Thursday, October 22, 2009

Meet the Hendersons

Meet Kip, Kimber, and Caleb Henderson. The Hendersons have made the drastic change from living on the east coast to the west coast of Simerica. They hope to possibly have another child so that Caleb can have a sibling..........

Kip is a law school graduate who never used his degree.......At 30 years old, he has decided it is time for him to pursue his dreams of becoming a successful lawyer. He moved his family to LaQuest Beach because he feels he can be more successful in a larger city. He and his family live in a nice apartment complex in downtown LaQuest beach.....

Kimber loves  being a mom and has never regretted having Caleb. She has dreams of becoming a great chef, but settles for writing cookbooks out of their home so that she can be there for Caleb. She's never really cared much hiring strangers to raise her son. Caleb is a nice outgoing little baby who loves being doted on by his parents.

* Kimber looks exactly like Amanda Frader from Crystal Bay!!!! I think she's just one of the new face templates that I downloaded, but it's nice to have a familiar face around :)


  1. There's that freckled skin tone again - I love it, it's gorgeous!

    Caleb is too cute for words. :)

  2. They seem like a nice family, Caleb really is a cutie!
    I like the freckels.

  3. Ooh I LOVE the freckles! Very cute family!

  4. Great back story! The Hendersons look like a strong family in the making!

    Girrrl...don't tell me little Caleb has an earring in his ear, just like his Daddy's! LOL! That is TOO CUTE!


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