Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Leave Out All the Rest

Round 8 - March 2041
Derick Pace is 48, Charity is 33, Jordyn is 2 (Charday Martin is 53)

When my time comes, forget the wrong that I've done
Help me leave behind some reason to be missed,
Don't resent me when you're feeling empty, keep me in your memory
Leave out all the rest, leave out all the rest
Linkin Park

It took him a while to get here, to grow up. But now he was a husband and a father and it was time to make some grown man decisions where his family was concerned. Which meant that his days of money laundering were coming to a close. He had made his money, bought a nice home, and was ready to settle down in the life of the new Derick Pace: Husband, father, and club owner.

Charity wasn't exactly sure what Derick's side business had been, but she was glad that he was giving it up. Now she would no longer have to worry about if he was okay during those late nights he spent out or if he was in jail. She had also started back working on getting her bachelor's degree. There was talks of LaQuest Beach starting their own newspaper, and she wanted to be in on it from the start.

Derick knew that he couldn't just walk away from this. So he decided to find a replacement. And he could think of no one better than Charday Martin. She still liked living the life he was once so attached to. He knew she would jump at the opportunity.

"What exactly is this about Derick?" Charday asked.
"Why do you sound so suspicious?" he asked laughing.
"Because you've never even tried to get in contact with me, let alone invite me over to your house. What's going on? Did DeJuan put you up to this?" she asked.
"No. DeJuan wouldn't exactly be thrilled about us meeting like this. I have a business opportunity for you."

"Look, I know I'm still fine, but I'm not shaking my ass in your filthy club!" she exclaimed.
"Are you out of your mind? Have you looked at yourself lately? You're not exactly stripper material anymore, honey," Derick said laughing.
"Whatever. What do you want?"

"I've been in the business of......"cleaning" dirty funds for some very high profile clientele. Since I'm now a dad, I find myself no longer motivated to continue this line of work. I need someone with street smarts and a talent for "cleaning" to be my successor," he said.

"So you want to just hand your business over to me? What's wrong, cops on to you?" she asked.
"No! You know me better than that. No one does it better than me. But I'm sick of this life. I have a family now, different priorities," he said.
"You too? What is with you and DeJuan? Where are your balls? Geez, this is sad. You're going to give up fast money for a screaming kid and boring wife?"
"Yes. Yes I am."

"You've lost it."
"No, I've found it. We can't all be like you, Charday. Some of us grow tired of having to constantly be on watch. One slip up can get you killed or serving time for the rest of your life. That's not how I want to leave this world. It's not how I'm GOING to leave this world. So you interested or not?" he asked.

"Yea, I'm interested. And I think you're out of your mind. I knew it would only be a matter of time before the Queen Bee was back to the hive. Englewood will never be the same," she said.
"Hey, this isn't that hustling shit you're use to Charday. These aren't dime store thugs you're messing with. These are corporate CEOs with the means to end you. You need to watch your step," Derick said.

"Whatever. Be sure to tell DeJuan I said hi. He'll be begging me to take him back once I get my shit together and the cash starts rolling in," she said.
"I wouldn't count on that. I think he's happy where he is."
"How can he be? He's not with me," Charday said laughing as she left. Derick hoped that she heeded his warning. These were some real sharks she was about to become involved with................

With that done, he checked on some last minute arrangements for his and Charity's honeymoon trip. A vacation........he'd never actually taken one. He was enjoying this new life already.........

He wanted Jordyn to always have everything she wanted. He wanted her to grow up and go to school and be something. He wanted her to be much greater than her old man.......

Charity had met Christy Inada a long time ago through her job as an internet movie critic. She had never had her over to their home because of Derick's other job. But now she could socialize with people outside of their tight circle. Now it was safe for her to have a life.......

The next morning they headed out to catch a flight to Takezimu Village. She still couldn't believe they were going! Derick had always been so against going out of the country. She would miss Jordyn terribly, but she was excited about their trip.

Derick had rented them a private village, which was gorgeous. The whole city was absolutely beautiful! She would definitely bring Jordyn here when she was a little older.

It felt good, being here with Charity. It felt........normal. Which was laughable to him since his idea of normal before he met her was money laundering and chasing women. Funny how life could change so suddenly sometimes.........

They decided to do some sight seeing once they were all checked in. It was a very nice place. Derick wanted to go to Three Lakes but Charity had insisted that Takezimu was a better choice. He knew she only said that because the idea of camping gave her hives, but it turns out she was right after all.......

Though it seemed she couldn't escape nature, no matter where she went! She threw a coin in the little wishing fountain and found herself being chased by a hive of bees! She was ready to return to the hotel after that.........

Derick decided to take a soak in the springs when they got back to the hotel. It gave Charity time to soak in a hot bath and take medicine for her bee stings!

He returned to the room once he thought she was all settled in and jumped into bed with her and hugged her to his side. She and Jordyn were his world now, they kept him balanced, gave his life a new meaning. And when he left this world, he knew his legacy would not be just about all the bad that he did. Because his girls were proof that he had gotten some things right as well...........

* Derick rolled the quit your 9 to 5 ROS for this round. So he is no longer in the criminal career track. He still owns ZaZu, and I'm thinking of letting him venture out into another type of business as well. This all went together well with the turn around he has seemed to do.

* Charday will be my new criminal mastermind for the hood, it just seemed to fit her lol. She's still a non-playable, but we'll see her through other people's updates every now and then. She's trouble, that one :)

* I SO want them to have a little boy. They kept trying for a baby and neither of them is using BC, but no spawn as of yet :/. But Charity is only 33 so they could possible squeeze in another one. Jordyn needs a sibling!


  1. Yes, I want them to have another baby too! I'm actually glad for the ROS because I see him turning his life around and leaving that life behind. Hopefully there won't be any repercussions in the future for his past actions. Or someone thinking that he knows too much and just can't walk away. I guess time will only tell.

  2. That ROS could not have come at a more appropriate time for Derick. It makes sense that he'd want to leave that line of work behind, now that he has a wife and daughter. Leave all that shady stuff to Charday!

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed they can have another baby. I can see them with a boy and a girl!

  3. Love the ROS, I didn't know it was one until now since you set it up so perfectly a few updates ago and his replacement...awesome :)

  4. I'm glad he's turning his life around for his family. I also hope there won't be any repercussions in the future! Hopefully he can walk away and have a normal life.

    Hopefully they can have another baby soon! :)

  5. Riverdale - Yes, it may not be as easy as just finding a replacement. Especially when that replacement is Charday Martin lol. I'm hoping for another kid for them, preferably a boy.

    Carla - He was the perfect one to get this ROS (unlike Terrence and the one he rolled lol). Charday is definitely in a better place to do all this shady stuff!

    Apple Valley - I've been trying to roll my ROS a little earlier so things don't seem so abrupt. Some of the more drastic ones need a little setting up :)

    Shana - I think MOST of the drama is behind him, not all :). Things with Charday aren't really going to be all that easy lol


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