Saturday, October 24, 2009

Meet the Whites

Marshal and Ariel White moved to LaQuest Beach to escape the drug dealer filled neighborhood that they were living in. Unfortunately, the only place that they could afford was in the Englewood area of LaQuest Beach, but it is a step up from where they were. Twenty-six year old Marshal has been taking care of his little sister since the death of their parents six years ago.

Marshal is a very hard worker who plans to move out of Englewood as soon as he can save up enough money. His job as an auto mechanic doesn't pay very much, but he hope to have enough money saved up to move in a few years. It would help if his sister would get a job too. Ariel has always been a bit selfish.......

Ariel White likes to party and have fun and is very upset that she had to leave all of her friends just because her brother was overreacting. Nothing bad happened to them in the old neighborhood, but he was afraid it would. But Ariel has always been a very popular girl and is sure to make lots of friends in LaQuest Beach. Maybe she'll eventually even get a job!

*I really like Ariel's's a little odd, but charmingly so........Marshal is a fortune sim and Ariel is popularity..........


  1. Great back story! I think Marshal looks awesome! Love his hair and how he is dressed like he came from a bad neighborhood. I'm geeked that you have started posting for the new hood!

  2. I really like Marshal too - he's very intense looking, which seems appropriate for a Fortune Sim. Their lot looks really interesting, from what I can see of it.

  3. Marshal is so handsome. I love him....

  4. Fine, fine, FINE! LOL! Marshal is fine. hahaha. I don't think he looks like he came from a bad neighborhood at all. Both of them look quite stylish in their gear.

    I love Ariel's look, too. She's really pretty! But I'm sure she knows that. She looks like a party girl with her blue nails..."Miss Diva" I whisper to myself. LOL!

    I am looking forward to reading more about this brother and sister.


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