Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy Birthday to Ya!

Round 6 - Spring 2038

Well......only one birth this time......remember how I said I wanted Ariel to have a girl so there would be another diva? Well as usual, Ariel cannot do anything without her dramatic flair......she had TWO girls!

Layla Amanda Carr is already looking quite a bit like her dad, a first in the Carr household as Kayden and Javion take so much after Ariel.

Lauren Joyce Carr, on the other hand, looks quite a bit like her mom. Ariel hopes that BOTH girls don't grow up to be like her.........she couldn't take it!

Over at the de Muse house, Elvin is counting down the days until Tessa gives birth and he can hand the baby over to Gurth. Oh he wasn't finished with Gurth Vasan by any means. But he also knew that he was in no position to challenge Gurth at that moment. But he soon would the mean time, he didn't want his daughter around the evil that Tessa was carrying. He could already sense the baby's powers, knew that he or she was in fact heir to the throne. He was fine with that, without Gurth's influence the child could be raised in a way that would make them a wonderful leader for Vasadori, no matter how dark they were. So Gurth Vasan would not live to see his child take the throne. Of that Elvin would make sure............

Tessa knew that Elvin planned to just hand her baby over to Gurth........she wasn't sure how she felt about that. She knew there would be trouble if they went against Gurth. She also knew that the elders were not in a position to get rid of him this time. She knew Elvin had a plan to do it himself. But what about this innocent child? She didn't know if it was because they were half elf, but she had a bond with this child. She couldn't remember being pregnant with Vanya, but she couldn't imagine the feeling being this strong. She had to protect them..........from Gurth..........and even from Elvin............

* Ariel just can't do anything the easy way can she? I was so not prepared for them to have twins! Poor Javion had to give up his room and bunk with Kayden so his sisters would have a room! I've been aging the kids up and quitting without saving just out of curiousity and Layla looks SO much like Joe as she gets older. Lauren is more of a female version of her brothers.

* Oh the drama........I'm pretty sure I know how all of this is going to play out. Btw, Tessa's already given birth in game and the baby doesn't have the elf ears but it doesn't matter because I'm not waiting on those damn ears any longer lol. This kid is the heir, period. Now what happens next is a different story, but more on that later. I am almost positive that almost all of these half breed kids are going to give birth to kids with elf ears.......I'm alreadying doing the face palm in preparation for it lol.


  1. Twins! Oh my gosh, and surprise twins at that! It would have to happen to Ariel!

    Really curious to see how this Gurth/Elvin/Tessa thing plays out - sounds like you might have big plans!

  2. LOL! Twins for Ariel, may they bring her twice the trouble she caused and twice the love as well.

  3. I love twins! I hope Ariel can handle it.

    This triangle is awesome. I can't wait to see how it plays out some more.

  4. Carla - It would have to be Ariel wouldn't it? I do have plans for this whole thing, including a possible spin off that is more story-telling than gameplay.......

    Apple Valley - I have a feeling Ariel is in for some tough times ahead! :)

    Hcove - Ariel is pretty tough, she'll handle this with her usual dramatic flair lol. It is a triangle isn't it? Not really a love one though :).....I have definite plans for all of them, especially the baby

  5. LOL I was totally thinking you are going to have the next generation with nothing BUT elf ears! That's how it usually goes it seems!

    The twins look really adorable as infants, I really like their eye color, so vibrant.

    I wonder what Tessa is going to do.... and how this plays out!


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