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Shooting Star

Chapter 1.2
Location: LaQuest Beach/Peragama
Date: August 2044
(Amanda & Corbin Gray are 48, Connor is 12, Alex is 11, & Anastasia is 2)

 Don't you know that you are a shooting star
Don't you know? Don't you know?
Don't you know that you are a shooting star?
And all the world will love you just as long
As long as you are
- Bad Company

"I know, I know. But why did it have to come so fast?! Two years is an extraordinary amount of time for a 12 year old to be away from home," Amanda said.
"But Connor is no average 12 year old Amanda. He's 18 years old by Peragamian standards.........."

"I don't care about Peragamian standards! When Corbin was abducted and we had Connor, I knew that he would be required to leave when he turned twelve. But that time came too soon. Can't you understand how this feels for us? He's our baby," Amanda said.
"I empathize with you, I really do. But this is what has to happen Amanda. Connor has to learn about our customs, our traditions. It is the entire purpose of us populating your planet, to preserve our species. He also needs to learn about his abilities so that he can control himself among the humans,"Totia said. 
"This.......this just isn't right. Two years is much too long."
"Celeste was gone for two years, it passes by much quickly than you think. This has to happen, Amanda. It's time."

Connor was no where near as apprehensive as his mother was about his trip.
"And we leave tomorrow? Where will I stay?" he asked.
"You will be living with me. My home is quite modest, but it will just be us two so I think we will manage," Totia said. 

"Will I go to school?"
"Not in the human sense of the word, no. You see, were you born on Peragama, your parents would have taught you the things you needed to know. Whereas on Earth, school consists of learning of your math and reading, on Peragama, the lessons focus on ability control," Totia said.
"Ability control? I have abilities?" Connor asked.
"Quite so. We are Timtius, as on Earth, there are different species. It is why you learn things so quickly, why you're considered a musical prodigy. We are also telepathic as well as being capable of great strength. Which can get a bit out of control if not monitored. These are the lessons you will learn," Totia said.
"I'm very excited to begin. Though I will miss my family and friends."
"No worries, young Connor, the time shall fly by. We begin your journey tomorrow."

"Why does Connor have to leave, Dad?" Alex asked. 
Corbin sighed. They had explained to Alex many times by this point why his brother had to leave. Corbin knew that it was only because Alex would miss him.
"Alex, you know that Connor has to visit the place that he's from. He has to go learn about his heritage."
"But why can't I go? Isn't it my heritage too?" Alex asked.
"No, Alex, it's not. You and Connor are both my sons. But Connor has a different mother than you do. So he has to go see where his mother is from and it's a trip that you cannot take. But he'll be back before you know it."
"I'm gonna miss him.........."
"I know, kiddo. I will too."

The next morning, Connor began his goodbyes. He started with his little sister, Anastasia. Because she was only two, she had no real concept that he was leaving. He would miss watching her discover the world as she knew it. He imagined it would be how he looked once he arrived on Peragama.

He played a final game of chess with Alex. He even let him win this time. Connor had understood the concept of chess the first time he looked at the board. It was how it was with him. Things came ridiculously easy to him. It made life a bit boring. He was sure he was about to face the first real challenge of his life. Well, besides finding out that he was half human and half being from another planet!

"I don't want to talk about it," Amanda said.
"Mandy, you haven't wanted to talk about it for months. He's leaving today. We knew this was coming," Corbin said.
"Why the hell does everyone keep saying that? You schedule root canals, you know the date is approaching, but knowing that doesn't make it hurt any less, does it? He's my baby, Corbin. I didn't give birth to him but Connor is and always will be my baby. And he's zipping off into space, to a planet we've never seen, for two years of his life. Who will he be when he comes back? What if he doesn't come back?" Amanda shouted.
"He will be the young man we've raised for the past 12 years, albeit with a bit more self-realization. And I have no doubts that he will come back. I don't care how much of his DNA is Peragamian. This is his home. We have to let him go, honey........."

"This is a big step for you, son. Learn all you can. Show those Peragamians what Earth is made of. Learn about who you are. But don't forget that part of you is made of part of me. You remember that trip we took to Takemizu Village?" Corbin asked.
"Yea, Dad, that was an awesome trip."
"Don't forget that. I know you feel that because you don't look like us, that you don't belong here. But you do. You're part human, completely amazing. Your existence is the greatest thing that ever happened to me. You be careful up there," Corbin said.
"I will, Dad."

"Did you pack your jacket?" Amanda asked.
"Yes, Mom."
"Because you don't know how the weather might get up there. And you be polite okay? I don't need those aliens thinking we're raising some kind of heathen. You be nice," Amanda said.
"Of course, Mom."
"And you do what Ms. Totia says. Don't roam around on your own, you don't know what's lurking up there. And......."
"Yes, honey?"
"I gotta go now. You gotta let go," Connor said.
"I know," Amanda said with tears in her eyes.

His mother finally let him go and he transported to Titusanera. Totia was not kidding when she said her home was small. It was still an adjustment for Connor to not walk on grass. The terrain of the planet was very different from Earth.

"I know it's small, but it's home. I travel a lot doing work for the King so I'm not home much. Of course, now that you're my charge, I'll be home for almost 4 years now," Totia said.
"Four years! I thought I was only staying for two?"
"Here's lesson one, kid. Time passes differently here. It''ll only be two on Earth, but here it will feel like 4 to you. Now this isn't going to be all fun and games. You have a lot to learn and not a ton of time in which to do it."
"I understand," Connor said.
"So, now that we have that straight, you know where we're going?"
"The arcade!"

Totia had explained that Connor would recognize quite a few things on Peragama. A lot of the things they enjoyed were much like the things on Earth. But the beings here looked nothing like the humans, and for that, Connor was very glad. He enjoyed fitting in for a change. 

"So your sprog sitting duties have begun, huh?" Kito Dermone asked.
"It's not sprog sitting you geek. He's here to learn about us and this place. I'm going to teach him everything I know."
"Well that won't take long, considering the fact that you don't know much," Kito said with a laugh.
"Gee, I wonder why they didn't ask YOU to do the honors? Oh that's right, you're too full of yourself to leave room for anyone else," Totia said.

Connor didn't know what was going on between Totia and Kito and he didn't really care. He had been so focused on his studies and violin that he had never really played video games. He knew he would be spending lots of time at this arcade!

"Funny thing is that I tried to make time for someone once. But she went off running scared when things were headed in a serious direction," Kito said laughing.
"Look, Kito, I don't want to keep rehashing this, okay? We had some fun dates, and I like talking to you. But you know I don't want anything to do with that whole amourio shit. I don't want to be tied to you or anyone else for that matter."
"You know that's impossible right? It's what we do, Totia. It's how our species survives. And it's not completely controllable. It may not be me, but one day, you'll create that bond with someone. I almost feel sorry for the poor bastard because they'll have to drag you down kicking and screaming. I almost want it to be me," he said with a sad smile as he walked away.

"Young Connor, so good to see you again," King Titisen said. 
"Your Highness, it's good to be back. I'm excited to see what my time here will bring me." 

"It is my hope that it will bring you much, young Connor. You are capable of far more than you realize. Your life has only just begun. I hope that once you see the wonder that is Peragama, you will understand why your existence is completely paramount to our survival. And we could not have chosen a better family for you," the King said.
"I love my family very much, I'm lucky indeed. I just want to understand more about this other side of my genes," Connor said.
"Totia will serve as a wonder guide. She did wonders for Celeste when she was here. Good luck, young Connor. I will see you in a few days time for your briefing. Enjoy your stay here, and welcome."

This entire time, Totia thought that Connor would be learning all the lessons during his trip. But while Kito was chatting up some other female, Totia thought about his words.........just how long COULD she run from what their species made inevitable? Did she even want to keep running?

* Because Connor is so young, I don't know how much of the story can be focused on just him, so I decided to make Totia do a little growing herself. She was adamant during Celeste's visit that she did not want to find her mate and settle down........might she be changing her mind?

* Connor will get three more updates showing his stay on the planet and then he will return in time for him to begin high school. If you're confused about any part of the story, be sure to click on the links within the story for some background.  

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