Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy Birthday to Ya!

Round 8 - November 2041

It was early one November morning when Lily Phillippine went into labor.
"Clarence! It's time! The baby is coming!" she shouted.
"What baby?" he mumbled sleepily.

"Daddy get up! Momma's gonna have the baby now!" Ryder yelled.
"Can't a man get some sleep? What's all this yelling about..........oh my God, Lily! You're about to have the baby!" Clarence said, finally becoming aware of the gravity of the situation.
"That's what we've been trying to tell you!"

"Never! Never again! This is our last child, you hear me? No more!" Lily said once they arrived at the hospital.
"Yes, dear."
"I mean it. Hmph, you get all the fun of making the baby, then I get stuck with this awful pain!"
"Yes, dear. Can we get my wife back please?" Clarence asked the receptionist desperately.

"Okay, Mrs. Phillippine, we're almost there," Dr. Knowles said.
"Easy for you to say!"
"Honey, please he's just trying to help. Focus on your breathing," Clarence said.
"It's okay. I get yelled at quite a bit when I'm in here," Kevin said laughing.
"She's usually quite very sweet," Clarence said.
"I can hear you, you know!" Lily said.
"Let's get his baby born, shall we?" Kevin said with a smile.

"Oh Clarence, he's perfect," Lily said a few hours later.
"Yea, he is. Little Logan Phillippine," he said with a smile. As he looked as his beautiful wife and new son, Clarence felt like his family was finally complete.

* So Maisie is AWESOME! Turning this hospital into a residential lot made shooting this SO much easier! So I'll actually do hospital births now :). The receptionist lives on the lot and all I do is load it and transport all the necessary sims in :)

* And just so you can see Mr. Logan in all his cuteness:

He has brown hair and eyes like his siblings. How adorable is he?

* I'm actually thinking of converting most of my lots like this into residential ones. It makes posing so much easier as I have certain boxes that don't show up on community lots. 


  1. Welcome little Logan! I think Carla from Sullivan posted instructions on how to convert residential only pose boxes to community enabled as well. It's one click somewhere and that's it.

  2. I'll have to find that post, that would be very helpful too! Thanks!

  3. Well, hello little Logan! He's quite the cutie.

    Residential hospitals are awesome, huh? I never posted instructions on how to enable pose boxes for community use but I did link to a tutorial for it. It's on my Resources page and it works on any object, not just pose boxes. :)

  4. Carla - They really are awesome! And thanks for the info!


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