Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy Birthday to Ya!

Round 8 - April 2041

Gretchen still had trouble believing she was pregnant. What were the odds?! They definitely had not been trying. Oh, she had wanted her own kids, but she thought it would have been smarter for them to wait a bit. They already had 4 kids running around the house.......but sometimes life didn't want to wait on your plans........

She missed him. She wanted to share their first pregnancy together, in person, not over phone calls and the occasional video chat. She needed him.......

Gavin couldn't believe he was going to be a father! And he was going to miss the birth of his first child......
"How are you doing? The kids aren't driving you crazy are they? Because you need your rest!" he said.
"Everything is fine, Gavin. The kids have been really great and anytime they start to get out of line, Gallagher's right there reminding them that they are to be on their best behavior while you're gone," Gretchen said laughing.
"That's my boy. I miss you guys so much."
"We miss you too. How are things going?"
"It's fine, a bit weird living with the general. We're getting a lot done though," he said.
"That's good. I've come of with names I would like to name the baby."
"Okay, what are they?"
"Payton for a little girl and Preston for a little boy."
"You don't want to keep that "G" names going?" he asked.
"Gosh no! We have quite enough of that going on in this house as it is! I can't tell you how many times I've yelled out the wrong name," she said laughing.
"Okay, okay you're right. I love you Gretchen Newson."
"I love you too honey. Talk to you soon."

Over in Camden Park, AJ Ellison is celebrating his first birthday. It seems that he takes quite a bit after his father, with the exception of his mother's piercing blue eyes.

* Gavin is going to miss so much while he is away. When he gets back, Gallagher will be a teenager and his son or daughter will already be here! It's all just very sad, but realistic I suppose.

* I aged AJ up in the game and he really is going to look a lot like Jacob. And he also doesn't have the elf ears. So I figure my third generation is going to be filled with them lol

* Terrence will actually give birth before Gretchen, but that whole situation is such a mess it's hard to write it into a birthday post. But I have decided what the fate of the baby is going to be. And you'll have to wait until July 2041 to find out what that is :). Gretchen is due in September.


  1. It's sad that Gavin will miss so much, but it is realistic for military families. :(

    AJ is so cute!

  2. Aw, AJ's going to be a really handsome man - look how cute he is already!

    Gavin and Gretchen are definitely in a pretty realistic, if sad, situation. I didn't realise he was going to miss Gallagher's birthday as well! I'm sure he'll make up for everything he's missed when he comes back home.

  3. Poor Gavin. That's got to be so hard being away from your family when all those things are going on. But it will make it that much sweeter when he comes back home! And isn't AJ Ellison just the cutest little guy!

  4. Aww Gavin will miss the birth of his first child. Hopefully they will have a least one more, and he will be there for that one! Can't wait to see what you're going to do with the alien baby.

  5. I hate that he'll miss the birth :(

  6. Shana - it definitely makes me sad that he'll miss out on so much :/

    Carla - I think AJ is going to look quite a bit like his daddy :). I'm sure Gavin will do his best to make up for all the missed time. It's hard to believe, but Gallagher turns 12 the in the next August bday post!

    Mandie - Gretchen and the kids will definitely be glad when he gets home!

    Riverdale - I want them to have another, but it may be a while.....maybe once Gallagher moves out lol. I'm excited about the newest alien member of LaQuest Beach. It's been a tough situation, but it's almost over......for now anyway lol

    Apple Valley - Me too, but it gives a different twist on an otherwise totally happy situation

  7. It's definitely realistic; my dad was in the military when I was kid, and was away all the time. Thankfully though, he was usually around for the important events. When my sister was born, he was in New Brunswick for a conference, and he drove all the way back that night, to see her born. But, at the time, he was only a few hours away. I suppose it would be a lot tougher for Gavin to do the same thing.

    Oh and happy birthday to AJ too! :)

  8. Aww it's sad that Gavin is missing this, after all the time he has invested with the big kids, now it's his own child, and he won't be there. I'm glad that he found a woman who is willing to take care of all these children on her own for him.

    AJ is a real cutie pie, I love those bright eyes, and lol on your comment about the third generation with elf ears, that sounds about right. I imagine after generation three, you won't be able to get rid of the ears at all!

    I keep forgetting Terrence is pregnant, maybe my mind just doesn't want to accept it. ;) I am very curious what you decided to do with the baby...


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