Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Round 8 Summary

Births: Andromeda Oros, Miranda Picaso, Joss Willis, Jasmine Oros, Payton Newson, Logan Phillippine,

Weddings: Tippy Dean & Casey Addler

Expectant Mothers: Amanda Gray

Graduates: Caleb Henderson, Ginger Newson, Meadow Thayer, Ricky Cormier, Kimberly Jackson

Oh Round 8, what drama you contained! We got a new alien resident, Meadow and Slade proved that they weren't horrible parents, Mellow Metal had an album go gold, and two of our military men served their country and returned home! With so much happening, bet you wonder what Round 9 will hold, right? Well here's the ROS for Round 9:

* Cheat! Can be an affair or a one time only thing.
* Woohoo scavenger hunt! Woohoo on all available objects.
* Party (Rolled a barbeque)

The cheating one is going to be quite interesting. It is very fitting for the sim that rolled it and I'm thinking it will be a one time thing. But I haven't quite decided. I was going to roll for it but I decided to let the sim's personality decide how serious it is. The woohoo scavenger hunt fits the sim that rolled it :). And the party will be much needed for this family, although I don't know how it will end. It has the potential to be a disaster or a great time lol.

And after viewing the voting results, Mindi Mason will now be a playable! There were 4 votes for her becoming a resident, 2 for her staying in the background, and 1 of you didn't know who the heck she was lol. I'm exciting about breathing more life into Mindi, I think she's actually quite an interesting character. She will be moving into her own place and hopefully pursuing a relationship with Mr. Marcus Burns :).

Brian Johnson will also finally move into his own place with Joanna. I think it's safe to leave Slade alone now, he's proven himself trustworthy, at least when it comes to Joss! Mellow Metal will also do some shows in this next round, and I haven't completely ruled out another tour...........

I'm excited to see how Celeste and Satitu handle their new adopted daughter. She is quite different from Andromeda. I'm also thinking I may introduce Connor to Totia this upcoming round. It'll be best to ease him into his visit to Peragama when he turns 12 and Totia is a good start for that.

I really enjoy playing the sims and sharing my stories with you guys and I'm so glad that each of you take the time out of your days or nights to read about my little pixelated people :). I will once again be taking a mandatory break this summer as the class I need was canceled and won't be taught until the fall. So my updates still may be sparse until about the end of May. But then I get 2 months of fun with no class assignments to worry about :). Thanks so much for hanging in there with me during these droughts and I really appreciate all the comments you guys leave, you're all awesome! See ya in Round 9!

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  1. Yay for all that extra free time! Hopefully you get to do lots of simming after May.

    The cheating one sounds very interesting indeed. I'm already trying to imagine who it might be, even though you've given basically no information, lol. I'll be pleased to see more of Mindi too.


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