Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy Birthday to Ya!

Round 8 - August 2041
Lots of birthdays this time!!

Andromeda Oros is now 1 year old and is looking quite a bit like her father Satitu! Grandma Starema is over the moon about her little granddaughter. And she knows that she will be a great big sister to Jasmine!

Lyria Nott is four this fall and looks a lot like her father as well. She's excited about starting school and getting to spend time with her mom. She thinks having her mom as her teacher is going to be so much fun!!

Kyle Henderson is also four years old this fall. He's looking forward to school and to being a big brother. His parents are getting a baby for him to play with and he can't wait!

Also four this time is Kiara Ellison. She can't wait to get to school so that she can play with other kids. Her little brother AJ is just a baby and is too small for her to play with. Plus, her mom runs the school so she knows it's going to be lots of fun!

Kayden Carr is 12 this time and is really looking forward to beginning high school. He's ready to have some fun and hopes to be able to participate in some after school sports. He has helped his mom prepare dinners lots of times and thinks it would be cool to maybe be a chef one day.

Gallagher Newson is also 12 this fall and is a lot happier these days. The counseling he has been getting with Mr. Nott seems to be working, not to mention the fact that he has to help out a lot around the house in his brother's absence. Gallagher hopes to maybe have his own family one day that includes lots of dogs and cats.

* I'm interesting in seeing how Kiara and Lyria behave at school with their mothers employed there lol. Lyria is a very serious, shy sim who isn't all that nice. On the other hand, Kiara is very shy playful sim who is very nice. They will either really get along, or really not like one another lol. 

* Is it just me, or does Gallagher favor Gavin? I know they're only adopted brothers, but I see a resemblance *shrugs* In case I wasn't clear, Kayden is a pleasure sim whose hobby is sports and whose lifetime want is to become a celebrity chef. Gallagher is a family sim who wants to raise 10 puppies or kittens.....so not going to happen lol.

* I see more of Satitu in Andromeda than Celeste. It's hard to tell with that skin though........I'm still so geekily excited that Kyle has red hair :). I don't have too many blondes and red heads.......well human red heads lol


  1. Ahhh! Andromeda is sooooo cute! :) I love her little alien features!

    All the kids are pretty cute; I love that they're all excited to go to school. I pretty much guarantee that Lyria won't be too excited about having her mom as her teacher in a few years though. Lol. :)

    And I agree, I think Gavin and Gallagher do look pretty similar..

  2. Andromeda is adorable!

    I think Gallagher looks like Gavin too. I've always thought that maybe those two are biological siblings who were adopted into the group.

  3. Andromeda is gorgeous! But then, everyone is looking pretty good this year! I can't wait to see Gallagher and Kayden in high school, in particular. :)

  4. Andromeda is adorable, and I love Kyle! He looks like a boy in my neighborhood here. What a cutie! And I totally thought that Gavin and Gallagher favored each other too, I didn't realize they weren't supposed to be related. I always thought that a few were blood related but all were adopted together, but I never followed their EA storyline at all.


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