Monday, August 27, 2012

On Their Own

Round 9 - March 2043 - Mini Update
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Gordon & Taesha Nott are 26, Lyria is 5

It didn't take Gordon and Taesha long to find the perfect house for them. The small three bedroom, one and a half bath home was perfect for them and what they hoped would be their growing family. And best of all, it was just the next street over from DeJuan and Donna. 

It wasn't quite as nicely decorated as Taesha wanted it to be, but they had a strict budget that they had to stick to. She knew that she would be able to add pieces here and there over time until she had it exactly the way she wanted it to be.

Gordon had let Taesha have free reign when it came to fixing the house up. He wanted her to be happy with their new home. He could care less about what color walls the kitchen had or the type of dining room table they chose. He was just glad to be in his own home with just the three of them.

He had considered turning the extra bedroom into a home office, but since they wanted to start trying for another baby soon, it didn't make sense to furnish an office that would just have to be later converted into a nursery. Instead, he claimed the small nook leading into the kitchen for his work space. He would do most of his work at his office at the hospital. 

Lyria's room in the new house was much bigger than the one she had with her grandparents. And it was upstairs! She couldn't wait to invite Kiara Ellison over to see her new room!

Taesha and Gordon were also happy with their increase in room size. It was very different being in a master bedroom as opposed to the small one they previously shared. And they had more privacy here as well!

Gordon could see there being a problem with having only one bathroom once Lyria became a teenager. While he hoped his daughter would be like her mother and be far more interested in video games and books than primping in the mirror, he knew that there was a chance she would be a typical teenage girl. He sincerely hoped that was not the case..........

Lyria was also excited about how big their backyard was. Her dad had even added a slide! She knew that they would be very happy in their new house and she hoped that the next thing her parents bought was a new baby brother or sister for her to play with!

* Just a quick glimpse at the Nott's new house for a smoother transition. We won't see them again until next round.

* The house is the perfect size for them and I couldn't see them moving too far away from DeJuan and Donna. I'm excited to play them as their own little family unit. Here's hoping for a new little Nott to add to the clan next round :)


  1. So cute! And it looks like there is room for an addition if they need it.

  2. Adorable!! I LOVE that slanted bookshelf! Sounds like it is in the perfect location too, being close to DeJuan and Donna. Can't wait to see this family living there.

    1. I love that bookshelf! I can't remember where I got it, but I love using it in rooms. While they wanted freedom, I can see Taesha and Gordon missing being at home with the Fosters. The close proximity will allow them to visit whenever they want :)

  3. I'm so glad they're in their own home now. Lyria's room is amazing. It's not so little kid-like that it will have to be completely redone when she becomes a teen either. I'm sure Taesha will soon have the whole house to her liking!

    1. I didn't want to have to do too much to Lyria's room once she becomes a teen. This way I'll only need to add a piece here or there :).

  4. Lydia's bedroom rocks! It's so cute and hip. Also, love the slide. It will be nice to see what else the family does to it.

  5. Such a nice house, and like already said in the update: perfect for them! Enough space, and even room to add to their family, which I hope they'll doo soon :)


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