Sunday, October 25, 2009

Meet the Coners

Terrance Coners and his son Kenny moved to LaQuest Beach after Terrance grew tired of the constant arguments with his wife and Kenny's mother, Allison Tavem. Terrance and his son are very close and Terrance hopes to raise a very responsible little man......

Terrance is starting at the bottom of the architect totem pole. He's always dreamed of becoming a city planner and now is his chance to prove that he can do it. He never really thought much about becoming a dad but couldn't imagine his life now without Kenny. He is the center of Terrance's world.

Kenny was really happy when his dad decided to move. He was tired of living with his grandparents and is really glad to be out of the house with his dad. Now it's just the two of them and he couldn't be happier.......


  1. Hmmm, makes me wonder if Allison will make another appearance. Does she actually exist as a Sim in LQB right now?

  2. She doesn't exist anymore. I made her in CAS to get Kenny but then I deleted her!

  3. Well, these boys will be alright. I have a feeling. It's great to know that Terrance has big dreams and is challenging himself to reach those goals. Kenny sure is a little cutie! Looks like a future hearthrob to me. *smiles*


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