Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Welcome to LaQuest Beach

So I'm doing it again! While playing, I kept having all this stories in my head and so I decided to just start again.....hopefully for the last time!!!!! I am much more careful when exiting my game now! So here is LaQuest Beach. As of right now I have no plans of adding any sub-hoods. The map is large enough to hold everything I need and then some!!!! Here's the basic layout:

Englewood - Englewood is the low rent area of LaQuest Beach. The houses are old and worn and some of the shadiest characters in LaQuest Beach live here. There are a few families who are desperately trying to get out, and there are those who revel in living in the slums. Who wear their station in life like a badge of honor. It's home to shady spots like the Last Simolean and Prospect Red clubs.

Downtown Area - Downtown LaQuest Beach is filled with lots of opportunities for shopping and fine dining. There are sandy beaches and beautiful crystal clear water! There are a few apartments and town homes for those crave the city life.

The Warehouse District - Lots of renovated old warehouse that have been turned into shops and apartments. Also where most of the importing and exporting is done in LaQuest Beach.

Talum Heights - Nice middle-class suburb area sitting atop a hill. Filled with nice affordable homes and also next to the Talum Heights Shopping Plaza for those who don't want to drive to the downtown area.

Lorrington - Lorrington is the upper class section of LaQuest Beach with large homes centered around Central Park. These are the finest homes available on the island.

I'm playing this similar to Crystal Bay but not quite the same. I've given some people a much larger start and given others a very rough one for story purposes. I'm going to still allow the sims to control most of what happens, but I do have stories in mind for all of them that I hope they follow! Who knows with the sims though, right? I have also created a community college that is located in the main hood (LaQuest Beach Community College or LBCC) that will allow students who can't necessarily afford to attend Sim State to have a chance to get an education. I will also be offering an online degree for adults who decide they want to attend school later in life. I'll be posting the new rules and regulations shortly after this although they really haven't changed much from Crystal Bay.

To start with I'm going to slowly introduce each family as I'm not finished with my first round yet. I wanted to play a round before blogging so the sims would already have some skills points and know a few people. It's not very realistic to be completely unable to do anything as an adult!!!!

Welcome to LaQuest Beach!!!


  1. Very cool! I like the idea of having a slummy area, with some families wanting to get out and some being content to stay.

  2. I'm so happy I found your new site! I love the LaQuest Beach Map! Great areas that I can't wait to see who lives where!

  3. Looks great, I love those combined hoods.


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