Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy Birthday to Ya!

Round 8 - July 2042
Just one birthday this time!

Jasmine Oros is now 1 year old! She has her father's (Terrence Coners) almond shaped eyes. I think we'll see a lot of similarities between her and her half-siblings as she gets older.

* She is DEFINITELY much more green than Conner! I love that freckled alien skin though :). The multi pollination tech set I have really has some nice skins. She has the same eyes as Celeste and her family, although it's hard to see it in this pic. 

* Guess what's next? Tippy's wedding! I've already written it up and have it ready to go and will probably post it tomorrow :). The wedding will be the last post for this round, yay!


  1. Wow, she really is green. It's a lovely skin tone though and she's totally cute!

    Wedding,yay! I'm excited. :D

  2. Jasmine is adorable! Who would have ever thought that freckly green skin would be so darn cute! I wouldn't have, but she's proving it is! Too cute!


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