Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Life Starts Now

Round 8 - April 2041 - LBU/BTU
Caleb Henderson, Ginger Newson, Ricky Cormier, Meadow Thayer, and Kimberly Jackson are 20, Joss Willis is 3 months

'Cause life starts now,
You've done all the things that could kill you somehow,
And you're so far down,
But you will survive it somehow,
because life starts now
Three Days Grace

Caleb was glad that things were going well for he and Ginger. With all the craziness that was surrounding their friends, it was nice to be stable. Meadow and Ricky served as cautionary tales of what not to do!

But stable didn't mean they were boring. In fact, he and Ginger had found a love of public wasn't something that would be expected of either of them. It was something that was fun and pleasurable and just one more thing for them to share together.

He had fallen in love with his best friend, and he couldn't have picked a better person. She knew him better than anyone else in the world, and she still wanted to be with him. It was amazing to him......

There were no pretenses, no pretending to be people they weren't. He wasn't afraid to be a dork doing karaoke with her because he knew she would find his off key renditions cute.......

And though his dance moves would never win him any awards, she was the only person he wanted to dance with because he knew that she would find his bumbling around on the floor adorable.........

And they never ran out of things to say to one another. He was afraid when she first proclaimed her feelings for him. He loved the friendship they had and didn't want to mess it up. He'd never had a real girlfriend and wasn't confident that they could make it work. But they did, and he knew in his heart, without a doubt, that Ginger Newson would be his wife one day.......

Ricky envied Caleb. He had messed things up so bad that he just didn't know how to fix them anymore. Kimberly was speaking to him again, but that was about it. And the whispers around campus had calmed down since Meadow had her baby and the world found out that she was in fact Slade Willis' daughter. But Ricky still hadn't met another girl who he liked. His cheerleader from the rival school turned out to be spreading her love all around LBU. He should never have messed things up with Kimberly. And over Meadow at that! He should have learned his lesson about her in high school!

But he was just going to begin again. They only had one more year at LBU and Ricky planned to use it to concentrate on his studies. Because trying to understand women was just impossible to do!

Kimberly and Chase had began officially seeing one another. Caleb found it hard to be upset with her about it, Ricky had messed it up. He just hoped Chase turned out to be a good guy. Kimberly definitely deserved it!

But Kimberly was taking things slow with Chase. She had learned to protect her heart after all her drama with Slade and Ricky. She didn't think she could take another let down!

Meadow was still getting use to the idea of being a mother. She really owed a lot to Ginger. She had been really understanding about the crying at night and had even babysat Joss a time or two.....

Slade had kept up his promise and been helping financially as well as being around as a father. But she couldn't ask him to pay all the bills, so she had gotten a job at a convenience store. She never thought she would see the day when she would be serving up coffee to truckers, but she also didn't see herself having a baby so soon. She was doing well at BTU and was on track to graduate at the same time as Ginger. She still wanted to open up her flower shop and was hoping she could convince Slade to invest in it.........

She saw a lot of Slade in Joss already. He would never admit to it, but her outbursts were all him!  It was strange, looking into eyes that mirrored her own. And she seemed so alert, like she knew so much about the world already.......

Maybe it was because she was her daughter, but Meadow thought she was just the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. And that, she definitely got from her mother!

"Why are you dressed like that?" Ginger asked Meadow later.
"Because we're going out."
"Out? What do you mean we're going out? Joss can't stay here by herself and I'm not keeping her so you can go clubbing!" Ginger exclaimed.
"I wouldn't ask you to do that! Her nanny is coming over to watch her. So that leaves me and you free to go out," Meadow said.

"But why?"
"Because I've been locked away in this apartment for months! I couldn't go out when I was pregnant, couldn't go out when she was first born, I'm going out now!"
"But why do you need me to go?"
"Who goes out to a club alone, Ginger? I need a wing woman....."
"Isn't it wing man?"
"Are you a man? Just go change into something a little less depressing, please? I really need to get out of here and have some fun. And Joss will be well taken care of so you can't use that as an excuse not to go," Meadow said.
"What about the fact that I don't want to go?"

This is what Ginger had dreaded about living with Meadow. She liked it better when they simply tolerated one another. Now it seemed that they were actually becoming.....dare she say it? Friends? It was a world gone mad!

It didn't take Meadow long after arriving at The Hub to find a very gorgeous, and very French young successful man. He had moved to LaQuest Beach while his newest business was being built. She could definitely see herself getting to know him a lot better!

She didn't tell him about Joss. He didn't ask if she had any children, and she didn't see a need to bring it up. Besides, if things progressed as she hoped, there would be plenty of time to tell him. It just didn't seem like a good idea to tell him that she had another man's baby only three months ago and she was now looking for a new guy!

Ginger decided not to bother telling Meadow that now wasn't a good time to go looking for her next boyfriend. She knew it would only go in one ear and out the other. As painful as it was to watch, she had learned that Meadow Thayer simply had to learn her lessons the hard way.......

"I'm officially back! I just met the cutest guy! And he has the most adorable accent," Meadow said.
"That's nice."
"That's all you can say? Are you going to be a kill joy all night?"
"Hey, I told you I didn't want to come anyway!"

"Look, I know you and Caleb are content in your boring little relationship, but the rest of us need a little excitement in our lives!"
"Me and Caleb aren't boring! And I'm not saying that you can't enjoy yourself. I just think that maybe now isn't the time. Joss isn't even a year old yet!" Ginger said.
"So? What will be different for me in a year's time? Slade and I are done, all we have between us now is that little girl. I don't see why I should have to wait to move on. And it's not like I'm out sleeping with every guy I meet. Hell, he's the first guy I've come into contact with since I got pregnant! I just need a little excitement in my life," Meadow said.

"Honey, be careful what you wish for! Sometimes you get much more than you ever dreamed," Tessa de Muse said.
"And what's so wrong with that? What do you know about it anyway?" Meadow asked.
"Trust me, if anyone knows about getting more than you bargained for, it's me. Take my word, sometimes simple is so much better," Tessa said walking off laughing.

* School's back in session so my updating will definitely not be every other day like it's been. At least not until things slow down again. One more semester and I'll be doing my practicum and internships :)

* So I totally forgot Meadow's new boy toy's name, but I do remember that they have three bolts together! So we will definitely see more him (and maybe even learn his name lol)

* Ginger and Caleb really are too cute. They always have at least one want for each other. And Kimberly just can't catch a break. As cute as Chase is, he's a romance sim, so that means it's probably not going to end well with them :/. Or maybe he'll behave himself, I guess we'll see. He lives in the dorm but isn't a playable so I usually just let him do his own thing.

* Joss is adorable, I can't wait for her to age up. Meadow had the want to visit a community lot so I figured she had had enough of sitting home all the time. I have the child support hack in so Slade really does send money to them everyday. So she can at the very least afford a nanny when she has to work and when Ginger is at class.

* Only two more semesters left for this group. They'll graduate at the end of this round! They've definitely been a lot of fun to play. Christa will be my next uni student and I'm sure she'll be fun to play as well, in all her emo glory :)


  1. Wow, these guys are graduating soon and then it's Christa's turn! That's nuts, lol!

    I'm so happy to see Caleb and Ginger so in love. They're a gorgeous couple. Poor Kimberly sounds like it might end up being history repeating with her and Chase. :\

    It somehow fits Meadow that she'd forget to ask for a major detail like a name, so I didn't even notice that we didn't learn that! It's good to know we'll be seeing him again. Hopefully he's not "exciting" in the same way Elvin was "exciting"!

  2. Man, Ginger looks so different in your game than mine. But I really haven't changed her up that much. If she ever moved from Non-Playable to a Playable I will. I'm glad she's having a good life in your hood.

    Meadow found herself a French guy! And even though it was night he still looks very handsome. Can't wait to see more of him!

  3. Laurelcrossing - LOL thanks, though I can't take credit for him. I don't remember where I got him, but I know he's a downloaded sim. But he is indeed quite hot!

    Carla - Time really flies by fast sometimes! Which is crazy considering how slow game play is this way. Kimberly just can't get a break, it's really sad! And lol, Frenchie is definitely not as exciting as Elvin! His background is forming in my head already and I can assure you he is completely human :)

    Riverdale - It's always funny to me to see the same sims in different hoods. We all have such different takes on them! I think my defaults have a lot to do with how she looks. Meadow's guy is definitely a cutie and we'll see a little more of him this round as they still have two more semesters to go. It's one of the things I like about playing the uni so often. You really get a chance to develop the sims characters and have time to care about them.

  4. I agree, the French guy is cute, I hope Meadow doesn't move on too fast.

  5. I really like Ginger and Caleb, they are such a cute couple, I'm glad it's working for them.

    Meadow and the French guy, yum! I hope we see him again, and learn more about him.

    Joss is cute kicking her little legs up, aww. Can't wait to see her age up to toddler!

  6. I think Ginger and Caleb were made for each other They are so cute! I can't wait to start playing the Newsons in my hood again!

    The French guy is definitely a hottie, I hope Meadow doesn't move to fast and mess things up again.

    I can't wait to see Joss as a toddler. I'm sure she'll be absolutely gorgeous, with her parents both being good looking.


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