Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Happy Birthday to Ya!

Round 9 - August 2042

Four lovely ladies are turning 4 this time around!

First up is 1/2 of the Carr twins, Lauren Joyce Carr. Lauren is excited about going to school and with her very outgoing personality (9), she is sure to make lots of new friends. She's not the nicest kid in the world (3), but she has her mother's charisma and should do just fine!

The other half of the Carr twins is Layla Amanda Carr. Though not as outgoing as her sister (5), Layla is a very active (8) child who can't wait to have new kids to run around with!

Next up is Jordyn Pace. She is very outgoing (7), active (9), and playful (6), but she has her father's mean disposition (1). Jordyn will just be happy to FINALLY be around some other kids for a change.

Last up is the future Queen of Vasadori, Arwen Marie Vasan. Arwen is a very outgoing (8) and active (9) child but is quite serious (3) and also has her father's temper (1). She's happy to have a place to go to be away from all the tension at home, plus she gets to see her big sister Vanya more.

* Lauren is the spitting image of her brother Kayden. I'm hoping her features soften more as she gets older. I'm SO excited that Joe finally got a kid that looks like him in Layla! Because Kayden, Javion, and Lauren favor Ariel way more. I think that Lauren will be most like her mother, but I can't really tell at this point as she and Layla are pretty close personality wise.

* I'm interested to see how Jordyn and Arwen get along since they are both such grouchy sims. They'll either be best friends a la Mean Girls or hate each other lol. Not to mention how they'll interact with the Carr twins. My school updates should be quite interesting!

* I'm really excited to get more of a feel for Arwen. Her child years are the only ones she will spend in LaQuest Beach other than a cameo here or there once she leaves. 

* This week is the last official week of classes with the exception of finals. I am SO happy that it's almost over and I should be back to posting regularly here in the coming weeks. And I'll be done until August! So excited for this break, I can't even explain it!


  1. I was going to say the same thing about Lauren - so much like Kayden! And Jordyn is absolutely gorgeous. Happy birthday, girls!

    1. Yes, Lauren could be HIS twin lol. Really hoping she softens as I teen, I may age her up and check on that :). Jordyn is very pretty, which may be cause for concern when she becomes a teen! Derick isn't a man to be messed with lol

  2. Good gracious, school should be very interesting with these additions, yikes

    1. School will be interesting I'm sure! Lots of not very nice kids this time around!


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