Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dangerously in Love

Round 9 - November 2042
 Casey & Tippy Addler are 28 (Mindi Mason is 28)

I am in love with you, you set me free
I can't do this thing called life without you here with me
Cuz I'm dangerously in love with you
I'll never leave
Just keep lovin me, the way you're lovin, lovin me

Mindi Mason, presently and hereafter referred to as the traitor, had signed a lease on a one bedroom apartment downtown and had moved out. Tippy Addler was NOT happy about this at all........

"No Casey! I can't believe she just left like that! So what, we got married? She didn't need to move. It's not like we're having a baby or anything!" Tippy said.
"Not yet......" Casey said quietly.
"Exactly! She didn't have to move....."
"Tippy, you know just like I do that Mindi wants to be married more than anything else in the world. Did you really think she would hang around and watch us have what she can't? It would have killed her and you know it. She just moved downtown, for goodness sake! You can see her anytime you like!" Casey said exasperated. 
"Whatever......let's get down to the gym......."

Tippin' the Scales was doing really well so far. Tippy had a few regulars now for her yoga classes. She still did a little modeling on the side to help pay down the loan they took to open up the place.

She pushed the women in her yoga classes because she knew how beneficial they were. She was positive that Casey enjoyed how flexible she was as well as how centered she could be after yoga classes. She was bringing peace to the women of LaQuest Beach one class at a time!

Casey also had a lot more personal training clients as well. He wasn't really sure about their ability to open a gym when Tippy first brought it to him. But he should have know she would approach it with the same zest that she does everything in her life.......

The Mayor's wife Alana even stopped in from time to time to take a run on the treadmill. It was obvious that she had put on a few pounds, but Casey figured that was a hazard of owning a successful restaurant! Mrs. Brown always seemed a bit sad when she came in........

He had to constantly tell Tippy not to meddle.......the Browns were a very private family and Casey didn't think Mayor Brown would be happy with his wife telling their business..........

It would still be some years before they owned the gym free and clear, but Casey was confident that they would be able to do it. Now if he could just get Tippy to calm down about Mindi's departure.......

They headed down to Teaki's for a drink after closing up the gym.
"I know you miss her, Tippy. But she has to live her own life," Casey said.
"I know that! She couldn't do that and stay with us?"
Sometimes talking to Tippy was like talking to a brick wall. It was time for him to switch tactics.....
"So I know we decided that we couldn't afford a honeymoon out of the country like we wanted. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't have a mini honeymoon here," Casey said.
"In LaQuest Beach? What can we see here that we haven't already seen?" Tippy asked with a laugh.
"Nothing.......that's why I think we should go to New Barrington......."

"New Barrington?! Oh Casey, I've always wanted to go there! Are you sure we can afford it?" Tippy asked.
"Well it will only be for the weekend unfortunately. But we can get a lot done in those three days......."
"We're really going to do this?" she asked.
"I'd do anything for you baby, you know that," Casey said with a smile.

"I love you so much Casey Addler. It's things like this that remind me why I married you......"
"And I'm so glad you did, Mrs. Addler............"

Friday rolled around and the love birds were hopping into a taxi to head to the airport. New Barrington was a short flight away and Tippy couldn't wait to get there!

Casey arranged for them to have a late check in at the hotel, so they headed to Barrington Square and ended up hanging out at the roller rink. Casey didn't understand why people liked doing this........

"How can you have all that muscle and be so uncoordinated?" Tippy asked with a laugh.
"You can bite me! Do you know how long it's been since I went skating? I mean it had to be like when I was 8 or 9........"

"Don't get huffy with let me help you," Tippy said.
"You know if you wanted to hold my hands, all you had to do was ask," Casey said with a smile.
"Whatever gets you to sleep tonight," Tippy said laughing.

It wasn't long before Tippy wasn't so steady herself and it was at that point that she had had enough! It was definitely time to move on to a new activity!

They decided to catch a movie......
"Funny how you were ready to stop skating once it was your ass that was constantly hitting the floor," Casey said with a laugh.
"Bite me, Addler!"

They visited a museum after the movie. The art was okay, but Tippy preferred Kayla's paintings over anything she saw there..........

And later they decided to dine at the X-Bar. It was one of the most talked about places in New Barrington. There was a local one in LaQuest Beach, but it wasn't as nice as the one here.

"So I've been thinking about kids lately........" Casey began.
"Kids, huh? I don't know Casey, we're so busy at the gym and we're trying to pay off the loan and......"
"I know all that Tippy. I know that now isn't the right time. But I just want you to know that I want that.......them.......with you. A little person made up of some of me and some of you," he said with a smile.
"I want that too.........."

Casey made them reservations at the New Barrington Estoria Hotel. It was by far the nicest hotel in the city. He felt bad that he couldn't take Tippy on the honeymoon he thought that she deserved, so he could at least make this one as special as he could.......

It would set them back a little, this mini-honeymoon. But Casey didn't really care about that. The smile on his wife's face made it all worth it.

"A baby huh? Do you think I would be a good mother?" Tippy asked.
"Of course! You're wild and crazy now, but I have no doubt that you would be an awesome mother to our kids. And I think I would be a pretty okay dad," he said smiling.
"Well........since we can't start on them right now.......what say we practice a little bit?"
"What kind of honeymoon would it be if we didn't do that, Mrs. Addler?"

She was insane some days, moody for no reason, sarcastic when she shouldn't be. But his life would be dull and gray without her. He had no doubt that their kids would inherit their mom's craziness, but he didn't mind. Guess that made him crazy too......crazy about her..........

* These two are my new favorite couple! And their gym is so much fun to play :). They really do have quite a large loan to pay off. Unfortunately, Tippy is a neat sim and is therefore on birth control. So unless its an oops baby, it will have to be a conscious decision on their part to have kids. And I don't see them doing that right at this moment.

* Mindi is now in her own apartment and she will get her first official update this round :).

* That was a look at my new downtown area that will act as a New York type place that can be reached by plane from LaQuest Beach. Eventually I'll have one or two sims going to uni there and even living there. It's all set up and ready to go for the most part. 


  1. The new subhiid looks great! I love the x bar as well, did you recolor those objects? Can't wait to see more of this couple.

    1. No I didn't recolor them, they came along with the lot. I downloaded it from

  2. LOL, I still love the name of Tippy's gym! Awesome.

    I somehow think Tippy will get over Mindi moving out. ;) She can build a life with Casey now. Having a third wheel around all the time would have got old of all of them! And it's not like Mindi has left the country.

    I'm glad Tippy and Casey got to have a little honeymoon. I can see them waiting a few years to have children and enjoying their time as a couple first. I can't wait to see them as parents though, especially Tippy! She is really something else!

    Finally, love the look at New Barrington! I always wanted to have a city vacation destination (I know yours is a downtown but you're using it as a vacation destination). Your Sims are going to love having that place to visit.

    1. I love the gym name too, so glad for that tiny moment of inspiration lol. Tippy will be fine, she's so use to everyone catering to her. And I can see her as someone who doesn't like too much major change in her life so Mindi's moving out was a double whammy for her. As bad as I wanted to try to knock her up, I really can see Tippy and Casey waiting a bit before jumping into parenthood. Tippy will definitely be an interesting mother lol. I'm glad you like New Barrington, it was a headache and quite fun to build! The city does give my sims more options when needing to get away for a little while. And I made it a downtown in case I decide to move anyone outside of LaQuest Beach. I can move them without them being in a totally separate hood. I can see Christa temporarily moving there for a few years after graduation. Or Gavin getting stationed there for a while.


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