Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Birthday to Ya!

Round 8 - January 2042

Being the horrible simgod that I am, I totally forgot to do Miranda Picaso's age up! So here she is.......quite evil looking, isn't she? And guess what? She has freaking elf ears! No idea what that's about! As you can see, I covered them. There is just no way for me to fit that into my whole elf situation I have going on, and I'm not even going to try! I'm hoping she......I don't know, softens as she gets older. She looks like she's going to get into a lot of mischief, doesn't she?

And here is little Miss Joss Willis. She is a very playful and outgoing little one-year-old girl. Meadow is a bit upset that she looks more like her daddy right now!

* I seriously don't understand how Miranda has elf idea. She is extremely outgoing, playful, sloppy and mean (only 1 neat and nice point!) so I'm sure she'll be quite the character.

* Joss is also extremely outgoing and playful (10 points each) but she also isn't very nice ( 3 nice points). I can see her being the spoiled daughter of a rockstar who just wants to have fun all the time lol. Should be tons of fun for both Meadow and Slade :)


  1. Joss is so cute! And her personality makes so much sense for her too. Love it!

    As for Miranda...well, some of the facial templates Maxis gave us are broken - there are elf ears on them in all stages except adult. Seeing Matt and Jessica don't have elf ears, that probably means Miranda will have them until she's an adult and then they'll disappear. They'll probably reappear when she's an elder.

    I've had it happen with the kids of other EA Sims before. It happens with the Ruben brothers from Sim State, for example. It wouldn't have driven me so insane if EA gave us a way to change ears without changing the whole face. :\

  2. Hmm, maybe Jessica stepped out on Matt for a change.

  3. Carla - I sincerly hope that is the case! Cuz I'm not even TOUCHING those ears lol.

    Apple Valley - Haha it would be deserved wouldn't it? But no, I'm just going to ignore her ears and keep them covered in the hope that they will disappear like Carla said.

  4. Joss is SO cute and oh man I love her personality! That is seriously so fitting. As for Miranda, she's got a fun look! With 1 nice point those eye brows might be pretty spot on. But my Simon looked pretty evil as a toddler and not so much as a child. And can I just say, that is pretty ironic that you've tried so hard for some elf ears and here comes Miranda with a set. Oi!

  5. Maisie - Oh, the irony was not lost on me! Of all the sims to get elf ears, smh. I think Joss is going to be quite a character (much like her father) and I can't wait to see her and Slade bump heads :)

  6. Miranda looks like she is ready to start mischief. I like the way she looks, those eyebrows. I bet when kids see her coming they will watch out. She has a serious "don't mess with me face."

    Joss is adorable. I bet when she gets older, she is going to be something else. Outgoing, playful, but mean. I wonder how it is going to all fit together.


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