Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Schoolyard Antics

Round 8 - February 2041 - LBE
Principal: Lorelai Ellison; Teachers: Taesha Foster, Lily Phillippine; Kindergarten: Vanya de Muse, Hunter Picaso, Ethan White, Evan White; Grade 2: Aidan Brown, Hayden Brown, Ryder Phillippine, Rainie Phillippine, Alex Gray, Ricki Knowles; Grade 3: Ryan Knowles, Connor Gray, Garrett Newson, Georgia Newson; Grade 4: Gabriella Newson, Javion Carr; Grade 6: Kayden Carr, Gallagher Newson

Taesha was so excited that they had gotten another teacher for the school. Her class load was huge and she couldn't wait until it became a bit smaller. She knew that it was selfish, but her daughter Lyria would be starting school next year and she wanted to be able to spend time with her. The way it stood currently, she could barely keep the kids from destroying the classroom!

Lily had been given a smaller group of students with which to start. She had always loved being around children and teaching was excited about her new job.

Lorelai was excited that she finally had time to take care of her principal responsibilities during the day. She had spent many a night working on issues that she couldn't get to during the day. She had a scheduled meeting with Alana Brown about her son Hayden's behavior when it came to little Connor Gray. Mrs. Brown was a wonderful parent and was easy to speak with on such matters.

So imagine her surprise when she was faced with Mayor Brown instead!
"I thought Mrs. Brown would be coming in for this appointment," Lorelai said.
"She had some things to take care of with her restaurant so I decided to come instead. Is that a problem?" Christian asked.
"No, no it's fine. I wanted to speak with you about Hayden's behavior."
"Yes, my wife told me that. What exactly is the problem?"

"Well..........he's been making fun of one of his classmates, Connor Gray. He calls him very nasty names and pushes him around," Lorelai said.
"That doesn't sound like Hayden," Christian said.
"I can assure you I am not making this up. Actually, most of his name calling comes from you, according to him," she said.
"What? I would never encourage my children to become bullies! I do not care for your insinuations," Christian exclaimed.

"As I've told you, this is from the lips of your son. He says that you told him that the Grays were all a bunch of "freaks" who wanted to ruin your city," she said.
"I'm sure he took that out of the context in which it was meant."
"Mr. Brown, let me assure you that I was not born yesterday. There is no context in which you could have said that and meant for it to be anything but rude and cruel. I will not tolerate any bullies in my school. Your two sons are not my only students and I have to think about the well being of all of them," Lorelai said.
"So what are you saying?"

"If you have such a problem with the Grays, may I suggest you putting Hayden and Aidan into private school?" 
"What? Why should my kids have to be the ones to leave?"
"Because they are the ones causing problems! Connor Gray is one of my sweetest students. All the other kids get along fine with him," she said.
"You only say that because you don't know what I know. Trust me, the Grays are a very strange family," Christian said.
"Some may say the same of my family. Different is not always bad, Mr. Brown. If I have any more issues with Hayden, I'll be forced to take action, beginning with a suspension. If you can't teach your sons equality and tolerance, then maybe you should home school them or send them off to a school filled with people you see fit. Here at LaQuest Beach Elementary, we aim to teach students from all walks of life," she said.

"Fine. I'll speak with him. And trust me, you don't know anything about the Grays. You would be surprised," Christian said.
"Not as surprised as you think, Mr. Brown. After all, we all have our little secrets don't we? I hope this is the last time we must meet under these circumstances," she said getting up to open the door for him. He simply nodded his head and left without a word.

Connor had no idea that there was a meeting going on about him. He was too busy wondering whether he made a mistake in taking out his contacts. He and his parents had agreed that the best story to give was the truth. They told Mrs. Ellison and the other teachers and students that Connor had worn the contacts because they thought the kids would be afraid of him. Just another part of his "skin disorder". He didn't know whether they bought it or not, but so far no one was giving him any trouble about it. 

He still couldn't believe that he was an alien! Well, of course it made sense, but the reality was so much more confusing and complex than when he just THOUGHT he was one. He was excited about getting a chance to visit his home planet. And he was also excited about seeing where his dad was from. He still didn't see his parents as he had before. Whenever he saw them with Alex, it showed him just how out of place he was in his own family...........

All the other kids had been kinda mean to Hayden since he said those mean things to Connor. He couldn't understand why. His dad said that Connor and his family were the weird ones, but he was the one being treated badly by the other kids, not Connor. He just didn't understand.........

And it was just him, they weren't mean to his twin Aidan. Maybe it was wrong to be mean to Connor. But wouldn't that mean that his dad was wrong too? Could mommies and daddies be wrong?

Lorelai couldn't believe that the school pet Oreo was still alive! The kids were very good about taking care of him and always wanted to play with him. He was a tough little guy to withstand all that petting!

Kayden couldn't wait until next year when he and Gallagher were in high school. No more playing with little kids! He knew it would be awesome!

As Lorelai looked at little Ricki Knowles enjoying playing an educational video game, she wondered how the Mayor was able to have prejudice against a child. Lorelai had done some investigating and found out that Connor was the product of an abduction. It made sense, aliens existing. After all, she was from a whole other realm, surely there were other planets! She would make sure that Connor wasn't given a hard time because of his appearance. After all, the supernaturals had to stick together!

Lily was definitely going to enjoy teach at LBE. The students were all bright and full of life and she loved being able to get a piece of that every day.

* I chose to put Lily in the elementary school and not the high school because there's just so many little kids right now! Gallagher and Kayden are moving on but then Lyria Nott, Kyle Henderson, and Kiara Ellison will be coming no rest for these teachers in sight lol

* I really was going to do the meeting with Alana, but I thought Christian would make for a better story lol. Plus, since he's the idiot planting these things in little Hayden's head, I think he needed to be called on the carpet for it! I can't see Alana letting him pull then out of school and sending them to a private school just to avoid Connor. So their update should be pretty interesting :).

* I don't know about Connor's eyes, they are such so freaky lol. But really, it's not much weirder than walking around with green skin :)


  1. Wow, I'm glad that she stood up to the mayor...though I kind of wish she had put a spell on him :P

  2. I agree with Apple Valley, Lorelai should have put a spell on the mayor to teach him a lesson. ;)

  3. Yeah, go Lorelai! I'm glad she had that little talk with Christian! I'm sure it won't change his opinion in the slightest but it's good for him to hear that not everyone agrees with him.

  4. I agree with Carla, sometimes people like that need to be shown their opinion is not appreciated.

  5. Apple Valley - LOL Lorelai would probably have loved to put a spell on him, but she's too responsible to do it. Elvin on the other hand......well that's a whole other matter entirely lol

    Shana - If Christian keeps being a jerk, someone is going to deal with him......maybe an elf, maybe an alien, but he's definitely going to get his if he doesn't straighten up!

    Carla - Christian is a very stubborn man, so you're right he probably won't take it to heart. But Alana isn't going to be happy when she finds out about all of this and while he may be able to ignore Lorelai, he can't ignore his wife!

    Driftwood - Lorelai really is a sweet elf, she hates to see anyone treated unfairly. Even if she can't change his opinion, she can boot Hayden out which would be a shame, but would be necessary if things don't change.

  6. What a fun school update! I loved the little chat with Christian, he sure got put in his place. All of the kids are so cute and I really enjoyed seeing them all together at school.

  7. Mandie - Lorelai is definitely a tough lady, if any one could put him in his place it was her! I really enjoy playing all the kids together, it gives them a chance to make friends :)

  8. Wow. That takes some guts to stand up to the mayor. Go Lorelei!!! :)

    I love Connor, he seems like such a sweet kid. I'm glad that the kids (other than Hayden) are accepting him so well. His eyes are a little freaky though...

    Great update! :)


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