Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Birthday to Ya!

Round 8 - September 2041

It was a chilly fall morning when pains began ripping through Gretchen Newson's mid-section. She still couldn't believe that Gavin would miss the birth of their first child. She really needed him by her side.......

Gallagher had been wonderful during the whole pregnancy. He had kept the younger kids from bothering her too much. But this........he didn't know what he was suppose to do for his screaming sister-in-law. Wait, hadn't he seen something about boiling water before on tv?
"Hold on, Gretchen, I'm about boil some water," Gallagher said.
"Boil water?! Just get Ginger on the phone Gallagher........NOW" she yelled.

Ginger got her up to the hospital and when it was time for the pushing, she called Gavin on the phone.
"Oh honey, you can do this, just push ok?" he said.
"Ummmm Gavin, you know how sweet and easy going Gretchen is?" Ginger asked.
"Yea, what about it?"
"Well she's not that way right now."
"Tell him I hate him! Tell him I can't believe he's half way around the world while I'm here lying in agony!" he heard Gretchen say in the background. Then about half an hour later, he heard the most beautiful, shrill little cry he had ever heard.
"Congrats, Bro. You're a daddy!" Ginger said.
"Oh my God! Well? What is it? A girl or a boy?!" he asked.
"A beautiful little girl with your hair and eyes. That's little Ms. Payton screaming in the background," Ginger said.
"Tell him I love him and that I didn't mean those things I said. Tell him she's beautiful, she looks just like him," he heard Gretchen say.
"Tell her I love her too, and I can't wait to get home to you guys," he said with tears in his eyes.
"Will do," Ginger said with a smile in her voice.

He was a father. He had a daughter. A daughter he would be able to hold in his arms in three months. They would be the longest three months of his life.......

All the kids were super excited when Gretchen brought Payton home. Even Gallagher, who was upset that he would no longer be able to have his own room as it was now Payton's nursery. That was okay, he didn't mind rooming with Garrett. Besides, Payton was too cute to stay mad at.

Ginger had to admit, she was quite adorable. Everytime she held a baby now, she wondered what her and Caleb's child would look like. Would they have freckles like him? Fair skin like her? Not that she wanted to find out right now! Helping Meadow with Joss reminded Ginger how demanding children are. She wanted to be sure she and Caleb were both well established before trying to juggle kids and work too. But still, who wouldn't think about having babies when holding one as cute as Payton?

* And so we have broken that cursed "G" naming scheme that Maxis started with the Newsons. It is hell trying to remember who is who! Little Payton won't have that problem though :)

* Here's a close up picture of her:

She has brown hair and gray eyes like her daddy. I was hoping for another red head, but I got Joss so I'm trying not to be greedy lol

* Gavin and Matt will be returning in December and I plan to do a reunion post for them. Should be lots of fun or a pain in the ass to shoot :)

* And THANK GOD I found a hack that unlocked the work uniforms! Now Gavin and Matt actually have on military attire. And it just looks so much better than that fire chief uniform they had on in their update. Now they look authentic :)


  1. That G theme! I love how Gavin even ended up marrying a woman whose name started with G as well, lol.

    But awww! Welcome little Payton! I'm so glad Gavin was able to be there on the phone, seeing he couldn't be there in person. Payton will have lots of snuggles waiting for her daddy when he gets home!

  2. Yay, the baby is here. I love how you had them on the phone together, at least it wasn't video conferencing-yikes!


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