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Round 8 - December 2041
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Kevin and Kinsley Knowles are 35, Ryan is 9, Ricki is 8 (Brian Johnson, Kenny Coners, and Joanna King are 27, Donna Foster is 57, DeJuan is 54, Lyria Nott is 4, Gordon is 25)

This one's for you and me, living out our dreams
We're all right where we should be
With my arms out wide, I open my eyes
And now all I want to see, is a sky full of lighters
A sky full of lighters
Bad Meets Evil ft. Bruno Mars

Business was really booming for Kinsley, which was great as Christmas was the next day and she and Kevin still had a few presents to get for the kids!

Kevin's little sister Kali was very interested in fashion and Kinsley had hired her on as a cashier. She was a quick learner and had quite an eye for fashion. Though Kinsley had assured him that things were going fine, Tanner still came down from time to time to check on Kali. Which Kali hated!

"She's doing fine, you really don't need to check on her so much," Kinsley said.
"Who said I was checking on her? I came down to buy my wife a nice dress for Christmas," Tanner said.
"Sure, sure.........what did you have in mind?" Kinsley asked with a smile.
"Oh I don't know. You know how Keisha can be. How about you pick it out," he said.
"So you can blame me when she doesn't like it? Not a chance!"

Escape really was doing very well. Kinsley would soon be able to pay off the loan she used to open her shop. And she couldn't wait! That would be how she measured her success, no longer being in debt!

"You have to stop doing this dad," Kali said.
"Doing what dear?"
"Checking up on me!"
"I'm not! I came to buy your mother something nice for Christmas," Tanner said.
"Please, you know mom hates it when you buy her clothes! She doesn't like your taste," Kali said laughing.
"That isn't it?"
"Of course not get out of here so I can work!"

It seemed that Tanner wasn't the only guy out shopping for his wife.......
"I want something awesome for Kayla. I don't know, maybe some nice jewelry?" Kenny asked.
"Necklace, earrings, ring?"
"I don't know, something huge. Our album did really well and she's been so great through all of this and I just want to get her something great to show her I appreciate it all," he said.
"I think we can find something pretty awesome for her," Kinsley said laughing.

"You know my brother is bring Joanna over to our house for dinner tonight," she said.
"He's really crazy about that girl. Shocking, isn't it?" Kenny asked laughing.
"Yea it is! I never thought I'd see the day."
"Hey the guy had to grow up sometime."
" think Slade will ever get there?" she asked.
"Slade is taking good care of Joss.......I think that's really all we can expect from him without being disappointed," Kenny said laughing.

It was true, Brian had never brought a girl around his family before. But Joanna was just.....different. He didn't know quite what it was.....but she touched him on a level that no one else had.....and that included Mindi. He wasn't ready to go racing down the aisle, but he could definitely see himself staying with her for the long haul.

And his whole family seemed to like her just as much as he did. Ricki loved anyone who would sit and listen to her stories. And Joanna gave her just enough enthusiasm to make her feel free to talk nonstop!

And Kinsley loved anyone who loved fashion as much as she did. They even talked about doing a feature on Escape. Joanna was now the official editor in chief for the newly created LB Times.

"Are you sure you don't need any help?" Joanna asked.
"No, you're a guest! Besides, if my mom didn't volunteer, you should feel obligated to ask either," Kinsley said laughing.
"Oh it's no problem, I love to cook."

"Ah, now it makes sense."
"What makes sense?" Joanna asked.
"Why my brother is so crazy about you. You're gorgeous AND you can cook," Kinsley said laughing.
"He does have a huge appetite doesn't he?"
"Oh you have no idea how much that boy can eat!'
"I don't mind, he's adorable," Joanna said.
"Oh honey, you got it bad don't ya? My brother's a good guy. A little immature sometimes, but he's a good guy. You guys seem good together."
"Thanks, I think so too. I'm just glad you guys seem okay with me. I didn't know what to expect from his family, with him being in a band and all," Joanna said.
"We're harmless. Just an average family. I have a feeling you'll be around for a while, you'll see."
"I hope so," Joanna said with a smile.

Donna was too busy watching DeJuan and Ryan play video games in his room to help with dinner. Her mom was such a kid sometimes! Her and DeJuan were perfect for each other! Ricki was giving Lyria advice on making it through Pre-K. She felt so grown up, helping her younger cousin out.........

Kinsley and Kevin asked Gordon what everyone, friends and family alike, had been asking him since Lyria began school: when would they have another child?
"I think we should probably concentrate on getting out of your parents' house first," Gordon said laughing.
"Please, my mother and DeJuan would be over the moon with another kid around!" Kinsley said.
"True, but it would be really cramped there. Besides, I want Taesha sharing mine and Lyria's last name before we add anymore kids in the mix," Gordon said.
"Do I hear wedding bells?" Kinsley asked excitedly.
"Oh man, you don't know what a dam you've opened up now," Kevin said laughing.
"Don't get too excited Kinsley.........I'm just telling you what will need to happen before we have another baby.......who knows when it will be," Gordon said cryptically. 

"Your family is really nice," Joanna said.
"They're okay.......they love you though," he said.
"I'm glad. It woulda been pretty bad if they hated me," she said with a laugh.
"Nah, that wouldn't happen. Who could hate you?"
You're such a flirt, Brian Johnson."
"And you're so easy to flirt with, Joanna King."

It wasn't long before everyone slowly began leaving and Ricki and Ryan hurriedly ran off to bed, anxious for what Christmas morning would bring............

"It's Christmas! It's Christmas! Everybody get up! Santa came!" Ryan yelled the next morning.

Little did he know, Ricki had already beat him to the tree and was opening her presents without him!
"No fair, Ricki. We pinky swore that we would wake each other up!" Ryan said angrily.
"I tried. You didn't move," Ricki said with a shrug.
"I'm telling Mom and Dad!"

And he fully intended to do that.......had Kevin not chosen that moment to come in with an extra gift for him.
"For me? Oh Dad, what is it?" he asked.
"You gotta open it to find out," Kevin said laughing.

All thoughts of tattling on his sister went out the window when Ryan discovered that his present was a new Nintendo DS! And it had the Mario game he asked for already loaded in it!

"Yay! Another present!" Ricki said excitedly.
"You know it wasn't nice to break a promise to your brother, right?" Kevin asked before handing over the gift.
"I know, but I tried to wake him Daddy, I promise!"
"Try harder next time. We don't break promises in this house. How would you feel if I walked away with your gift right now?"
"Daddy you can't! It's mine! It has my name on it!"
"You would feel bad huh?"
"I'm not going to take back my present. But I don't want you breaking anymore promises okay?" Kevin asked.
"Okay, Daddy."

"Oh you are such a liar. You couldn't take her gift away. She'd turn those blue eyes on you and you'd crumble," Kinsley said laughing.
"Hey, I gotta at least pretend to be tough! Besides, you couldn't do it either!"
"I'd do it before you!"
"Let's just agree that we are both push overs when it comes to our kids," Kevin said laughing.
"Agreed. Merry Christmas, honey," she said.
"Merry Christmas to you too."

* Kevin and Kinsley are still one of my favorite couples. It's hard to believe they are steadily approaching 40! I'm pretty sure Ricki and Ryan are going to be it for them. They've been trying for another, but no such luck :/

* Tanner really did show up all on his own. I thought it was adorable, him checking on her. Escape really is doing very well, I don't remember what level it's at though.......

* Everyone really does like Joanna. She hasn't had a bad conversation with anyone yet........Mindi and Tippy may feel differently, time will tell lol. And I'll actually do a few issues of LB Times here and there, so be on the lookout for day lol

* I really would love for Gordon and Taesha to have another kid, but they never I figure they're waiting until they are more established before having another. Lyria can play with her cousins in the mean time :)


  1. I was just about to say that I can't believe Kevin and Kinsley are so old now! LOL, definitely approaching middle age there.

    I'm so glad everybody liked Joanna. She's adorable and it seems like she's so good for Brian. I think that boy might be well and truly smitten! I'm really looking forward to seeing how their relationship progresses.

    About Gordon and Taesha - do you have try for baby turned off for unmarried couples? It's on by default, which I know because that's how Adrienne got pregnant by that random townie in college! They actually tried for a baby (as you do, with someone you just met!). My unmarried couples never try for a baby now, because I turned it off. I would love to see Gordon and Taesha get married and/or have another kid though!

  2. Aww, another baby for Gordon and Taesha would be great, but I would love to see a wedding first and I think DeJuan would as well. I loved him trying to be tough on Ricki. Goshers! I just realized that this is the same Kevin and Kinsley that met and dated in high school and she was from the "wrong side of town" and he was from the rich family. They're so old (in my best Sultan voice from Aladdin)

  3. Carla - I have try for a baby turned on for unmarried couples, but they haven't tried yet. And it's hard for me to believe that they're that old too! Time flies sometimes! I really like Joanna too, she's proven to be pretty good for Brian.

    Apple Valley - Yes, I'm sure DeJuan is a big part of the reason why Gordon wants to hold off on another baby lol. I know right? That was at the beginning of the blog, it's so hard to believe all that time has passed!

    Thanks for reading!

  4. Joanna is so cute. I'm glad everyone seemed to like her. Maybe she can get Brian to settle down.

    Loved the Christmas setting at the end. Kevin, Kinsley and their kids are too cute.


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