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Round 7 - February 2040
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Kip and Kimber Henderson are 47, Kyle is 2 (Caleb Henderson and Ginger Newson are 19, Christian and Alana Brown are 43)
And from the ballroom floor, we are in celebration
One good stretch before our hibernation
Our dreams assured and we will all sleep well
Sleep well, sleep well, sleep well, sleep well
You have stolen my heart
Dashboard Confessional

He was growing up too fast. It only seemed like yesterday that she was carrying him in her womb. Now two years had already gone by and she just didn't know where the time had gone. She remembered saying that she would be glad when her pregnancy was over, but now she wanted it again. But she knew that baring children was no longer a part of her life........

She had convinced Caleb to come by since he was going to be in town anyway. Since he and his friend Ginger Newson had become more than friends, Caleb had spent quite a bit of time traveling between LBU and BTU to spend time with her. And he would definitely want to be with her on Valentine's Day. Her baby had a girlfriend. Time certainly does fly......

Ginger was a wonderful girl and Kimber was happy that she was Caleb's first serious girlfriend. While she liked Meadow, she didn't think she would have been as happy if he had taken a liking to the young girl. Meadow was trouble, and Kimber felt a bit sorry for Caleb's friend Ricky.

"Have either of you made any new friends? Or are you still hanging out with your same little clique?" Kimber asked.
"There really isn't many opportunies to make friends at BTU. I really only stay on campus long enough for classes and then I'm back at my townhouse studying," Ginger said.
"What about you Caleb?"
"I'm too busy trying to put out fires between Ricky, Meadow, and Kimberly! It's been pretty tense around the dorms, what with Meadow telling Kimberly about what happened with her and Ricky. And now that Slade Willis has dumped her, it's really bad," he said.
"I'm just glad you two aren't mixed up in all that craziness. Caleb why don't you take Ginger upstairs to meet Kyle? She hasn't had a chance to meet him yet," Kimber said.

Caleb hated that he was so much older than his little brother. He felt like he was really missing out. But he would be done with school around the time that Kyle started elementary school so he would get to see him more often. He still couldn't believe his parents had another baby.......

"Well Ginger, this is Kyle."
"Oh my gosh he is just adorable! He looks just like you and your dad!" she said.
"Oh I don't know, I think he looks more like my mom. Maybe it's the red hair."
"He's going to be a little heartbreaker!" Ginger said.
"Just like his big brother," Caleb said laughing.
"His big brother better not be breaking any hearts! Especially when the heart in question is mine!"
"He would never do that," Caleb said softly.

"Remember that face, kid," Caleb said as Ginger left the room.
"She might just be your sister-in-law one day..........."

Kimber was still working on her next book. She really loved that she got to stay home with Kyle and write her novels. She didn't miss out on any of his important moments and that meant alot to her. She had always wanted to be the best mother she would be for her kids and staying at home allowed her to do that.

She came downstairs to find Kip playing hacky sack with Caleb and Ginger.
"I was the hacky sack champ back in undergrad!" Kip exclaimed.
"Oh really, Dad? And how many years ago was that?" Caleb asked laughing.
"Hey now, it wasn't that long ago! How old do you think I am?"
"You don't want me to answer that question!"

"So what are your plans for this Valentine's Day?" Kip asked.
"We're just going to grab something to eat and hang out," Caleb said.
"What are you doing, Mr. and Mrs. Henderson?" Ginger asked.
"Oh, we're staying here and having Mayor Brown and his wife over. Kimber doesn't like leaving Kyle with babysitters. And we've both been so busy that we just weren't able to plan much else," Kip said.
"Well have a goodnight," Ginger said.
"You all do the same. Oh, and Caleb?" Kip said.
"Yea, Dad?"
"Me and your mother are too young to be grandparents," Kip said laughing.
"Oh for goodness sake! BYE Dad!" Caleb said.

Kip just threw some hotdogs on the grill and the two couples sat inside so that they could be closer to Kyle. Kip was so glad he and Kimber had each other. He had always felt a bit sorry for Alana. Christian was a hard guy to get along with and Kip couldn't imagine having to live with the man. Their relationship always seemed so strained...............

"I really think you should add more creative activities to the high school. I really want Christa to be well rounded for college," Christian said.
"Christian, I do all that I can to ensure that ALL of my students have what they need for college. Christa will be no exception," Kip said.
"I'm sure you do. I just think Christa deserves a bit more of your time. I don't think that's unreasonable," he said.
"I'm sure you don't think it's unreasonable," Kip said. Yep, Alana must certainly qualify for sainthood after being married to him!

* Kimber wants another baby, but that's not going to happen. The only reason they were able to have Kyle is because it was a ROS. So she will definitely not be carrying another baby!!!!

* Caleb was so sweet with his little brother! I want to make sure he gets to know him and they not be virtual strangers because of the 17 year age difference!

* I popped into Ginger's house and she has a want to be friends with Kimber.......guess she's trying to get in good with the family lol

* And yes, this was a lame Valentine's Day for these two but I completely forgot their update was suppose to be in February and didn't plan anything.......but we'll blame Kip for it :)


  1. It was nice seeing Kyle and Caleb together, so sweet. I also adore the fact that Caleb and Ginger are finally together. Have I said that enough? I really adore them and hope that they are long term.

  2. "I'm sure you don't think it's unreasonable,"

    LOL, hilarious! Poor Alana!

    I think lame Valentine's Days are probably fairly common for couples with young kids and for couples who've been together for so long! At least they did something different to mark the occasion!

    Caleb and Ginger are so sweet! I'm hoping she might be Kyle's sister-in-law one day too. ;)

  3. Apple Valley - I love them together too! I'm still in awe of the fact that they still roll all these wants for each other :)

    Carla - My sentiments exactly! Alana puts up with much more than the average woman would!


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