Tuesday, December 21, 2010

He Is

Round 6 - Summer 2027
Ariel Carr is 35, Joe is 41, Kayden is 7, Javion is 5 (Marshal White is 41, Shamella is 38, Ethan and Evan are 1, Kevin Knowles is 30)

He is
The mind objector, the heart protector
The sole defender of anything I fear
The baby conceiver, the make me believer
The joy bringer, the love giver

He is
The dough increaser, the pleasure releaser
The hard knocks knower without the scars to show ya
The night school teacher, the good life preacher
The care taker, the kiss craver

Joe decided to throw a little house party and invite over his brother-in-law Marshal, his wife, and their kids. He also invited over Kevin Knowles, another doctor at the hospital. Kayden wanted to know if he could invite over his friend Gallagher Newson.
"I think the house is going to be pretty packed son. Besides, your cousins Ethan and Evan are coming over too," Joe said.
"Ethan and Evan? They're babies!"

Joe was not much of a cook and decided grilled cheese sandwiches should be food enough. He wasn't trying to get his guests full, just let them have a good time! As he glanced up and saw Javion playing with his little cousins, he thought about him and Ariel having another child. She had always wanted a little girl.........

Ariel had also been thinking about having another baby. She and Joe weren't getting any younger and she really would love to have a little diva running around......and with nephews as cute as Ethan and Evan, how could she not want another child? She knew Joe felt the same way and it just made holding the secret she had been holding for weeks that much harder to keep!

Joe always laughed a little to himself whenever he saw Kevin talking to another person. He was such an animated guy. Shamella use to work at the hospital as a medic before she quit to work in a local salon. She wanted  more stable hours after giving birth to the boys.

Kevin's constant talking seemed to irritate Marshal a bit, but Joe knew his brother-in-law would continue to be nice to Kevin. Joe also knew that the next time he and Marshal went out to play basketball, he would hear about this evening!

Ethan and Evan were truly two of the cutest toddlers Joe had ever seen. Well, they came in second to his own kids of course! They had already developed their own personalities and he couldn't wait to see them as they became older. Marshal and Shamella were in for some crazy times!

Ariel was excited when the party came to an end. She had been holding her secret long enough and now it was finally time to share it with Joe. She hoped he would be as happy as she was thinking he would be.......

He was! Joe couldn't believe that they were going to become parents again! He only hoped that they had a little girl who would be as beautiful as her mother........

* Joe rolled the ROS Throw a Party - Roll for type, and he rolled a house party. It was a rocking party by the way!

* I was so excited when I heard the baby chimes when they woohooed! I've been wanting a little girl for these two and  I hope that's what they end up with. LaQuest Beach could use another diva :)

* How cute are Ethan and Evan? I mean really! Marshal and Ariel have some really good genes :)

* Baby Carr will be here the Spring of 2038.


  1. Aww, so cute. I hope it's a girl too, at least to give Ariel a bit of the issues that she caused when she was younger, oh my!

  2. Ooh, I have my fingers crossed for a girl as well! Any daughter of Ariel's is bound to be a little spitfire!

  3. Apple Valley - I would love to see Ariel feel Marshal's pain! It would be very interesting to see how she deals with it!

    Carla - Yes, with Ariel's genes, a little girl would be definite trouble :)

  4. I hope it's a girl!! I bet she'd be adorable too, they do seem to have some good genes to them! Ethan and Evan are serious adorable!


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