Tuesday, October 20, 2009

About This Blog

LaQuest Beach is a large city located on an island on the west coast of Simerica. It is not a new city, but only became the center of this blog in October of 2009 (Fall of 2022 LaQuest Beach Time). This blog follows the lives of the residents of LaQuest Beach and it's subhoods. Currently it follows about 58 sims plus any additional townies who may make their way into the story. It is a combination between gameplay and storytelling but depends heavily on the gameplay aspect. LaQuest Beach consists of the main hood, Camden Park, LaQuest Beach University, Peragama, and Vasadori.
The main island of LaQuest Beach is home to 6 different areas: Fort LaQuest, Talum Heights, Lorrington, Englewood, The Warehouse District, and the downtown area.
Fort LaQuest: Military base in LaQuest Beach that offers affordable housing for soldiers. It has it's own shops and entertainment and is fenced off from the rest of the city.
Talum Heights: Home to the middle class families of LaQuest. Consists of a neighborhood and small affordable houses.
Lorrington: Ritzy area of LaQuest Beach. It has the largest houses available and is home to upper-middle class and rich sims.
Englewood: Urban area of LaQuest Beach and home to lower class sims.
Warehouse District: One of the oldest areas of LaQuest Beach. Home to warehouses that have been converted into homes and shops.
Downtown: Lots of city houses and apartments as well as LaQuest Beach Public School, City Hall, Brown Technical University, and the hospital.
There are also lots of shops and homes along the coastline on both sides of the bridge.

Camden Park is located on it's own island and is connected to the mainland by a bridge. It is the rural area of LaQuest Beach and is home to many quaint homes and as well as lots of farmland. It is also home to LaQuest Beach Elementary School as well as a lovely bed and breakfast for tourists.

LaQuest Beach University is a four year school located on its own island. It offers degrees at the Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctorate level as well as an online program for adult students.

Peragama is a large city located on the planet Titusanera. It is home to many races of aliens and is in danger of being destroyed. The king has decided to abduct human sims and impregnate them with their offspring as a way of blending in so that his people may one day inhabit LaQuest Beach with the human sims and live in harmony.

Vasadori is an elven realm located somewhere outside of LaQuest Beach. It was ravished hundreds of years ago by a civil war and waits quitely for the prophesied child that will restore it to its former glory. Until that time, elves live among the humans in an effort to blend in. There are still a few elves left in Vasadori.

LaQuest Beach is run in a kind of prosperity style but I don't follow the rules really or keep score. Please see the "Points of Interest" in the side bar for more detailed info.

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  1. Yes, I sim similarly to you, AND I started my prosperity blog while in graduate school! I'm looking forward to following LaQuest Beach...you can't go wrong at the beach!


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