Friday, November 11, 2011

Get to Me

Round 8 - December 2041 - Mini Update

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Gavin Newson is 25, Gretchen is 33, Gallagher is 11, Gabriella is 9, Georgia and Garrett are 8, Ginger is 20, Matthew Picaso is 40, Jessica is 39, Hunter is 5

Well an airplane's faster than a Cadillac, 
and a whole lot smoother than a camel's back,
But I don't care how you get to me, just get to me
Parasail or first class mail,
Get on the back of a nightingale
Just get to me, just get to me

It was finally time to head home. Gavin wasn't sure this day would ever come. Since Payton's birth, the days seemed to creep by on his calendar. But soon he would be able to hold his baby girl in his arms..........

Matt wasn't accustomed to feelings of longing. He couldn't remember the last time he was this anxious to be back home. He couldn't wait to listen to the nonstop stories he was sure Hunter had for him, or watch little Miranda reach up to touch his face. Or hold Jessica in his arms again...........

And they were awaiting them at the gate. Neither man had seen a more beautiful sight than their families waiting impatiently for their return........

Gretchen wasted no time in handing off little Payton to Gallagher so she could do what she had been waiting to do for a year now: kiss her husband!

"That was some welcome!" Gavin said.
"You deserved it. Thanks for the flowers," she said.
"You deserved them. And so much more. I still can't believe you took care of my brothers and sisters for me all this time," Gavin said in awe.
"Why wouldn't I? They're my brothers and sisters too. And I think they're all anxious to see ya. Welcome home, baby."

"Gabriella! Look at you! You've gotten so big! What's it been? Ten, fifteen years?" Gavin asked.
"No, silly! You weren't gone that long! But you were gone a long time!" Gabby said.
"I know, sweetie."
"Promise to never go away again!" she cried.
"I can't do that. But I can promise it won't be for a long time, okay?"
"Ok........we missed you!"
"I missed you guys too......"

"Well here she is," Gallagher said.
"I........I don't even know what to say.........She's so beautiful," Gavin said with tears in his eyes.
"Yea.......I guess she gets that from Gretchen........welcome home bro," Gallagher said.

"Look at them. Gallagher, I can't thank you enough for helping Gretchen out with the kids. I knew I could count on you," Gavin said.
"Hey, you've always had my back, it was the least I could do. But I am glad you're back so I can give all this back to you," he said.
"Me too, buddy. Me too," Gavin said.

"Looking good soldier......." Jessica said with tears in her eyes.
" don't know how much I missed you," Matthew said.
"Is that right? Well right back atcha honey. Right back atcha......."

"I did really good daddy! I helped change Miranda's stinky diapers and helped mommy keep the house clean," Hunter said excitedly.
"I know, squirt. I'm proud of you, you know that?"
"I missed you daddy! Can we play catch when we get home?" Hunter asked.
"Anything you want, squirt. Anything you want."

"How about we head home, Mrs. Newson," Gavin asked.
"Lead the way, dear husband. Lead the way."

* So I JUST realized that Miranda Picaso should be 1 now! I totally forgot to age her up in October.......I had a pic of Matt holding her, but it seemed wrong since she should actually be a toddler.....I gotta keep track better lol

* I hope this gave closure to this. Everyone's back home where they should be :). And I am really in love with this airport, it's just a great backdrop!

* Also, please excuse that queue item in the pic with Gavin and Payton.....No idea how that happen as I take my screen caps in the options screen so that the queue stuff isn't up there, but apparently I took that one in live mode. I didn't realize it until it was already uploaded and in the post. So instead of delaying the post, I decided to just ignore that little mishap :) 


  1. I'm glad they are home. It's hard being married to a man in the military. Hey, did you build the airport yourself? I need one but I really don't want to built it. LOL

  2. Riverdale - I so did not build that lot lol I don't have the patience to build something that awesome! You can find it here:

    I only downloaded the arrival and departure buildings

  3. I'm so glad Matt and Gavin are finally home. It's been a long wait for everyone but it must have been hellish for Gavin, waiting to see his daughter for the first time. What a sweet homecoming!

    Is that StephSim's airport? I use that one in my game and it's amazing!

  4. Yay, so glad that they're home now!

  5. I love the shot of the guys walking to their waiting families, and seeing the families there waiting!

    I'm glad the uys are home again, they've been away long enough.
    I'm sure they they both are glad to see their families again!

  6. Carla - It is! Such a great lot!

    Apple Valley - Me too, I was very sad for all of them

    Tanja - It wasn't as hard as I would have thought it would be to get that shot. They definitely had been away too long and it was great reuniting them

    Thanks for reading!


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