Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Birthday to Ya!

Round 6 -Fall 2037

Lots of Birthdays this time!

When the labor pains started to hit Lorelai, Jacob thought he would lose his mind! Elven births are not quite the same as human births, so Lorelai opted for a home birth. Jake didn't think he could take it........

It was long before Jake and Lorelai were staring down into the piercing baby blue eyes of their daughter......

Kiara Jane Ellison has her mother's blue eyes and her father's brown hair. And she will not be the heir to the Vasadori throne, much to her parent's relief. Lorelai only hoped that this meant that Gurth Vasan would steer clear of her family..............

Christa Brown is now 12 and is as angsty as ever, much to her parents' dismay. She is very interested in learning new stuff and completely not interested in getting to know new people........

Her twin brothers are also celebrating birthdays. Hayden Brown is now 4 years old and is super excited about going to pre-school. He's sure it's going to be lots of fun.

Aidan Brown is also 4 and is also excited about school. He's ready to make some new friends and maybe even try some new sports.

Also turning 4 is Alex Gray. Alex is ready to join big brother Connor at school and is ready to make some new friends. He only hopes that everyone likes him........

Ricki Knowles is also 4 this fall. She isn't as excited about school as her other soon to be classmates seem to be. She's a little more shy than the others, but she is ready for the experience.......

We also have 2 non playable playables turning 4 this fall. Raine Phillippine and her brother Ryder will be joining the new preschool class. Raine just hopes the other kids like her.......

Ryder is also four and is ready to play with someone other than his sister! He knows elementary school is going to rock!!

* This is going to be a huge class! I won't even have to add any townies to the mix! The baby boom is starting to catch up with me!

* I aged Kiara up and she doesn't have the elf now I have to go to my plan B which I'm sure some of you won't like.........oh the drama to come >:)


  1. Oh gracious, what do you have in store for us.

  2. Oooh, you have me very curious about your Plan B now!

    Everyone is looking adorable but I especially love Christa! She's got a great look to her and it seems to fit her personality as well!

  3. Ah, I wonder what plan B is! And why we wont like it.... eek! You have quite the handful of little kindy kids, all of them very cute!

  4. Apple Valley - I think it will be surprising :), I have it written and will probably post it tomorrow

    Carla - Plan B is going to be fun! I'm glad you like Christa's look, I wanted it to fit her personality

    Maisie - I will have a very large class next round! And you may like Plan B......but I doubt it lol


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