Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wait for Love

Round 9 - March 2043
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I was hoping there could one day be, be a chance for me to
Get the love, that I been missing
Sometimes love, takes a long time
But wait for love, and you're gonna get your
Chance to love,
Wait for love, wait for love
Luther Vandross

For the first time in a long time, Mindi was on her own. She had been unsure of leaving the apartment with Tippy and Casey, but she knew that the two of them needed their space to begin their lives together. Her one bedroom apartment was a lot smaller than the one she shared with Tippy, but it was all hers.............

She hadn't seen neither Tippy nor Kayla since the opening of the art gallery because they had all been busy. Mindi recently took out a loan and opened her own shop, Surf's Up. What better thing to sell at a place completely surrounded by water than surf boards? It would be quite a while before she paid off her loan, but that was okay. Working at the shop took up enough time that she couldn't sit down and think about what a jerk Marcus turned out to be. Turned out his whole "wanting to start a family" talk was just that, talk. Mindi caught him on a date with some other woman and ended things. She was just destined to remain single.........

Despite staying busy, Mindi still ran into her friends from time to time.
"How's it going traitor?" Tippy asked.
"When are you going to get over this?" Mindi asked laughing.
"Maybe never. This gorgeous young man started staring at you from the time he came in and I knew you would hate to miss an opportunity to meet him, so I took it upon myself to bring him over to meet you," Tippy said laughing.
"Tippy! I'm so sorry," she said turning to the guy.

"It's okay. She's quite convincing, your friend. I'm Carter Jones," he said.
"Mindi Mason. Pushy is more like it," she said glaring at Tippy.
"Well I guess my work here is done. Call me with all the details later, chick," Tippy said walking off.
"I really am sorry. Tippy is........well Tippy," Mindi said with a shy smile.

"It's okay, really. I actually was staring at you. You are a very beautiful woman."
"Oh......well thank you. You're not so bad yourself."
"I know this is a little forward but I was wondering if maybe I could get your number and we could hang out sometimes," Carter said.
"That would be nice. Maybe we could get something to eat or something," she said.
"Definitely. Talk to you later," he said as he walked off smiling.

Surf's Up was located right on the beach and was perfect for people to try out their brand new boards. She eventually wanted to add an area for people to hang out and maybe sponsor surf competitions. This would all have to be in the distant future as she was still ironing out details and trying to get in the groove of owning her own business.

Surprisingly, there weren't that many places in LaQuest Beach that catered towards surfers. It left a wide open market that Mindi intended to corner. She still did a little video editing on the side here and there, but she spent the majority of her time at the shop.

She was very surprised at the different types of people that came in looking for swimsuits and boards. Her cashier was as well! Guess you were never too old to enjoy lying out on the beach or catching a wave........

At 28, it's not where Mindi thought she would be. She had always envisioned a fairytale wedding, lots of kids, PTA meetings, soccer meets, etc. She still wanted those things, but she wasn't as sad as she used to be about not having them yet.........

Because after all, she was only 28, she had lots of time left to do those things, become that person. Right now she was having fun, and that was a pretty sweet life too.......

She'd always heard that good things came to those who waited, and she was finally in a place where the waiting didn't seem so bad. Whatever happened, however her life turned out, she'd enjoy the ride along the way......

* Sorry for the dramatics of my last post, I'm in a better place and not so frazzled now. Still don't know what's going on with my health, but I'm not pulling my hair out about it.......at least not at this moment :). 

* Since the other girls had their hands in a business, I thought why not give Mindi one? I had been wanting to build a surf shop since I downloaded that surfing mod so this seemed like the perfect time to do so. 

* I don't know if you remember Marcus, but he was at Tippy's wedding. I didn't realize that he was a romance sim o_O. I just didn't want to put poor Mindi through that so when I saw that she had two bolts with Carter here, I thought that would be a little better fit for her. He's a fortune sim. Will she end up marrying him and having lots of babies? Time will tell. It would be nice if the poor girl caught a break in the guy department though.

* Mindi still has her job in the slacker career, she barely has work hours so I didn't see a point in making her quit. She can use all the money she can get to pay down her loan!


  1. Everyone needs a friend like Tippy to get them moving when they might be a bit slowful :)

    1. Tippy is definitely a hurricane of a friend lol. You just kind of have to take cover and hope for the best :)

  2. Aw, it seems like getting rid of Marcus was for the best, if he's the kind of likes to spread himself around! And this Carter guy is very cute! He reminds me a bit of Kyle from Crystal Creek, so I'm actually surprised Starr didn't comment on him, lol. Anyway, I hope things go well for them. He seems promising.

    Yay for Mindi for getting in there and starting a business though! Sounds like a wise decision to cater to a market everyone else has been ignoring!

    No need to apologise for your "dramatics" but I'm glad you're feeling a bit more positive about it now!

    1. I hope this works out with Carter too, Mindi deserves a little bit of happiness I think :). Surf's Up is literally the only place in my hood with boards so she should do quite well lol. I downloaded Carter from simsurbania I think so if Kyle is also a downloaded sim, it might be the same person lol

  3. Im glad things with Marcus ended before years had been invested in the relationship. Carter seems like there's a good chance of some love! Maybe he's the one. Gotta love Tippy! And I really like the surf shop what a great thing for mindi to focus on instead of dwelling on the family she wants.

    I'm hoping you get some health answers and no apologies missy! Unknowns with health can be scary, we get that.


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