Friday, April 6, 2012

Sure Thing - The Wedding of Tippy Dean & Casey Addler

Round 8 - July 2042 - Mini update
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Casey Addler, Tippy Dean, and Mindi Mason are 27 

Even when the sky comes falling, even when the sun don't shine
I got faith in you and I, so put your pretty little hand in mine
Even when I'm down to the wire baby, even when it's do or die 
We can do it baby simple and plain, cuz this love is a sure thing

Adam Broaden & Mindi Mason

Kenny & Kayla Coners

"Well another one bites the dust. You're not playing on marrying Mindi are you?" Slade asked Marcus Burns.
"We're still getting to know each other. But I wouldn't rule it out."
"What is WRONG with you people?!"

The happy couple playing around before taking pictures.

"Come on, let's get this over with so we can get started on the honeymoon!" Casey said wiggling his eyebrows.

Casey & Tippy Addler

* This whole wedding was created around Tippy's veil lol. I can't remember where I downloaded it (I HAVE to start back pinning stuff) but as soon as I saw it I said that she would wear it at her wedding! It fits her personality I think. I even gave Casey a hat as well to match his new wife :). I would have liked a better outfit for Casey and his groomsmen but since he has that slim body builder mesh, his choice of outfits is thin and that outfit is the only one that I also have in the regular mesh.

* Mindi will be moving out next round and I'll address whether or not she's a playable in the round summary.

* The round summary is NEXT!!!! Finally, Round 8 has come to an end and I can't wait to start Round 9 with these guys :)

* I hope Tippy's wedding lived up to everyone's expectations, it was definitely fun to plan. And no one else could have pulled off that dress but her :)


  1. Awesome, it was very likely done

  2. Wow! Casey looked very dashing with his fedora and what a dress Tippy had! She looked amazing and her dress and veil were very "her". The veil mesh looks very similar to the one I used for Camilla and if it is, it's a Peggy one. Which no longer seems to be up on the site, unfortunately.

    Excited to see what you have planned for Round 9!

    1. I think you're right about the mesh, I've started back pinning things so I don't forget these things :). The hat was a good add for Casey, he matched Tippy better I think. It was still all about her, but he got his chance to shine a bit too :)

  3. This wedding was amazing! I love the fedora and Tippys veil and dress! What an edgy and fun couple! This wedding totally fit their personalities! Looked great! Can't wait to start reading the next round!

    1. The dress really screamed Tippy lol. I knew a traditional wedding wouldn't have really fit her, she far beyond traditional :). I'm excited to play the new round!

  4. This was a lovely wedding! And the groom looked great with that had -- *note to self: need to use those things more*

    A new round is always very exiting, I'm finishing round 11 as we speak and I've been counting down for some time now, looking forward to your round 9 :)

    1. I always forget about those things that came with the game, I have so many downloads that they kinda get pushed to the background lol. Wow, you're headed into Round 12, who knows when I'll get there lol

  5. Great wedding. I loved the theme and colors. And I'm 100% that's Peggy's hat since I have it in my game as well. Folder says Peggy. LOL


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