Monday, July 25, 2016

100 Years - 2044

Place: LaQuest Beach
Date: August 2044
 15 there's still time for you
Time to buy and time to lose
15, there's never a wish better than this
When you only got a hundred years to live
- Five for Fighting

Liam Coners was very excited about starting school. Turning four meant that he could go out and play with other kids and learn some things. It also meant that he could get away from his little sister! He didn't understand why his mom seemed so sad about him going to school at all.......

Connor Gray was getting prepared for a new type of challenge. While his friends were getting ready to begin junior high school, he was preparing to take a trip to his home planet, Peragama. He would be back in time to join his classmates in high school. Because he was very family-oriented, he was excited to learn about the other half of his heritage. He was definitely not a run-of-the-mill 12 year old.......

Connor's best friend, Ryan Knowles, was also turning twelve. Connor and his family decided that the less people who knew about his true heritage, the better, so Ryan was under the impression that Connor was going to a private school for junior high. He didn't understand why Connor's parents were sending him away, but he knew that he would miss his best friend. Ryan was excited about attending the high school and knew that he would have so much fun, seeing as how he was a pleasure seeking kind of person. His dad had stressed that if he really wanted to become a game designer one day, that he would need to focus on his studies more than having fun. Ryan figured he could do both.

Andromeda Oros was both excited and nervous about starting school. Her mother, Celeste, had dreaded the day that little Andromeda turned four. She knew that it meant that Andromeda would be exposed to other kids and there was no way they wouldn't notice that she looked different. To Celeste and Satitu, Andromeda was the most beautiful child they had ever seen. But to humans she would look like what she was: a being from another planet. 

Over at the Newson household, Georgia Newson and her twin brother would also begin junior high school. Georgia is excited about going off to a new school. But her reason for being excited concerns her older brother, Gavin, greatly. You see, Georgia had recently become interested in boys and was excited about seeing what cute boys were at the school. She was only twelve! When Gavin decided to step up and take care of his adopted siblings, he knew the day would come when his young sisters would become interested in boys. He just didn't know it would happen so quickly with Georgia! He was not prepared for this new phase of her life at all!

On the flip side, Georgia's twin brother Garrett was excited about learning on a higher level. He had always been a kid that was interested in constantly expanding his knowledge. He wasn't interested in girls and didn't get why his sister was so hung up on boys all of a sudden. Girls were just so weird sometimes...........

The Picasos would also be sending a little darling off to Pre-K this year. Miranda Picaso had her parents worried because she wasn't the nicest kid around. She was constantly annoying her older brother Hunter and had a bit of a bratty attitude. They were a little nervous about how well she was going to get along with the other kids. 

Also hobbling off to Pre-K was Adam James Ellison, affectionately called AJ. He also wasn't the nicest of kids, but seeing as his mother was the principal of the elementary school, AJ would definitely have to be on his best behavior. Lorelai was a bit concerned because AJ's powers were presenting themselves at a much more rapid pace than his sister Kiara's were. With his prickly temperament, this could be trouble. It wasn't easy raising young elves!

Donna Foster is celebrating her jump into her elder years. At 60 years old, she's looking forward to retiring and spending time with her husband, DeJuan Foster, and spoiling her many grandchildren. She is positive that shes's ready to leave the military and maybe take up gardening as a small hobby.

* So all the birthday posts will be titled 100 Years and just have the year of the actual birthdays. I won't mention their aspirations, but any words in bold should give you a clue as to what theirs is. A lot of the new little kids have hardly any nice points so the school session should be quite interesting lol. Miranda Picaso is especially grumpy. AJ Ellison is also not very nice and his being an elf could mean some trouble down the road with his temperament. We'll see.

* Gavin is going to catch a break in the Newson household because all the original kids are now teens. So now he only has to concentrate on his own daughter, Payton. But with Georgia being a romance sim, that break won't last very long I'm sure lol.

* The next update is going to be Connor's going away to Peragama for his two year stay. I'm excited about getting to finally write that. Andromeda Oros will be the new resident alien at the school now. I'm looking forward to getting a feel for her character. 


  1. Ha, sounds like you might have the same issue with nice points that I do in my game! TS2 tends to distribute personality points really weirdly and it often results in an overload of grouchy sims. I reroll all my babies' personalities now, because it was getting nuts!

    Exciting to see all these new kids and teens (and one new elder, who is still gorgeous!) but Liam is especially cute. He has the most perfect little face!

    1. How do you reroll their personalities? Right now I'm okay with the grouchy sims I have but that may change lol. Liam is adorable, I think he's going to look a ton like Kenny. Little rockstar in the making perhaps :)

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