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Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) - 2042

Round 8 - May 2042 - LBU/BTU
Caleb Henderson, Ricky Cormier, Kimberly Jackson, Ginger Newson, and Meadow Thayer are 21, Joss Willis is 1 (Slade Willis is 27, Armand Wrightwood is 32) 

Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road
Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go
So make the best of this test and don't ask why
It's not a question but a lesson learned in time
It's something unpredictable, but in the end is right
I hope you had the time of your life
Green Day

"You're being ridiculous, Slade," Meadow said.
"How am I being ridiculous? You're being ridiculous! Why do you need this dude to meet our daughter? She's 1 for goodness' sake!"
"We've been dating for 9 months! I think he's going to be a permanent part of my life, which means he will become a permanent part of hers. I really don't even NEED your permission to do this. But you're her dad. And I don't want to fight with you about this," Meadow said.

"Look Meadow, I get it. You want that happily ever after that everyone else wants. I gotta be honest, that shit gives me the heebie jeebies, but I get it. But Joss is my daughter and I have to look out for her. I know this guys seems perfect to you, but money doesn't make someone a good person. I had him investigated and........"
"You WHAT? How could you do that Slade?! Who do you think you are?!"
"A concerned parent, dammit! Look Meadow, I had him investigated and while I couldn't find anything concrete, there are just too many gray areas where this guy is concerned. I don't trust him. And I don't think you should either," Slade said.
"Since when do you care about me?"
"I don't! But I care about Joss and your decisions affect her."
"He's a good guy, Slade. I'm a good mother, do you think I would put her in danger?"
"No, not intentionally but........."

"Then trust me. I learned some hard lessons from being involved with you. I'm not going to jump head first into anything, but I feel like me and Armand really have the potential to become something more. And Joss needs time to get to know him, just as I do. I know what I'm doing, Slade."
As he sat across the table from her, Slade could see the changes in Meadow. She wasn't as flighty as she was when he first met her. She had matured, Joss had done that for her. Joss had done that for him. But he still didn't trust this guy......."

"I can't stop you from doing this, Meadow. But I will tell you that if frenchie steps out of line, even ONE time, I'll kick his ass and ship him back to France. I mean that with everything that is in me."
"It won't come to that, Armand is a good guy. I'm sure Joss will adore him," Meadow said.
"Whatever. Oh and Meadow? Once I send frenchie packing, I will fight you for full custody of her. And I will not lose. So you better know what you're doing."
"Whatever, Slade. I got this......."

Ginger was actually on Slade's side on this one. There was just something about him that didn't sit right with her........but Meadow would have to learn the hard way. Ginger realized that they had really become friends in the last few years and she could see how much Meadow had matured. But she still had tunnel vision when it came to her living the life she felt she deserved...........she would get that life at all costs...........

Meadow invited Armand over as soon as she got back from her lunch with Slade.
"Ah, your beauty strikes me every I see you, mon cherie," he said.
"You are too sweet! Are you ready to meet Joss?"
"Of course! Let's go to her."

"Well hello la belle petite fille. You're just as beautiful as your mother," Armand said.
"I think she favors Slade more right now. I'm hoping that will change as she gets older."
"Well you cannot deny these beautiful blue eyes are from you," he said.
"True," Meadow said laughing.

"If your mother was not so stubborn, you would have your own room filled with toys," he said to Joss.

"I know, I know. You cannot blame me for trying, no?" he said with a smile.
"I would love to move in with you. And if it were just me, I would in a heartbeat. But I have to consider Joss."
"I know. Your love for your daughter is beautiful. I hope that you love me as much one day. It would just be easier if you were with me, by my side everyday. But I can wait. Besides, now is not the time to discuss this. Now is the time to celebrate you, mon cherie. Graduating college despite having a baby is quite an accomplishment," Armand said.
"Thank you, I didn't think I would make it to this point."
"How could you not? You, my dear, can do anything........"

Meadow was finally feeling that she could do anything. Since she refused his offer of moving in, Armand had insisted on giving her a shop for her flower business as a graduation present. She couldn't believe it! The Meadow would be ready for business in just a few short months. It was like she told Slade, Armand was a really great guy. If things kept going as well as they were, she would revisit the idea of moving in with him in another six months or so.

Ginger and Caleb were so glad that their college careers were almost over. At least it was  for Ginger. Caleb planned to begin working on his master's as soon as he got settled into his internship with Mayor Brown. Ginger was so glad that Caleb would finally be in the same city with her again. He, Ricky, and Kimberly were going to rent an apartment in a building not far from where Ginger lived with Meadow. It would be like old times again........

Ricky and Kimberly were officially dating again and Ricky was determined not to mess it up this time! Kimberly could see that Ricky had changed and was excited to continue living with him and Caleb. It would be like college life never had to end!

After the graduation ceremony, all the graduates and their families met at Camden Park East to celebrate.
"We did it, can you believe it?" Caleb asked.
"I thought we would never graduate," she said laughing.
"It's kind of weird you know? We're like adults now."
"Yea, I guess we are.......well, some of us are," Ginger said with a smile.

"So how does it feel?" Armand asked.
"Great! When I first found out I was pregnant, I thought my life was over. And maybe it would have been, had it not been for Ginger taking pity on me and helping me out. I feel.......accomplished, ya know? Like Joss can be proud of me too. Slade's well known for his music, he's touring all over the place and is making great money doing it. Her dad's a rockstar. But now I feel like I matter too," she said.
"That's because you do, mon cherie, you do."

"We're very proud of your mom, aren't we little one?"

All the kids were excited that the celebration took place at the park so that they would have stuff to do. Kyle was happy for his brother, but he was more excited about the little sister that he would have in a few more weeks!

Ginger hated that she missed Caleb's graduation. LBU and BTU scheduled their ceremonies on the same day so she couldn't attend his because she was at her own. But as she listened to all the future planning that was going on, she was glad to be a part of it. She was really sad when she found out that she would have to go the the community college instead of off to LBU with Caleb, but things worked themselves out.........

She was the first in their family of orphans to get a college degree, and that was pretty awesome! She hoped to see her siblings walk across a stage themselves one day.......

Congratulations Class of 2042!

* Sorry for the uninspired posing but this was on a community lot and I just didn't have the energy to put in all the cheats necessary to pose them in good poses :/. This has been such a fun group and I'm a little sad to see them go!

* Ginger graduated with a 3.6 in Cosmetology. She will join Miranda Picaso at Picaso Cuts as her new stylist. Caleb graduated with a 3.5 in Political Science. He will begin an internship with Mayor Christian Brown and begin work on his master's. He hopes to become mayor one day. Meadow Thayer completed all the requirements to get her degree in Business Administration. She will be opening her own floral arrangement shop, The Meadow. Ricky Cormier graduated with a 3.0 in art. He hasn't decided exactly what he wants to do yet.......Kimberly Jackson graduated with a 3.5 in Creative Writing. She hopes to work at the city paper one day soon. 

* Caleb, Ricky, and Kimberly are now in an apartment in the city part of LaQuest Beach. Ginger and Meadow will continue to live together until Meadow feels comfortable enough to live with Armand.

* I have a storyline planned for Armand, Meadow is in for a bumpy ride when it comes to that man *insert evil laugh

*  I took a few pictures for wall hanging:

 * I'm really going to miss these guys, though I'm sure they'll get into just as much trouble as roommates lol

* And just because she's so freaking cute:

This little girl is SO going to be a heartbreaker lol. How can she not be, look who her dad is :)


  1. Wow, definitely the end of an era with these guys all graduating! So nice to see that Kimberly and Ricky are officially back on - let's hope he doesn't screw it up this time. ;) And Caleb and Ginger living close by again will be wonderful.

    I'm very curious to learn what Ginger and Slade see in Armand that Meadow doesn't. I wonder if they're being paranoid or over-protective or if Meadow is just blinded by love.

    1. It is the end of an era, I loved playing these guys! I've been so lucky with my uni groups so far :). I think Ricky really learned a lesson with that whole Meadow/Kimberly triangle. Hopefully he won't screw it up this time lol. I think it's a little of both with Meadow and Armand. He's not as good as she thinks he is, but not as bad as they think he is..............

  2. Now I want to know more about Armand, wow, especially considering how things have been so far for Meadow. I'm glad that Ginger and Caleb are closer now, I hope they get together soon, I adore weddings :)

    1. We'll see a little more into Armand's character in this next round. I'm excited for Ginger and Caleb too, I can totally see me doing a wedding for them in the near future :)


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