Monday, June 25, 2012

Back at one

Round 9 - January 2043
DeJuan Foster is 55, Donna is 58, Gordon and Taesha Nott are 26, Lyria is 5 (Kinsley Knowles is 36, Ryan is 10, Ricki is 9, Brian Johnson and Joanna King are 28)

Say farewell to the dark of night, I see the coming of the sun
I feel like a little child, whose life has just begun
You came and breathed new life into this lonely heart of mine
You threw out the lifeline, just in the nick of time
Brian McKnight 

"I think you should do the honors," Gordon said nervously.
"No, no honey, this was your idea. You tell them," Taesha said.
"Somebody better tell me something NOW," DeJuan said.
"Well.......we got married today," Taesha said quietly. 

DeJuan took a deep breathe before speaking.
"What the hell do you mean you got married today?" he said.
"We went down the courthouse and got married. Please don't be mad, Dad," Taesha pleaded.
"DON'T BE MAD?!" he yelled.
"Honey, calm down," Donna said.

"Don't tell me to calm down! How could you do this, Tae? I accepted the boy a long time ago, why would you feel like you needed to sneak out and marry him? Why would you take the honor of walking you down the aisle away from me?" he asked.
"Dad, we didn't do this to hurt you. It's just that we were talking and......"
"Didn't do it to hurt me? You're my only daughter! You live under my roof and you ran off and got married like some teenager! How else could I feel other than hurt?" he yelled.

"YOUR roof? This is exactly the problem, Dad! I'm 26 years old, I have a child. Gordon and I decided it's just time for us to get our own place, be our own family. He's going to put off getting his doctorate so that we can save up to get a house. It's too crowded here! And we want another baby. This isn't about you, Dad, can't you see that? We knew that you and Donna would want to throw this huge party and we just wanted to be married. Just wanna use wedding money to get a home of our own. I love you Daddy, you know that! But I'm an adult now, with a family. Can't you understand that?" Taesha asked.

"Of course we can understand that, can't we DeJuan?" Donna asked.
"Ignore him. We're very happy for you. We would have just like to have been apart of it," Donna said.
"I know. It was just kind of a spur of the moment thing. And we can always do a ceremony later," Taesha said.
"Of course. Do you know where you would like to live?" 

"We like living here in Talum Heights so a nice 3 bedroom here would be nice. We might as well get an extra room since we want to have another baby," Gordon said.
"Oh how wonderful! A new grandbaby, AND you'll be close enough for frequent visits. I can't say that I'm happy that you two didn't involve us, but it's your lives and I get that," Donna said.

"Well I don't! It's easy for you to be okay with this, your daughter had a wedding that you were able to attend! And you can bet if Brian decides to marry Joanna, they'll have a wedding!" DeJuan said.
"Why is everyone so okay with this?!" DeJuan exclaimed.

"Because what's done is done! They can't get unmarried, now can they? You already accepted Gordon as your daughter's boyfriend and the father of her child. I would think it would be a simple transition to husband! We're not dwelling on this! So just get over it, DeJuan!" Donna said. Gordon was still amazed at how well Mrs. Foster handled DeJuan. Honestly, he still scared the hell out of him!

"Ignore your father, dear. You know he'll come around. A married woman.........I remember when you were just a tiny thing! You're my daughter in every sense of the word and I am so proud of you," Donna said with tears in her eyes.
"Oh don't! You'll make me start crying," Taesha said.

"You may not have let us throw you a wedding, but we are having everyone over for dinner to celebrate this wonderful news," Donna said.
"Ok.......but just a quiet family dinner, ok? We don't want to make a lot of fuss about this. Gordon and I have practically been married since we met, it's just legal now," Taesha said with a smile.

Lyria was so glad that now her mommy and daddy were married! And they were gonna get a new house! She would miss Grandma and Pop Pop, but it would would be neat to have their own house. Then maybe they would buy her a new brother or sister!

"Still angry at me?" DeJuan asked Donna the following morning.
"Still being a stubborn jackass?"
"No," he said with a laugh.
"Then no, Mr. Foster, I am not still mad at you," she said with a smile.

Lyria liked when her cousins came over to play. Uncle Kevin had to work at the hospital, but Aunt Kinsley and Ryan and Ricki came over. She liked playing with Ryan more than Ricki because all Ricki liked to do was dance and play with dolls all the time......

Donna understood that her child were busy with their own lives, but she was SO happy when they could all get together. She never could have imagined how successful they would be, even though she always knew they were destined for great things.......

"Congrats!" Joanna said.
"Thank you! I think a congratulations is in order for you as well! Do you know what you're having yet?" Taesha asked.
"No, we want to be surprised. I think Brian wants a boy though. God help us if it's a girl," she said with a laugh.
"Yes, Brian is STILL overprotective when it comes to me. He's probably about to give poor Gordon a heart attack," Taesha said with a laugh.

"At this point, I'm just kind of ready to get my body back," Joanna said.
"I remember those days," Taesha said fondly.
"Are you guys planning to give Lyria a sibling?"
"Yea, I think we're about ready to start trying to do that. We want to get a house and get settle first though," Taesha said.
"Does it feel any different? I mean I know it's only been a day, but does having the ring make any difference?" Joanna asked.
"No, Gordon and I have been committed to each other for a long time now. Why, you thinking of marrying my brother?" Taesha asked with a smile.
"Oh, I don't know. It's really not up to me........I'd obviously say yes if he asked me," Joanna said laughing.
"Well I don't remember seeing him this happy with anyone before, so I would say you may not have very long to wait," she said with a smile.

"I still can't believe you're going to be a dad. You're still a kid yourself!" Kinsley said.
"I'm 28, Kinsley. That's hardly a kid."
"Age is just a number, it doesn't speak to maturity," she said laughing.
"Did you come here to help Gordon and Taesha celebrate, or just to bust my balls all night?" Brian asked.
"Who says I can't do both, little brother?"

"You two are being a bit anti-social aren't you?" Donna asked.
"Just playing a game of catch with my granddaughter," DeJuan said smiling.
"Well it's getting nippy out here so wrap it up before you both catch colds," Donna said as she turned to leave.
"Yes, Mother," DeJuan called playfully after her.

"You've got a brass set, Nott, running off and marrying my sister without telling anyone," Brian said.
" Not you too!"
"Hey, if DeJuan hasn't killed you, you're safe from me. But I would make sure you buy my mom an AWESOME Christmas gift this year. She's the only reason he hasn't pummeled you to death," Brian said laughing.
"Well thank goodness for Donna Foster," Gordon said laughing as well.
"Just make sure you take care of her. My offer to break your legs still stands."
"I would be disappointed if it didn't........"

"So how is my niece or nephew doing?" Kinsley asked.
"The baby is fine, I'm the one constantly uncomfortable," Joanna said laughing.
"Oh honey, it only gets worse. But then you hold that baby in your arms, and it all doesn't seem so bad anymore........"
"You sound like you wouldn't mind going through it again," Joanna said.
"I wouldn't..........."

"After the first one and the initial fears and anxiety wears off, it's smooth sailing from there. Well as smooth as it can be, being pregnant still sucks," Kinsley said laughing.
"Well I've got to get past this one first. I'm not even sure if Brian would want anymore kids."
"My brother is nuts about you. This won't be your last kid, I'm positive about that," Kinsley said with a smile.

"So how come you guys are just getting married? I always thought you were already married like my mom and dad," Ryan said.
"Well.........we decided to wait a little while first."
"Didn't you like Gordon before now? Or you had to wait to make sure you REALLY liked him?" Ryan asked. How was she suppose to explain this to a ten year old?
"Oh I liked him just fine. But sometimes adults just like to wait a little while before they do some things."
"Whatever. My Mom said it's about time you guys got married. She didn't know what you were waiting on either," Ryan said getting up. 
"Did she now........."

"Oh my goodness, look how big you've gotten!" Donna said.
"Hi Grandma! Dad says I'm almost as tall as him!"
"He's right! And so handsome! Been staying out of trouble?" she asked.
"Yep! Dad won't buy me video games if I'm getting into trouble!"
"Oh, Ryan, you should be good because that's what you should do."
"I do.....but it's still nice to get stuff!"

"We did pretty good, huh?" DeJuan asked.
"Yea, we did. I know you're disappointed about Taesha and the wedding. But she's an adult now, baby. And she seems quite happy with her decision."
"I's hard to let go. She's my baby she's someone's wife," DeJuan said sadly.
"I know......but she'll always be your baby girl. And when they leave, it'll just be you and me. Imagine how fun that can be," Donna said with a smile.
"Mrs. Foster, you always know exactly what to say," he said. And he meant it. He couldn't even remember life before her. And there wouldn't be a life without her........

* Ok, so for those of you who don't follow me on Twitter, when I went in to play this house, Gordon had on a wedding ring! Because of that, he couldn't propose to Taesha like I planned. After much freaking out and pleas for help through Twitter, Carla helped me find Cyjon's hack that allowed me to find out who he was supposedly married was Casey Addler! Gordon and Taesha went to Tippy and Casey's wedding and I'm assuming that it happened there. Anyway, by the time I figured all this out and removed the flags, I had already gone in and used the sim blender to get Gordon and Taesha engaged and married and had played through their update. I just was NOT going to play through all that again, so that's where this story came from. I plan to do a nice ceremony for them later though.

* I have a cute little house in mind for the Notts, they'll end up taking out a loan, but I think they'll move next round. Or I may make it a mini-update this round.

* I think it's so cute how everyone loves Joanna. The whole family has really taken to her and she has yet to have a bad conversation with anyone :). I think she and Brian are going to be great parents. I'm planning to shoot a new album cover for the guys too so that should be posted soon. I still haven't decided if I'm going to send them out on the road again this round or not. If I do, it won't be until Joanna has her baby.

* I cannot believe that Donna will be an elder next round! She'll be my first character to become an elder since I started my hood! Time flies man.........


  1. Lol, married already! Wow, bet Tippy wasn't pleased with that news. I hope they do a ceremony so he can walk his baby girl down the aisle, that's so important for daddies.

    1. It was such a weird glitch to occur! I do plan to do a ceremony for them, maybe at the 5 year mark......

  2. I'm so glad these two got married - both for the story and that you were finally able to solve the problem, lol! I wouldn't even try to see logic in how these things happen, by the way! One of the times I ran the relationship check, I discovered Linnea was engaged to someone she'd never actually met (and it was a one-sided engagement, which was kind of funny). I think the game just does it on its own, unprompted by anything!

    I can see why DeJuan would be angry, as I think I'd be disappointed too if I was in his position. I'm glad he calmed down about it by the end. Really, Gordon and Taesha have been married for a while, in all senses but the legal one. This just cements things and like she says, they can always have a ceremony later. Maybe for a landmark anniversary, they can have a vow renewal.

    It was so nice to see the whole family together this update. So many changes coming up, with Gordon and Taesha moving out and Brian and Joanna having a baby!

    1. This one was one-sided too, only Gordon's box was checked in SimPE. Gordon and Taesha really have been totally committed to one another. I think a vow renewal at the 5 year mark would be nice and then DeJuan can walk her down the aisle. I always love getting families together :). There are some big changes coming, but I think they are all for the better.

  3. PS, I recommended Mellow Metal to another simmer as a possible musical act for one of their festivals.

    1. Oh ok that's cool! I need to get on top of doing their new album cover :)


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