Monday, June 6, 2011

Slide Show

Round 7 - December 2039
Tanner and Keisha Knowles are 51, Kali is 12 (Kinsley Knowles is 33, Ryan is 7, Ricki is 6, Kenny and Kayla Coners are 25, Tabitha is 49)
Cuz life is like a slideshow, all the places I go
And all the things that I know, through all the highs and lows
Cuz life is like a slideshow, and all the things that I've seen
And all the things that I dream, you can't take away from me
Cuz life is like a slideshow
T.I. ft. John Legend

Tanner hated that he had to go in on Christmas' Eve, but he really didn't have a choice. He had recently been promoted to lieutenant and was still getting use to his new job responsibilities. There was one good thing about working this Christmas' Eve, he would miss Kayla's baby shower! So far, Keisha had kept herself in check during the planning process with Tabitha Coners. But he really didn't know how long the peace would last..........

Kali was actually pretty proud of her mom. She was sure that her and Mrs. Coners would be at each other's throats by now. Her mom wasn't the easiest person to get along with........

Keisha knew that everyone was expecting this baby shower to be a disaster. But they were wrong! She had no idea when her family began seeing her as this uncontrollable, overbearing person. Was it so wrong to want the best for her family? Since when was that such a crime?

Working with Tabitha had been no hardship and Keisha had to admit the woman had great ideas. It took some persuasion to get her to agree to throw the shower on Christmas' Eve. Keisha thought it would be nice to celebrate the baby's first Christmas. Sure, Kayla hadn't had him or her yet, but they existed. It would be like all the shower gifts were also Christmas gifts.

Tabitha had to admit that she had reservations about working with Keisha at first. In the beginning, she had proven to be just as controlling as Kayla feared she would be. But once Tabitha stood firm on her wishes for the shower, the two women had come to a compromise. Tabitha agreed that the shower should be thrown at Keisha's house since Kenny and Kayla also lived in LaQuest Beach. She could understand Keisha's point about not having to drive out to Talum Heights. But she wouldn't let her rent out a space to have it. Tabitha saw no point in spending extra money and she didn't think Kayla would like it either!

It wasn't long before all the guests had arrived and Kenny was looking uncomfortable. He knew he needed to be there to pack up all the gifts, but he wasn't terribly excited about sitting around with a bunch of chicks, ooooing and ahhhing over tiny shoes and pants.

Kinsley had stopped by as well as Imani and Imara. Much to his despair, his brother-in-law Kevin used being on call at the hospital to get out of attending. Kenny was definitely in need of some more testosterone!

Soon all the presents had been opened and Kenny and Kayla had lots of cute things for their baby.
"Well, I guess that's all the gifts. I hope this helps you two out," Keisha said.
"Definitely! Thanks Mrs. Knowles and Tabitha. This was really nice," Kenny said.
"Now Kenny, I've told you to call me Keisha!"
"Sorry, I'm still getting use to it," he said laughing.
"So have you guys come up with any names yet?" Imara asked.

"You want to do the honors?" Kenny asked.
"Well, if it's a girl her name will be Harper Grace Coners. And if it's a boy his name will be Liam Noah Coners," Kayla said.
"You guys didn't want to keep the "K" thing going?" Imani asked.
"What do you mean?"
"Well Kenny and Kayla. Why not Kevin for a boy and Katrina for a girl?" Imani asked.
"I'm not naming my child after my brother for one thing! And I don't want us all to have "K" names anyway. Not our style," Kayla said.

"Well I love your choices! Harper especially!" Tabitha said.
"I'm just relieved. I just knew you would come up with some crazy name for the sake of being "original". I'm glad I was wrong," Keisha said.
"Our child is going to be original, regardless of their name. They're going to be a mix of me and Kayla," Kenny said lovingly as Kayla gazed at him.
"Well I guess we were both wrong, Mom. I thought you would turn this whole baby shower into a disaster, and I must say I'm pleasantly surprised that you didn't!" Kayla said.

"I'm going to pack all of this stuff up so we can head out. Kayla needs to rest," Kenny said.
"Oh of course! We don't want little Liam or Harper not getting enough rest," Keisha said.
"You guys do realize I'm an adult right? That I'm not a 2 year old that needs to be put down for a nap?" Kayla asked.
"Come on, sweetheart. I just don't want you tiring yourself out. Is it so bad that I worry about you?"
"No. But I can't wait to have this baby so you can transfer all this attention on them!" Kayla said laughing.

"Here," Keisha said.
"What's this?"
"Just a little something from your father and I. After all, the gifts given out today were for the baby. This is for you," she said.
"Oh mom, you didn't have to do that! You've already done way more than you had to!" Kayla said.
"I know. I know I'm not the easiest person to get along with, Kayla. You've always been more strong willed than your siblings and it is the reason me and you butt heads so constantly. But you are and forever will be my baby. Merry Christmas sweetie," Keisha said.
"Oh mom.......Merry Christmas to you too."

The shower was over by the time Tanner got home from work, much to his delight.
"Can I have Mugz, Grandpa?" Ryan asked.
"No you can't have Mugz! Why don't you ask Santa for one for Christmas?"
"Cuz my Dad says we can't have a dog cuz he doesn't think we'll take care of him. He said we couldn't have one even if we asked Santa!" Ryan said.
"Well how about I talk to your Dad, huh? I can't promise anything though," Tanner said.
"Yay! Oh thank you so much Grandpa!"

He spoiled them. He knew it and their parents knew it. But what was the use of being a rich grandfather if he couldn't spoil his grandchildren from time to time? He couldn't wait to meet Kayla's baby.

He had to leave and head back down to the station to finish up a report he was sure he had completed before he left. He had been seriously considering retirement. He had joined the force because it had always been a dream of his, despite having grown up with money. But now he craved more time with his family. It wouldn't be long before Kali was off to college and he wanted to spend more time with her before she became a sulky teen........

The station was pretty quiet, most holidays the officers on duty spent most of their time in the basement gym working out. He felt bad for those who would miss spending Christmas Eve with their families. But it was all a part of protecting and serving the community.

He finally had his own office, but he kind of missed sitting at one of the desks out in the bull pen. It was harder to laugh and joke with fellow officers when there was a thick wall between them and him. He would talk with Keisha before making the decision, but he was sure she would be excited for him to retire. Maybe they can travel a little more, expose Kali to different cultures before she headed off to college.......

He finished up his report and headed back home so they could do their Christmas Eve tradition of playing games together. Kali thought her parents were lame, but she loved them. She couldn't believe they still wanted her to participate in these silly games, she was in junior high now! But she would never tell them how much she actually loved this time with them..........

The next morning she ran out to see if she had gotten the new mp3 player she had asked her parents for. It was different, Christmas without Kayla around. It was times like these when she felt just how much she missed her sister. It was hard sometimes, being so far behind Kayla and Kevin.......

Keisha had been hinted at wanting a beautiful Coach bag that she had seen in a store window. Tanner was usually pretty perceptive to her hints and she really hoped he had been this time as well. He was! She couldn't wait to go out with this purse on her shoulder!

Kali was happy with the handheld game she had gotten, but she was really hoping to get that mp3..........

"Oh wait, sweetheart. I think you may have forgotten one," Tanner said.
"Where was this one? I opened all the presents under the tree!"
"Oh, well I guess we forgot to put this one under the tree," he said laughing.

"Oh Daddy, is this the MP3 player?" Kali asked excitedly.
"I guess you'll have to open it," he said as she began tearing at the gift wrap.
"Oh it is! Thank you Daddy! Oh I knew you wouldn't forget!"
"Of course not hunny! Now let's go see what your mother made for breakfast!"

Kali knew just how truly lucky she was.......she had the greatest family a girl could ever ask for!

* Kali is so pretty! She's a pleasure sim, so she should be pretty fun to play! Here she is with her new MP3 player:

It wasn't much of a baby shower, but I got lazy lol. The really cool thing was that I actually gave all the gifts to Kayla. I just put them all in Keisha's inventory and had her hand them over to Kayla.

* Tanner used to roll wants to skill for promotions, but now he rolls more wants for his family. I figure he's almost ready to just be Grandpa :).

* I wanted to actually try to utilize the grandparents' names in the baby's name but Terrence and Tanner is just too hard to put together lol. I'm still hoping for a little boy for those two.

* It was a brief glance at the police station and it's mostly just for show in case I need to have a sim arrested later on :).


  1. The baby shower was nice, you did a great job. I sometimes combine ancestor names for the baby names, using Simmerville's method, you spilt the name into syllables and then play around with arrangements (ie Tance, Nerter) or beginning or ending letters (ie T E T R becomes Rett), that's how my Sazo got his name (Samuel and Alfonzo).

  2. "He knew he needed to be there to pack up all the gifts"

    Kenny knows his place, lol!

    I'm glad Kayla had a drama free baby shower. Well done Keisha and Tabitha. That's a great idea to have Kayla actually get presents from it too.

    Kali is so pretty! Tanner is going to have to watch out for the boys soon.

    I can't wait to meet Liam/Harper!

  3. Last Christmas I went over to my sister's house for Christmas. My niece desperately wanted an iPod touch, and was absolutely positive that she was going to get one. But then, she opened her Ebook, and realized she wasnt going to get ANOTHER expensive present. But she still went back and looked hopefully near the tree, when all the presents had been opened. Then, my brother-in-law came out and said: looking for this!? Of course, it was her iPod touch. It was hilarious reading this, because that's basically the EXACT something that happened at my Christmas. Lol!

    Anyway, great update!:)

  4. What a lovely baby shower. It's a great idea.

    Kali is very pretty. She looks so sweet.

  5. Apple Valley - I hadn't thought of rearranging the letters, I'll keep that in mind for my next baby!

    Carla - Kenny's no fool lol. He just wants to keep the peace :). Tanner will definitely have to get his gun out at a few young men about Kali lol

    coolkat2 - That's hilarious! When I was living at home, once all the presents were opened you knew if you hadn't gotten what you wanted, it meant you just weren't getting it!

    Heredon Cove - Thanks, it's something I would be willing to do again, but not with every pregnant lady I have. Kali is a pretty sweet kid, albeit a bit spoiled lol


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