Friday, September 16, 2011

Here without you

Round 8 - May 2041
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Matthew Picaso is 40, Gavin Newson is 25

I'm here without you baby, but you're still on my lonely mind
I think about you baby, and I dream about you all the time
I'm here without you baby, but you're still with me in my dreams
And tonight girl, it's only you and me
Three Doors Down

He was bored. And while for other men this might be insignificant, for Matthew Picaso it was a new feeling. He wasn't a monster or uncaring, but he usually enjoyed his trips for the military. He got away from his regular life and was able to breathe. But this time was different. This time he found himself actually missing home, missing Jessica and Hunter and Miranda. This time, he looked forward to being reunited with his family. And he didn't know how he felt about it.............

And it didn't help that Gavin was constantly on the phone to his wife gushing about their baby. Matt couldn't relate as he didn't remember being that excited when Jessica was pregnant with Hunter. Hell, he wasn't that excited when she was pregnant with Miranda! It made him feel bad, like he wasn't a good father. He didn't like all of this deep contemplation that he couldn't seem to stop doing........

Gavin couldn't wait to get home to Gretchen and the kids. He still couldn't believe that he would miss the birth of his first child. He wanted to be there so that he would be one of the first people their baby saw. But it would be almost 3 months after his or her birth before Gavin would be back home and it was killing him.

He and Gretchen talked on the phone all the time and had even video chatted, but it just wasn't the same. The only positive side was that he and General Picaso were getting a lot accomplished and by the time they left, the Three Lakes base would be up and running and ready for operation.

Matt was very happy that this new base was built during his time as general. It would be a legacy for him to leave behind. And it really would be beneficial to LaQuest Beach. Now some of their soldiers could be stationed in Three Lakes and vice versa. 

Three Lakes was actually a pretty beautiful area and Matt thought it would be a great idea if he and Hunter came back for a camping trip, just the two of them. He wanted to become more involved as a father and husband. Oh, he knew that Jessica and the kids knew he loved them, he just wanted to maybe show it a little more. He had never been very affectionate and didn't see himself becoming as sappy as Gavin, but he did see room for some improvement.

But all of that would come later. For now, he needed to concentrate on establishing a military presence in Three Lakes that would be welcomed, not feared. He wanted to extend LaQuest Beach's gratefulness at being allowed to build the base there and build a relationship with the city. 

But it wasn't all work and no play. They would take time from the base to explore all the things that Three Lakes had to offer. While Gavin was positive that he wouldn't be able to bring the whole family on vacation here (there were just too many of them!), he wanted to be sure to bring a little bit of the mountains back with him. He had promised to bring back lots of souvenirs.

He also picked up some nice jewelry for his beautiful wife. The money he was making from this assignment wouldn't make him rich, but it would make life a bit more easier for he and his family.

Matt also talked to some of the local teens about attending school in LaQuest Beach. Once they became full citizens, they could even join the reserve military branch. While years of military service didn't seem exciting, the kids seemed to really enjoy the idea of living in a place that had beaches all over!

Gavin also spoke with some of the adult locals. Three Lakes was one of the largest exporters of lumber and as such most residents worked in the lumber yard. They all seemed to enjoy the idea of having a base in the city and thought it would help increase tourism.

They also took time out to relax. Gavin was positive that this would be the only time he would get the chance to use a sauna! Whenever he thought about how his life started out and where he was now, he couldn't help but be grateful. Everyone always thought it was so amazing that he took on the responsibility of raising 5 kids, but to him it was just the right thing to do. None of them asked for the situation that they had been tossed in. And how selfish a bastard would he have been to abandon them? Sometimes nice guys didn't finish last. Sometimes they got their dues and came out ahead.........

He had knots of tension in his back, the masseuse had said. Of course he did. He was responsible for establishing a successful military base in a foreign country. He had been away from his family for five months. A family that he was just starting to appreciate having. It was just funny how life turned out sometimes. Even he had to grow up at some time he supposed..........

* An update! Feels good to get one out lol. Still pretty busy though so they may still be few and far in between :/

* I totally expected Matt to get here and go hog wild. But he was.......well, pretty boring. He actually rolled some wants for Jessica! So I guess he's changing........will wonders never cease? lol
* The guys are about half way through their tour of duty and will be back in LaQuest Beach in December. I'll do a coming home post for them then. 

* I would like to apologize for their craptastic military uniforms. It was the best one I could find and it's actually a fire chief's uniform! I'm still searching for a better one. Hopefully it didn't look too bad lol
* Only one more post and we'll get to see the newest half alien of LaQuest Beach :). I switched the Fosters out with the Whites because I wanted to wait until Lyria aged before playing them. So the Whites will be my next update and then the birth of the Coners baby and we'll find out what Terrence decided to do about where the baby will live.


  1. Unbelievable! Matt might just be a new man. It's no surprise he's a little taken aback by his feelings right now. It must feel quite different than it did a few years ago!

    And aw, Gavin is a lovely husband. He's still a newlywed though, so I guess it would be worrying if he was acting any other way right now.

    LOL, I didn't think the dress uniforms looked bad at all but I did recognise it as the fire chief uniform! Matt and Gavin were looking very handsome. ;)

  2. Hmm, Matt changing so much is a bit strange. I'm still watching him, but perhaps it's a midlife crisis :)

  3. Matt Picaso rolls wants for Jessica all the time in my hood... Strange. Maybe it's just because your Picasos' have kids?

    I'm all excited to play the Newsons again, because of you. Ginger's the adult again (because I can't have Gavin be the adult, then I'd get into my annoying habit of copying people's ideas). But I love how we can make the same family so different, yet so much the same. :)

    Yay for update! :)

  4. Carla - I don't get my sims sometimes lol. He does seem to have turned around. If he's the same way when he returns home, I'm going to give him a family secondary. Yes, Gavin still has that glazed look of a newlywed lol. I'm glad the uniforms didn't look too bad, I'm on the hunt for some better ones lol

    Apple Valley - LOL I didn't think about that, but maybe it is a midlife crisis!

    Coolkat2 - Matt seems to be a bit of a hound dog in everyone's game lol. So I guess you can count yourself lucky since he's so well behaved :). I always love reading about characters in my game in others' games. We all have such different takes on their personalities, so I'm looking forward to hearing about your Newsons again :)

  5. I hope that your Matt behaves himself and is going to go home as a good father and husband! I think mine will never be those things, he's such a flaming pile of poo. ;) Gavin is just the sweetest ever! I can't wait for him to go back home and be with his family. I'm glad that he is influencing Matt in a good way too, that's nice to see.


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