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Schoolyard Antics

Round 9 - October 2042 - LBE
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Taesha couldn't believe how many students were now enrolled at LBE! They were definitely in need of more space and a new teacher or two!

She had four new students in her class this year. She had spoken with Ms. Ellison about funding to expand the school. She needed much more space in her classroom as well as more things for the smaller kids to do.

The Carr twins were definitely going to be some of Taesha's more interesting students! Layla and Lauren were very talkative and active little girls. It would be a challenge to redirect all of their energy to their studies!

Lorelai had been concerned about Arwen starting school this year. She didn't really know how things were really going in the de Muse household or how those things were affecting Arwen. She was already quite powerful and Lorelai was worried that she also inherited her father's temperament..............

So far though her fears have been unfounded. It seems that Arwen has found a friend in Jordyn Pace. While Lorelai can feel the energy surrounding her, Arwen seems to be completely in control of herself. As much as she hated to admit it, it seemed that Gurth was doing a good job with helping her manage her powers. She really wished that she had been able to talk Tessa into home schooling Arwen. Tessa wanted her daughter to have as much of a normal childhood as possible. While Lorelai could understand that, she also felt that Tessa was a bit in denial. Lorelai wanted Kiara and AJ to have a normal life as well, but then neither of them were destined to be royalty. The next few years would definitely be quite interesting indeed......

Ethan White didn't like Vanya's sister with the red eyes. She scared him, which was silly since he was older and bigger than was her eyes.........they looked.......well, wrong. People didn't have red eyes, did they? He had to remember to ask his dad when he got home........

Vanya was happy that her sister was at school with her now. Though her daddy promised to be nicer to Arwen, he still didn't treat her very nicely. She didn't get it, Mr. Gurth wasn't her daddy but he was never mean to why couldn't her daddy be nice to Arwen?

Gabriella Newson and Javion Carr would head to the high school next year and they both were excited. Georgia and Garrett were in the same class with Gabriella now and she didn't like it. She loved her brother and sister, but school was the only time she got away from them........she couldn't wait to start high school!

Lily also had her hands full with her class. The kids were usually pretty fidgety around Thanksgiving time and it was hard to get them to concentrate......

Ricki Knowles was an especially fidgety child! The only thing she seemed to have any patience for was her ballet dancing. She was very smart, just very easily distracted. Ricki just thought that Ms. Phillippine didn't know how to have any fun.....poor Ryder and Raine!

The Brown twins had been having regular counseling sessions with their family and Lily could definitely see a change in Hayden. He is much nicer to the other children, especially Connor......

This has in turn caused a positive change in Connor as well. He seems to be much more at ease among the other students. Lily is happy to see that he and his brother Alex are as close as they are. She thinks it must be hard for Alex, having a brother that is so different. But it doesn't seem to bother him......................

Javion doesn't mind his sisters being at his school as much as Gabriella does, but he's still excited about going off to high school with his brother Kayden. He just hopes he doesn't get as goofy as Kayden has gotten.......

His mom kept telling him that one day he would understand, but he didn't think so. Girls were okay, but he didn't understand why Kayden was all gaga over one.........

He'd miss being here with all of his friends, but he knew he would make new ones in high school. Plus, Gabriella would be right there with him so he knew it wouldn't be too bad.

* So I'm in the process of building a new high school and elementary school. I love the ones I downloaded, but they aren't quite big enough for all of these students. So I've decided to build ones from scratch to suit my needs. I've really gotten into the building aspect of the game (something I thought would never happen) so I think I'll be done with them before the end of the round. EDIT: Since writing this update I've finished both schools! Lot tours will be posted on the random blog :)

* Jordyn and Arwen got along so well! I can see them being really good friends which could be interesting. Imagine Derrick's response to finding out his daughter is friends with a half elf lol.

* I will be showing one of the counseling sessions that Gordon is doing with the Browns during their update.

* Gabriella and Javion will be in the last high school update this round as they both turn 12 in August so we'll get to see how they adjust to being in high school. 


  1. Goody gumdrops, can't wait to see the new school!

    1. I did a lot tour on my random blog showing the new school :)

  2. Wow, you had just as many kids as I did in my last primary update! It's definitely a task to deal with them all! I thought this update was going to be in the new school, actually. I can see why you need one, with such a big enrolment!

    That first picture of Arwen kind of scared me a little and I thought maybe she had inherited her dad's temperament! It's nice to see she's mostly just a normal little girl at the moment though. We'll see how long that can last.

    When I saw Javion, I thought "isn't he already in high school?" before realising it wasn't Kayden! They look so much alike! I can't wait to see what happens with Javion as he gets older.

    1. Playing this update made me realize how desperately I needed another school lol. I didn't realize how much of an impact adding the 4 new students would be! Arwen is still quite young, she can still go either way I think. I think her home life with Elvin will determine how she ends up. The Carr children look A LOT alike! Kayden and Javion look different when standing next to each other, but there is no doubt that they are brothers!


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