Gurth said with disgust.
"She won't be deprived of her parents. You're her father."
"And Tessa is her mother, as much as you hate to hear it," Gurth said.
"Elvin please, don't do this. Just let him go up and visit with Arwen. Please," Tessa begged.
"You think that this is over. That I have accepted what you have done to my family, to me. Your day will come, Gurth Vasan. And I will revel in your agony. I will bask in your pain. And I intend to fully enjoy watching you take your last breath," Elvin said.
"Promises, promises. You will never beat me. A de Muse will never cause me another moment's pain. On that, you can stake your life," Gurth said as he strolled passed him.

Vanya didn't even look up from her homework when Mr. Vasan walked past her to Arwen's room. She heard the yelling, knew that they were all fighting again. She couldn't believe what her dad said about Arwen......he promised her that he would try to be nicer to her, but he was still cold to her. She could feel his rage whenever he was near Arwen. Her elf blood made her supernaturally aware of the emotions of those around her. She could feel Mr. Vasan's frustration and anger with her father. But there was also something else there.......something in his feelings for her mother......but she couldn't quite put a name to the emotion.........

Gurth stayed long enough to check on Arwen and her temperament. She was much more powerful than she knew and he was worried that she wouldn't be able to control herself when she became angry. And living with Elvin de Muse was enough to make even the lightest of elves angry!
"I guess I'll get out of here," he said.
"That's probably a good idea," Tessa said with a frown.
"I really meant no harm. Arwen wanted me to come. It's difficult for her to understand why I am not around, though I have explained it to her countless times."
"She's four, Gurth. She's not going to be able to understand this incredibly complex situation that even I don't understand," Tessa said with a laugh.

"That is a lovely sound. I don't think I've ever heard you laugh," Gurth said as he reach up to stroke her cheek. Tessa took two steps back from him.
"Please don't. You've caused enough problems for today, wouldn't you say?"

"I suppose you're can feel it, can't you?" he whispered.
"Feel what?" she asked a bit breathlessly.
"You can, I know you can. It won't go anywhere Tessa. You and I........we're connected now. And we will be forever. Pretending that you love Elvin........"
"I'm not pretending anything! This conversation is over, Gurth. Go say goodbye to Arwen and please leave," Tessa said before turning to walk away.

"Why can't you stay, Daddy? You can share my bed!" Arwen said.
"We've been over this, princess. This isn't my home, Vasadori is. And one day, it will be your home too."
"But I want to go now!" she whined.
"I know you do, darling. But your mother needs you here. And your sister. You want to be queen, right?" he asked.
"Well, a part of being queen is doing things that you might not like doing, because it's good for everyone else."
"I don't understand, Daddy......."

"I know you don't, princess. But you will one day. I will make sure that you are the best queen Vasadori has ever seen. Your grandfather would be quite proud of you. Remember what we talked about," he said.
"Take deep breaths when I'm mad so that I can calm down. I still don't understand why."
"Oh, and I are special. I've told you this," he said exasperated.
"Cuz we're elves!" she shouted.
"That's right, but remember, that's our secret. When you and I get mad, we can hurt people without trying to. So I need you to remember what I've told you, ok?"
"Okay, Daddy! I love you," she said.
"Remember what I've said," he said with a smile.

"So you're the reason my sister can't remember me?" Tabitha asked angrily.
"Look, I don't have time for this! If you know that, then you also know why I did it," he said.
"Yea, because you and her jackass husband decided to have a pissing contest to prove who's the manliest."
"You don't know anything about me! I don't have to explain myself to you," Gurth said as his eyes began to glow.

"Are glowing eyes supposed to scare me? You don't scare me!" Tabitha said.
"I can feel your fear rolling off you in waves, Tabitha Coners. I am not going to hurt you. Tessa cares very deeply about you and I will not do anything more to hurt her," he said.
"What the hell do you care what hurts Tessa? You got what you wanted from her already!"
"You don't know what I want............" Gurth said as he disappeared in a blaze of golden light.

"You know we're never going to have another regular family function right?" Imani said.
"Why are you so concerned with being normal? Can't you see how extraordinary all this is?" Imara asked.
"NO! We have a sister that is green, two cousins who are elves, our aunt has had her memory wiped clean........this is horrible!"

"You don't like us, Imani? You don't want to be my cousin anymore?" Arwen asked sadly.
"Well that's not exactly what I meant......." Imani began.

"Ignore her. You guys are cool. And you're going to be a queen one day! That's pretty awesome," Imara said.
"I'll get to wear pretty dresses and have tea!" Arwen exclaimed.
"I think it'll be a bit more than that, but yea," Imara said smiling.

"You need to get it together and stop acting so weird," Imara said as she glared at Imani.
"I"m the weird one?"!"

"Have you considered drawing up an agreement for visitation for him?" Tabitha asked.
"It's not exactly a normal situation, Tab," Tessa said.
"I know, but you can't just continue to let him pop in whenever he wants!"
"I will handle it," Elvin said quietly.

"No, you won't," Tess said.
"Elvin, the last time a Vasan and a de Muse tried to "handle" something, an entire realm was almost completely destroyed. This isn't Vasadori! You can't start a war with him here. Think about Vanya and Arwen."
"Arwen? I don't care about her! Don't you see he's just using her to get to you? To take you away from me?"
"I don't want Gurth Vasan, Elvin! How many times can I say that?" Tessa yelled.
"But he wants you."

"Take her from you? You don't own my sister, Elvin. I don't see why she puts up with either of you. I would have ran away from both of you long ago," Tabitha said with a smile that didn't reach her eyes.
"Is that right? Have you left Terrance yet?" he asked.
"That isn't the same thing and you know it! Don't you DARE try to compare my family to this mess you've made of yours!" Tabitha said.

As she listened to her sister and husband verbally tear each other apart, Tessa thought back to what Elvin said. But he wants you. She knew that. She was still enough of her former self to acknowledge that Gurth Vasan was attracted to her. And she could be honest with herself and admit that she found him attractive as well. She didn't want to. Whenever they were around one another, there was this.......charge of something dark and exciting. But she would never act on it. She had enough problems without add that to the mix.......

"Tessa........I don't like you being here with him," Tabitha said.
"He's my husband," Tess said laughing.
"I don't care........he worries me. How do you know that his hate for Gurth won't outweigh his love for you?"
"What? You're more concerned about Elvin than Gurth? I think your radar is off on this one, Tab," Tessa said shaking her head.
"I think Gurth feels something for you. I don't think it's love, I don't know what it is, but he's upfront about it. But Elvin..........his silence.......he worries me. Just be careful. You know that you can always bring the girls and stay with me and Terrance. I'll even help you leave LaQuest if that's what you want to do," Tabitha said.
"You're being crazy! Elvin is not going to do anything to me. He loves me, Tab."
"Just watch yourself, Tess. I love you."
"I love you too."

As she soaked in her bath that night, she kept replaying Gurth's words over and over in her head: It won't go anywhere Tessa. You and I........we're connected now. And we will be forever. She really hoped he was wrong..............

* An update! Man I finally was able to go in my game last night and play this house! My laptop monitor is still screwy so I had to connect it to the tv in my bedroom to play. It's a bit inconvenient to have to do that but I plan to buy a nice monitor at the end of this month so it's only for a time.

* Tessa rolled the family reunion ROS this round and I decided to have Gurth come over too. He tried to do a romantic interaction with Tessa, which she rejected, but later the two of them were kissing o_O........hence, this storyline lol. This whole triangle just gets messier and messier each update, but it's right along with the history I have for them in Arwen's story. 

* Imani is a pretty level headed, realistic sim and I can see her freaking out about all of this supernatural stuff coming their way. Tessa and Tabitha seem to be magnets for it!

* I plan to make one of Vanya's abilities sensing the moods of others. I'll let it slowly progress as she gets older until she's actually able to manipulate the emotions. Since kids can't have witch powers, I'll have to create some stuff for her and Arwen until she's teens.   


  1. Oh man, this whole situation just gets messier and messier. You can tell Tessa knows there's something there with her and Gurth and it won't be long before Elvin figures it out too, if he hasn't already.

    I'm sort of with Tabitha on this one. I don't know what Elvin will do and it's a bit of a worry.

    1. Tessa knows but she wishes she didn't, poor thing. I imagine it would be hard to remain loyal to a husband you don't remember falling in love with. These feelings with Gurth are new for her, their history really only began after he wiped her memory. Elvin is definitely a ticking time bomb at this point I think, he's never really accessed his dark elf side so he's really unfamiliar with it.

  2. O good gracious, so much drama. I can see this exploding-literally-soon.

    1. Things are definitely headed down a dangerous path, that's for sure!

  3. Oh man! This is just drama, drama!! I really wish that Tessa had gone right along with rejecting, I really wish that she could have gotten tricked into being with Elvin, and just lived happily ever after! Ahhh... too late for those wishes now though! I wonder what will happen next!

    1. Tessa has never done things the easy way lol. There doesn't really seem to be a clear way out of this for her unfortunately. It will all come down to her though I think, on the decision she makes between these two elves......


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